What races/deities can do the Greenmist for SKs

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  1. Mercanyin Augur

    It is definitely tied to faction. For example, Iksar faction scales all the way up to 5000 where as Rallos Zek Ogre would only scale up to 1500 and say you need 1800+ to do the quest. Something along those lines.
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  2. Pneumothorax777 New Member

    So it's super easy to farm up or buy 8k bonechips for the early quests. I guess the real question, is it possible to do the librarian necro guild portion without killing 1k bandits?
  3. Sepcieulus New Member

    This may have already been answered but I finished this around November 2002 as a RZ Ogre. I maxed my faction as far as it would go for the various factions needed via quest and killing (been almost 20 years so a bit rusty on what those were exactly ... lol I just have memories of what I killed where). I had to use an iksar illusion potion and a pendant of some kind I got in the Bazzar. Out of all my time in EQ ... Getting Greenmist ranks up there with my most treasured items ... its usefulness waned as I advanced in level, got much better items, and the game progressed but the memories and feeling of accomplishment were priceless.
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  4. Catashe Augur

    I thought the only race/deity that had trouble doing Greenmist in era was Ogre SKs that woriship RZ.. they the only ones who can't get to amiable without the pendant
  5. Herf Augur

    I've done it on a Troll SK on one of the TLPs. He was CT worshipper. Bone chips give you most of the factions but for Necro faction you need to kill bandits. There's a bandit cave on the Field of Bone beach that has lots of bandits and rapid respawn, just watch out for the quest NPC who backstabs that also spawns there.
  6. Neemo1983 Journeyman

    Farmed all items on my kos ogre sk and did handins on a lvl 1 iksar, can do golem , fv coin etc. The only part I didn't risk was the final handin, had a guild run the lvl 1 into dalnir
  7. Demetri Augur

    It's named after the event from the lore, it was not literally the sword Greenmist that ran the Shissar off alone.
  8. Loze Elder


    IIRC, you can hang out underneath him and use camera angles to see him and do the turn in. I don't remember if I had to FD or not, but I did the turn-ins as a troll without doing necro guild faction. I eventually race changed, but I did the quest as a troll because I didn't have all the Greenmist armor, which was dropping out of era on Coirnav. (my only condition for race changing)
  9. Loze Elder

    I may be mistaken, but I believe Greenmist was added because Iksar SK couldn't do the epic in era. It was intended to be Iksar only, and in era, it was next to impossible to work the faction needed as a non Iksar.
  10. Nolrog Augur

    Not that I have found. The iksar bandits/outcasts are the only way to raise Brood of Kotiz faction except some quest (e.g., necro skull cap) that you may not be able to do anyway. And the later steps definitely require you to not be KOS with the necro guild.

    I did bone chips for a while and then the explorer knives, which give a nice faction hit. And then it was bandits, but the librarian did not require anything other than not-KOS (I think I was 1 point out of KOS when I did the turn in)
  11. Haze Journeyman

    I completed it on my Erudite SK on Aradune back in Velious era. Just get Amiable faction via thousands of bone chip turn ins.

    To get the initial Khukri, roll a level 1 iksar SK, turn in the khukri, immediately log over to your main SK and the quest completion for yourself. Then proceed with the rest.

    Only NPC you need to look out for is that one SHM GM standing near the SK GM you do the quest turn-ins to.