What playing on Rizlona really means

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Fluid, Jul 8, 2020.

  1. Relentless Doxxed Grizvok

    I think its hilarious how many people came back to Mangler instead of going to Rizlona. They really missed the mark on these Rulesets.
  2. Urshulgi Augur

    I think it's because of the afk factor. It was happening a lot on Agnarr and Phinigel as well. You'd have players that were spending about 30% of their attention on EQ and 70% on netflix or other content.
  3. Kittany Augur

    My experience with Riz has been pretty good do far (My team is level 50 and slowly gearing up as time allows). Most people are friendly and most do respect each other. (Most notable exception so far has been a monk that takes his name from an award winning Tim Burton film along with his side kick famous James Cameron heroine cleric box that seems to take great pleasure in enacting indirect PvP for zone control)

    And to tie in another thread into this, I would welcome people coming over from Aradune, but Riz already feels cramped with our current population. With the transfers opening up, it's going to get a whole lot worse when Riz becomes extremely top heavy.
  4. KimchiGoddess Augur

    It's okay, we'd rather they come back to Mangler than come and ruin Rizlona =)
  5. Grogtork New Member

    I remember when I first started playing on Mangler which just happened to be about a month after release..

    I was only two boxing at the time. A Mage and Druid to be specific. Usually I had only set LFG on one character with the note saying "Comes with X." Well this particular day I was having a rough go of it LFG even LFGing in /ooc in Unrest. I made the decision to just say screw it and /LFG on both and whoever got a group first so be it.

    Well not long after I got tells to become a replacement, on both, for a group at FP within 30 seconds of each other. Come to find out two people were leaving the exact same group and this left them looking for heals and DPS. I agreed to replace both of them. Once I got to the group obviously one was autofollowing the other. I claimed I am here to replace X and Y. I was not hiding I was boxing and the people I was replacing even were aware when I realize what a coincidence had happened.

    Queue the group leader absolutely flipping the hell out about he wont have boxers in his group. Made me choose one on the spot or lose a group with both. Obviously I was taken aback by this but I ended up deciding to join with the Mage. Not only that I now made it a point to keep LFG with the Druid who got a Basement group just a few minutes later in another pick.

    I proceeded to DPS in one group and solo heal in another. This went on for a few hours until the group leader who had flipped out on me had to leave. Before he logged out I just happened to mention I had been solo healing a basement group while DPSing in his and informed him that if you have a problem with boxing then perhaps he should stick with P99. Good luck and have a good night.

    After that day I expended my box crew to 3 and not long after that to 6. This kind of attitude, weather it be 2, 3, or 6 characters is why I am on Rizlona and not Aradune. If someone comes to Rizlona with that kind of attitude they are going to have a REAL bad time. Keep the purists where they belong.
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  6. TrollMan Elder

    Question is can EQ Baby transfer to Rizlona and handle the box krews? I don't think we can, hence why we aren't transferring. Wimps =/
  7. KimchiGoddess Augur

    I honestly enjoy boxing and started way back in the day after getting a new upgraded computer and having two of them. Most I played way back when was 4 total across 2 computers with EQWindows, when you couldn't get EQ out of fullscreen in the games own options. I feel like I remember back then it was considered a third party program and not allowed, but nothing happened to my accounts due to it. On Agnarr I had a desktop and a laptop so I trueboxed two and had fun. My laptop is a bit older and doesn't run well, I call it a craptop and got a nice new fairly beefy laptop which lead to me boxing 3 via trueboxing on Mangler.

    It was honestly a bit of a pain, I have two keyboards, two mice, two monitors set up on my desk (second monitor hooked into the laptop) and no room for anything else, so the craptop would be beside me on a little table. I would actually put the character I planned to do the least with on that one because it was a pain to deal with.

    I honestly WANTED to be on Aradune, the queues pushed me over to Rizlona fairly quickly. I was initially going to two box and stick with the pairs I had planned out for Aradune. However I added a third char not long after I started on Rizlona. I have 4 accounts that are mine and 2 that are a friends that I can access, he only plays once a week. About a month into the server launch I started leveling 3 more to join my initial 3 and now run my own group.

    I am LOVING it. It's SO SO SO SO SO nice to do everything from ONE computer. I play with my friend once a week on Mangler (we've been playing EQ together since roughly 2005 when I joined his guild on live) and I've come to kind of not want to, because of having to use three computers but I'm not going to ditch out on him so I suck it up. It's so nice to get back on Rizlona and continue on, lol. He's not a fan of starting over every new TLP so we'll probably stay on Mangler for our playtime together.

