What quests are regarded as a "must do"?

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by ARCHIVED-Xtream, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. ARCHIVED-Xtream Guest

    I'm just inerested in what quests people regard as a must and why, regardles or level class/faction specific or what ever reason. After being away for 5 years the amounts of quests available now is just totaly confusing. Does anybody still do the old game quests or are they all totally superseeded by the later expansions? Are quests any easier than they used to be?
  2. ARCHIVED-Borek-VS Guest

    None of them. There you go, I can't think of a single quest in "Everquest" that is completely and utterly unmissable by anyone.

    However, if you are low level I would say that the CR quests are very well worth doing; the TSS armor quests also, and the hot zone quests/drops for whatever level you are at are attractive. Epic 1.5 and 2.0 for everyone, if you are high enough level and have a guild that is capable and willing to support you; epic 1.0 for some classes is desirable, but by no means required.
  3. ARCHIVED-Zanderon Guest

    I always loved the tash quest for enchanters. It brings you to all of the origional home towns and makes you explore.
    The epic quests, especially 1.0's, are also some of my favorites. The weapons themselves are fairly out-dated (in most cases), and the quests have more tedium than difficulty these days, but they give you a real sense of accomplishment and have some fun backstories in them.
  4. ARCHIVED-Gumlakx_Grendelson Guest

    Some quests that I consider "low hanging fruit" for non-raiders includes:
    • Dain 3 monster mission
    • Cloak of the Spirit Tracker
    • Orb of Mystic Fury
    • Serpent Seeker Charm of Lore
    • Wanderlust Guildstone
    • Wraithguard bracer
    The effort vs reward is good for these.
  5. ARCHIVED-PaulCoffrin Guest

    Xtream wrote:
    My must haves.......
    Cleric 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0. Don't care about any other class having their epic anything. Why, 1.0 clicky rez, 1.5 and 2.0 clicky Heals for those 'interesting' times.
    Really not that many other 'must' haves for game play. Now must haves for personnal accomplishment......
    Dain Ring. Coldain Prayer Shawl. The length of the quests is only reason and the rarity now a days of new players/rerolls having the items.
    Not sure if some would consider DoN Progression as a quest but the rewards are nice boosts.
  6. ARCHIVED-Murril Guest

    As someone above mentioned, nothing is unmissable, but that would be like standing at the front gates to a beautiful park and running though it with your eyes closed. Far far better to stop and look at the nice flowers around you :)
    So which quests would I consider "must do"?
    Well firstly I would do the Adventurer's Stone - purely because it gives you quick access to areas of the game via the Wayfarers Magus.
    Then there is the quest to get the Rallic Pack (which is a really handy weight reduction bag)
    Many quests are dependant on class. If I had a Cleric I would do the one to get Temperance which is handy at lower levels.
    If you are a Rogue, you could embark on a mammoth hike across Norrath and whilst on route meet some characters whom you have probably seen hanging around and wondered "what are they doing there?", by doing the Burning Rapier or to give it its correct name the Rogues Redemption Quest.
    Someone has already mentioned the Coldain Shawl Quest series which long involved well written set.
    Then how about the Investigators Badge series of quests in Qeynos, which is a rather unique set of quests and some fun events.
    Murril Merryweather
    Paths of the Heart
    The Rathe
  7. ARCHIVED-Woodgar_ Guest

    Murril wrote:
    Didn't this one get broken a while ago when certain npcs got flagged with a "you can't attack this npc" tag? The change was supposed to prevent the killing of key npcs and merchants, but the change also broke or changed a lot of quests as well. I seem to remember it also affecting the Stein of Mogguk quest in some way too. Maybe they fixed this and I just missed the change. More on topic, and as mentioned, the Wanderlust Guildstone stone quest is very nice as it essentially just entails a lot of running around with more steps oppening up as you level
  8. ARCHIVED-Chanus Guest

    Woodgar_ wrote:
    Stein of Moggok quest got messed up because the Enchanter faction spells don't work on certain NPCs anymore, meaning the Quest was no longer pretty much Enchanter-only. It is now a pain-in-the-neck Quest that any class can do with enough patience to get the factioning done.

