What is your dream TLP?

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  1. Enuen Journeyman

    I kinda like the "loot+1" idea. You have the known loot that the mob normally can possibly drop PLUS a small bit of random to keep it fun. It's a decent middle ground between the extremes of those who want no random and those who want full random. I think the majority of the player base would be happy with that compromise.
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  2. Tarvas Redwall of Coirnav, now Drinal

    A copy of EQ that runs from my computer that I can spin up as many instances as I want to play by myself.
  3. jordune Augur

    i would love to see a a mischief rule set with the relaxed true box rules to start that starts in velious
    stays for 6 months then the standard unlock times
    no motm but at the same time reduce the number of players in the raid window to 54
    reduced lock out timers ( like to see a 48 hour timer)
    the keying for zones is bleh. mabby do what they do in omens.. lvl lock a zone rather than key for it.
  4. Arclyte Augur

    there are plenty of single player games for you guys. with much better combat and class abilities

    why play an MMO just to play with yourself?
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  5. filthytlpplayer Lorekeeper

    That's what EQ is and will be until it shuts off the lights. Boxing is heavily engrained in EQ culture for better or for worse. That's definitely the case for live, and that trickles down to TLP. EQ hasn't evolved to the point where playing a single character is viable from a time investment standpoint (lack of solo opportunities, group dependence, lack of assistance with group formation, etc) or engaging from a gameplay standpoint (low APM, slow combat pace, lots of down time, etc). People are also heavily invested in the IP after 20+ years. While some probably do play other games (facilitated by the lower time investment required by being able to log in and go), other games are also not EQ, a game that people literally grew up playing. EQ is designed to facilitate boxing, and boxing doesn't break any rules. Quit being so judgmental of how others play and focus on playing how you want to play. People boxing does not stop you from enjoying the game on your own terms.
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  6. Tarvas Redwall of Coirnav, now Drinal

    I just like playing EQ, but a lot of times over the past 20+ years my timeline hasn't synced up with others. Still doesn't for the most part. I did get into a group today where I got the chance to kill the tank like four times over a couple of hours. There was four live people in it. /bonkers
  7. Go Take A Nap Augur

    Perfect server : Random loot / free trade/ increased loot and named spawn/ BST & Zerker start/ PVP(see pvp section below for ideas); Not a wall of loot though! That just made it way to easy. Tone it down!

    Random loot from level ranges is great. Made leveling way more interesting and lowered the competition for rare camps. I would maybe only do 50% loot instead of pinata though and increased named was very nice as well. It helps the adults that dont have 12 hours to play each day. I loved the random quest drops from named too, no one ever camped a lot of them and some of those items rarely were seen before. Really made the game more interesting.

    Zerker and beastlord start. We've asked every year for awhile. Im fine without being able to do epics even. Just to keep it simple and not ask for out of era epics/quest lines. just for some tomb/spell vendor clones in ec tunnels, copy pok vendors and filter out the levels and spells out of era. done deal. ( i know theres more work behind the scene as these systems were designed to NOT allow them at start. Probably a lot of spaghetti work around code required or a system redesign)

    GoD start would be off the table for me. A short classic is fine. I think a later start just pushes the game into easy to quit territory for most. The over all nostalgia is lost past PoP for many. Early aspects of meeting players while exping and camping rares with the slow build up has a special place. I love the moment when you get a full banded set and dont feel like a paper tank any longer. Personally I feel that the power creep is way to severe over the expansions too and the additional items from later expansions just makes the early game to easy. Starting in Velious, although my favorite era and i wouldnt change anything there, 2 expansion later we are demi gods compared. Also, there are plenty of servers already near or past GoD to play on and think this is only asked so we can have zerker.

    PVP aspects of the game returning. you dont have to flag the entire server. contested zones would be a really interesting way to do it . Similar to how wow servers work.raid zones should all be flagged pvp. Let the guilds battle it out for boss control. No whining to Gms. Highly contested camp zones should be pvp enabled , specially in certain areas of the zone. If you can swing that with old systems great. Again, let the players battle it out instead of whining that they cant ever get the camp. For the general population that wants more you should be able to flag yourself pvp through UI or chat command. a global cd of 15mins each time you click it back off. Cant be having people chicken out when they are down bad:D
    All the white knights out there that are anti box, anti pl, anti fun... you can be the zone police finally!

    Possibly even wrap in the bonus loot/increased named in contested zones for more risk more reward! Pick a few zones that are not pvp enabled, like zones that dont have a natural zem as options for blue players to level without the hustle.
  8. Appren Gnomercy

    I always get a giggle from people suggesting pvp TLP's. I have good faith in Daybreak's knowledge that this would be dead on arrival for the crowds that bring them their income.