    I feel like the queues on Aradune did me a favour since I'm having such a blast on Rizlona and the community is so much different than any other TLP I've been on, though I only started playing on them when Agnarr launched. I've had TWO negative experiences on Rizlona since launch and I play pretty much daily. I had way more negative experiences on Mangler in the first week. Aradune sounds somewhat more toxic and I'm happy to be where I am.
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  8. Gremin Augur

    It means you get to see DHS again!
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  9. Lionari Elder

    If you are easily triggered by being denied entrance into a group consisting of boxes, and seeing popular camps like Efreeti camped by the same group for 12 hours+. Please stay on Aradune. We don't want you on Rizlona. You won't like it here.

    Hoping with all my heart and soul all the cry babies stay on Aradune.
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  10. Death Strudel Augur

    Rizlona has been a great server, its only issue is starting in classic, but we will survive until real content arrives. A little nervous about all the aradune noise potentially coming here, it seems like a non-stop storm of noise.

    On Rizlona we don't worry about what other people are doing. We mind our own business and have fun. And it works really well.
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  11. KimchiGoddess Augur

    Server pop is so chill as well, I've helped people with no benefit to myself and I've had people help me with no benefit to them. I've had camps where someone showed up wanting a quest item and I've given it to them. Had people dump some plat on me when I've helped them just because I'm around/not doing anything and I expected nothing.

    I sincerely hope that anyone coming from Aradune is chill and doesn't worry too much about what other people are doing. I don't want the dynamic of our server changing, I don't want it becoming a toxic server. This is definitely the least toxic server I have ever played on as far as TLPs are concerned.

    I kind of wish they didn't offer up transfers but there's no way they would have made an Aradune clone for the overflow, so we kind of get a bit of a stick where our server is concerned.

    I guess we'll see how it goes over the next week.
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  12. Darcewin Journeyman

    "What playing on Rizlona really means?" no log in issues or zoning issues and a lot of places i have seen with open camps....
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  13. Cencamia Journeyman

    Personally I am excited as well as worried about this transfer. Would welcome any new players to the server, that isn't the problem. I just don't want to see the toxicity become a problem. Think what you like, but Rizlona started differently then alot of TLPs has in the past. The guild leaders are working together and not fighting over this or that. Personal experience example of the playstyle. Late last night, since I couldn't fall asleep I logged in and efreeti camp was open. I do run a 3 man crew, rng/shm/enc. My invis dropped as I was running to camp so started killing the imps to get to efreeti. Another group easily invised came up before I was even in the room and asked if I needed help. They allowed me the room where they could have easily went in and claimed it before me. That has been my experience since day one of the server. This is not to say I haven't had a couple of bad experiences with some, however that has been few and far between.

    Say what you will about the servers, that is your right. Keep that negative vibe on the other TLPs. However if you want to chill and play the game, then by all means come take a look for yourself. There is a difference in boxing for fun and the botting of RMTers. I just hope that people who do transfer can see this and keep the peace of the server.
  14. Palladine New Member

    I for one, welcome the 1-2 boxers to our server with open arms. It's just more people that will buy krono off the market and sell for PP
  15. Basalisk New Member

    Because we have a nice community on Rizlona and want to keep it that way even after transfers, So we explaining that the server was designed for a specific people and these people love the server - Aradune players are not the people for this server so hope point is taken you need to adapt to the server it was your choice to move here its not your choice to try and change the rule set.
  16. TrollMan Elder

    Is there more OW competition on Rizlona, cause owning on Aradune is boring; nobody even contests us anymore... Thats EQ Baby !
  17. Pancake_Riz New Member

    I am also really enjoying rizlona, I had not renewed my subs since they started the truebox restrictions. Overall I am very pleased with rizlona, most of the people are chill and it has been a really good experience so far.
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  18. Arkeal_Rathe_Bots Lorekeeper

    Until all the free transfers come over, then you can feel the pinch like us!!

    I can't wait to see all the Rizlona players making threads complaining about que's and zone times!!!
  19. Basalisk New Member

    Just like an Aradune player let make every one mad cause i am mad, grow up or play another server or better yet just uninstall
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  20. Kittany Augur

    Back when I was a kid, my family lived out in the middle of the woods. One of the dangers of living in rural wooded Georgia are the yellow jackets. Individual stings hurt and will leave a welt but otherwise there are no long lasting ill effects (Except for those who are allergic to bees)and they are easily dispatched .However, if you ever happen to be unlucky enough to step in a yellow jacket nest (They dig these very expansive and deep ground nests), if you don't move out of the immediate area fast enough, you will be seriously hurt and or could very possibly meet an untimely end as thousands of these little bees swarm with one single intention. Defend the nest.

    So, moral of the story is: Don't step in bees nests.

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