    Not sure how the Investigator's Badge quest works, though.
  9. ARCHIVED-Daenara Guest

  10. ARCHIVED-Giama_Xev Guest

    As an Iksar Warrior on Progression, I had a lot of fun doing Trooper Scale armor quests during the Kunark era. It was painful, it was challenging, the farming for enough cash to buy the required gems was time consuming, I made my own banded for the quest (well, I was wearing it before I moved into Banded, but...) further increasing the work involved...

    In the end, it was some of the most enjoyable time I've spent on EQ, along with the Iksar Warrior pike quests. I'd probably recommend the old school (and Kunark equivalents) armor quests just for the sheer fun. Even if you're going to throw them away because the stuff you get from level 15-20 quests (these are mostly 20-45 quests) is better.
  11. ARCHIVED-javaking99 Guest

    Okay, I play in a progression guild on the Test Server, so we talk about this kind of stuff all the time. We are all about re-experiancing all the "big quests" of each expansion.
    Oringal EQ: Qeynos Badge Quests
    Kunark: EPICS! (many of the more interesting original EQ quests also tie into epics), Greenmist for SK's, Cudgel quest for shaman, and skullcap quest for necro's.
    Velious: Blessed Coldain Prayer Shawl Quest, Ring of Dain Frostreaver Quest
    Oh, and all the key quests from those expansions: seb, charasis, sleeper's tomb
    Unfortunately, thats about as far as we've gotten. Moreover, we haven't even really gotten into Velious yet.. just talked about it. Ahh well, not a great list.. but hopefully somebody find's it informative.
  12. ARCHIVED-FingerA Guest

    A "must have" quest ...
    It depends what you want out of the game. Are you looking for great stories? Powerful items? Irreplacable items?
  13. ARCHIVED-Nolrog Guest

    Zanderon wrote:
    Plus you get a chance to use various illusions and faction raising spells.
  14. ARCHIVED-Rozzl Guest

    Though it's really not something to do until you're 80, the Oil Cans quest has pretty much the best non-raid Charm (it's arguable, but certainly top 3) in the game.

    As a newbie, any of the "Learn a Tradeskill" quests in Crescent Reach are fun to introduce you to tradeskilling and monotony.

    If you start a Drakkin, I'd say the Breath weapon quests are a must do, even though the result is kind of underwhelming, it's still a free ability.

    The DoN 5 tier quest line is must do, but finding people to do beyond the second tier will be difficult at this point.

    DoDh 68-70 spell arc quest lines are also must do (depending on class). Bards, for instance, get a unique discipline from the 69 line and a unique mez from the 68 line.
  15. ARCHIVED-Ayhar Guest

    Explore the Dpths, the quest for Slipgear's Gem. To me DoDh has some of the most beautiful zones and getting no mean reward for just exploring it is just icing on the cake.
    Hunting gobbies in FM/Nurga/Droga to get ally with Chardok and then doing the quest for the Regal Band of the Bathezid is another of my favorites. The bonus here is being able to walk unmolested around Chardok and thereby gaining easy access to Chardok B. On top of that, if you ever get tired of Fuzzlecutter Formula 500 for a drink: Being able to do shopping at Chardok's merchant get's you the only other NPC sold drink of equal quality: Louie's Thick 'n Hearty.
  16. ARCHIVED-Tekara-CazicThule Guest

    Ayhar wrote:
    Lol I never thought about getting Chardok A faction that way. You said one of the reasons to raise faction there is to get to Chardok B easy. heh I do Chardok B to raise Chardok A faction.
    As a Cleric its very easy to get down there. You can run quite a ways with no invis or even DA and just jump off the bridge that lands you in the slave pit. It takes over 30 secs for the mobs to come to you, so just sit and /camp.
    Then if you have IVU you can sneak past some mobs to the next bridge. From there DA/DB or whatever class Invun spell you have.. or cast Levi.. then jump down. The last is the only tricky part. Make sure when you land you know which way to the Chardok B zone. You will have aggro form higher lvl mobs down here.. You need to levi/swim across a small creek of water then its just behind a waterfall. You click on device to zone you in.
    Chardok B is full of undead and fun for classes that can deal with undead. I've been gone a long time, so I'd love to finish factioning up my Chardok A faction.

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