What is your dream TLP?

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  1. SoandsoForumUser Augur

    Kudos for suggesting something new, and I can tell you're a fan of progression quest games, but man I've never felt physically exhausted before just reading an idea though.
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  2. Arclyte Augur

  3. Ythera Augur

    The original name for the server was 'Deep Vein Thrombosis' but then I noticed all the other servers had names of characters from Norrath.
  4. Mashef Augur

    Dream server iteration #76 on dream server thread #1337

    - Classic/Kunark open together 8 weeks
    - Luclin portals are active with only Nexus/Bazaar open and all bazaar vendors empty except for the satchel vendor
    - Relaxed Truebox at the start
    - Random Group Loot with extra drops like Mischief (rare tagged mobs only)
    - T2 and T3 raid loot randomized using Mischief loot buckets
    - T1 Mischief loot bucket is normal loot
    - Raid loot with 2 extra drops to accommodate faster releases
    - XP that is faster then the typical TLP but slightly slower then Selos
    - 50% faction/rare spawn bonus is permanent buff
    - 8 week Velious
    - 8 week Luclin
    - POP/LDON/LoY all come together for 12 weeks total
    - 8 week GoD
    - 8 weeks OoW - 2.0 is end game.

    A 52 week server for getting your 2.0 you get a reward that is claimable on the next seasons TLP or live. A reward that is fairly meaty in substance. A bundle of exp pots, an extra 60 slot bag since you can only buy 40 slotters, an illusion, a stat mount and hero forge armor all in one claim. Or whatever really just something valuable/unique enough to make it desirable for a multitude of players.
  5. Psalmz Elder

    That's not a bad idea.
  6. Iyacc Augur

    Six months is too long at any given level for most of the TLP crowd, regardless of how much content. We recently spent 4 expacs at level 70 on Mischief and attrition is real. I know you think the challenges of all the content and people banging their heads against a wall trying to beat harder stuff while level locked would make up for that but in general most people want/need levels and AA as goals while working access to raids and farming said raids. You can look at Vaniki to see that it's just not that popular.
  7. Murdukethegreat New Member

    At first i was against free trade but playing on Mischief showed me I was not only wrong but in the minority. I think every new tlp needs to be free trade in the future. Maybe even remove all level req/recs on items to make alts even more fun
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  8. Aiona Augur

    Interesting. I would try it.
  9. Faydra Augur

    I wouldn't. A single sweaty guild could progress through all the expansions in record time and the rest of the server would be left behind to be ultimately deleted and reset.
  10. Aiona Augur

    Oh, I didn't read the "twist" part.
    Not interested. Haha.
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  11. TLP Addict Augur

    All classes unlocked would be a nice start.
    Non classic prefered, Trilogy or Luclin start.

    They will never give us instanced Classic raids
    They will never fix pet walling
    They will never give us click from bags
    They will never give us extended target
    They will never remove focus effects
    They will never give us a PoP locked server
    They will never fix the Wizard epic
    They will never fix the Shadowknight epic
    They will never fix the Enchanter epic
    They will never fix the Plane of Storms bottleneck
    They will never revamp Necro dots
    They will never nerf the Necro 2.0
    They will never give us a boxing TLP
    They will never give us a free trade TLP
    They will never fix levi in Plane of Fire <------------(You are here)
    They will never give us a no Krono TLP
    They will never enable Beastlord and Berserker in classic
    They will never buff Rogues in early eras
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  12. swarws New Member

    Here is the server that I would find interesting.

    • Classic start - 4 - 8 week unlocks, would be open to a character specific flagging system for unlocks as well.
    • Level locked/open zones 1 expac ahead of current content. (Kunark @ 50 etc)
    • Permanent double+ exp rates
    • Scaled content so all raids/bosses only require 12 - 18 people.
      • Can be achieved fairly easily by devs adding a buff to players when inside a DZ with less than X amount people.
      • Maybe some rotating affixs for raids would be fun or weekly challenges of some sort.
    • Vaniki style achievement system, but with actually tested achievements and meaningful rewards.
      • Throw up a leaderboard for unique boss kills and you will get higher engagement.
    • Loot system: Does matter, do whatever draws in the crowd
      • Maybe make everything All/All. or Attunable so the farmers can trade their gear but you dont have an endless flood?
  13. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Maybe Vaniki IS the test?! But seriously though, how do you want them to properly test this, I don't think DBG's entire staff would fill a raid, so you want each dev 6 boxing?
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  14. swarws New Member

    They could: 1) PTR for 48 hours and engage with their community to test some things. Create shell characters of the appropriate level/moderate gear. 2) Pay for QA/Play testing from contractors around the globe. 3) Spin up a bunch of boxes/merc to see even if the basic mechanics are doable. 4) Just give us a list of their thoughts and the community can pretty well define how difficult a challenge will be.

    or here an alternative: create achievements that are on a rolling lock. X days from time of first completion, which would resolve itself with no outside testing needed.
  15. Triconx Augur

    My car sits 5. Doesn't mean I want random people in my vehicle while I drive. Why do you care how they play EQ? It's absolutely none of your business
  16. Arclyte Augur

    actually your car seats 4, you take up space for 2

    lay off the halas 10lb meat pies bro
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  17. Triconx Augur

    Misty Thicket Picnics are the only thing I eat to ensure the survival of the Halfling economy.

    Stop swimming in that sludge water you call Cabilis. It's rotting your sense.
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  18. Xeris Augur

    OOW locked TLP server, let's goooo
  19. Crabman Augur

    So 17 of those are gameplay specific, and one of those is directly related to $$ and subscriptions. While I certainly hope those last 3 gameplay ideas happen, I think the no krono TLP falls into a completely different list. I also dont think it will happen, but moreover I dont think it is comparable to anything else you put here.

    That said, Bst/Ber in classic please <3
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  20. Discord Ocean of Tears Conservationist

    I would like to see a TLP that helps with the barriers to entry later on. Realistically it's just adding on and modifying the current catch up mechanics.
    - New character creation or existing characters have a sort of "Heroic Character" token with unlimited charges. Think of this in application as the auto grant button for aa. You can hit the button (or not) to automatically catch up your character to (2) expansions back. Example: If in PoP then Velious unlocked.
    - Activating the button will flag the character with all aa and experience up to two expansions back.
    - Raid flags, AAs (DoN, OOW, Ect.) spells/discs will unlock (and auto scribe) for (1) expansion back. Spell ranks provided will always be the highest rank eligible (raid tier if applicable).
    - No Gear / Epics will be provided to characters with these mechanics.
    - Activating the button at any point forces you to adopt the prefix <Casual> without option to change or remove
    - Anyone who has not used the catch up button will receive a title <Hardened>
    - Hardened adventurers of Norrath will enjoy recieving a permament 1% experience modifier applied across their EQ accounts globally, per expansion beat in era (achievement system, unattainable once expansions no longer current) stacking up to 10%.
    - At 5/10/15/20 stacks of Hardened rewards, additional selo speed mount, illusion (Something good. Give me the festering hag that goes crunch whenever it gets hit), Quarm Hat type ornaments, ect.
    - Open World raiding in Classic to Velious timer revamp to window of 3-7 days
    - Petitioning other players for any reason will result in no GM support.
    - All other petitions eligible for normal support (item dissapeared, ect.)