    Keep dreaming!
  9. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    I think people should bear in mind that the way Vaniki's Level-Locking was done is not how I or the others before me who suggested it wanted it used. And let's not forget that hyper-fast TLP servers are niche even before you add in other funky rules.

    The devs thought it was an interesting way to add challenge to TLP servers - and it was, but that's not what it was originally intended for. so if it never gets used again and the excuse is "because Vaniki used it & it sucked" I'd be pissed.
    Level-locking (or era-locking as Vaniki went with) has a lot more to offer than just what Vaniki used it for, and people should also not forget it was hugely experiemental, getting the "tuning" right at the first attempt is extremely difficult, and some tweaking is going to be needed to make that "challenge server" work as well as it needs to to be successful.

    What would my perfect TLP look like? That changes over time.
    My pre-Phinigel answer would have been very different than post-Phinigel, and pre-Mischief my answer is different than post-Mischief.

    These are my "need to have for me to be interested":-
    1. Relaxed Truebox - definitely by DoDH, maybe as early as PoP, removed altogether by TSS.
    2. All classes in at launch - screw playing some other class I don't want to main until my chosen class is available, and to hell with having to catch up with the rest of the server once it is ever again.
    3. Raid loot is not Free-Trade - I'm fine with group loot being Free-Trade.

    Things I would really like to see:-
    1. Group currencies given multipliers on TLP, LDoN points, DoN Crystals etc. 2x upon unlock, 3x after next expansion, 4x after another.
    2. Retrofitting raid-currencies to the earlier raid events.
    3. Further measures to reduce the "Power Creep" in the early expansions
    4. Some of those areas shown on the EQ map that have not made it into the game yet put in and made interesting.
    5. Heirloom some of the older illusion items.
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  10. brickz Augur

    type "how to set up eq server" into google and go wild
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  11. Terethian Elder

    Obviously both sides of the boxing issue strongly prefer one or the other. I propose since it is 2 servers to simply have a no boxing server and a free for all box to your hearts content server. My personal caveat would be to add more bonuses in some form to the no box server and the opposite for the boxing server. I think it's a safe bet the boxing server would have larger numbers and everyone would poo poo doomsday the no box server but honestly I'd like to see it play out. No p99 if you want no boxing references please it's getting old and I am tired.
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  12. Tarvas Redwall of Coirnav, now Drinal

    I would rather have an official, up to date copy of the game.
  13. mark Augur

    most tlps guilds use boxes,most clerics on a raid are boxes in most guilds.certon raid boss hits hard we need more healing log in an extra 2or more boxed clerics as an example,we need more cc camp a few boxes load in more dps.also very few people play clerics as a main.
  14. mark Augur

    I pay for 6 subs have 6 pc set up,i dont 12 box eanymore because i cant manage 12 pc,thats 6 less subs for db.i am in the majority of tlps players and we like to box.
    my perfect server velinaki unlock schedule,double the loot ,mischief random loot,all loot tradeable ,option of buying epic from db market place say 20,000daybreak cash,and unlimited boxing on 1 pc.start at luclin with lvl 50 charecters decently geared all spells etc or at classic lvl1.
  15. Bewts Augur

    1. Launch includes all expansions in a Level Locked Progression (LLP) format.
    2. All zones are available at launch and all key access requirements are removed.
    3. Levels / AA are unlocked in 10-level increments (so 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, etc) with 6 months at each tier.
    4. Recommended / Level requirements on equipment as a concept are both removed.
    5. FV loot rules, however equipment is replaced with soul bound mechanism once equipped, and this can be removed per item at the expense of 500 SC potions.
    6. Double XP months 1-3, Double loot months 4-6.

    The theory is that you can see just how far you can go at each level tier with “all content” for that level tier enabled. No more bashing your head against Sky in “classic” but you could be pushing all sorts of content utilizing level scaling instances, gear from currencies and raid gear you wouldn’t necessarily have at level 50.
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  16. FranktheBank Augur

    This is a pretty half- thought. There is a spectrum to boxing. Some people box 1 or 2, some box 4-5.

    People want the freedom to do some things on their own, like camp rares, but join others for xp. Or then want to xp alone and box on raids, and whatever in between.
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  17. Arclyte Augur

    I was talking about the guy who wants his own server, and the other guy who only plays by himself
  18. coltongrundy Augur

    There are some truly terrible ideas posted in this thread. I'm just glad none of yall work for darkpaw.
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  19. Iyacc Augur

    There aren't enough Like buttons for this one.

    A server where everyone logs in and plays their favorite class, noone about how bad EQ is or how much better they could make it
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  20. Ythera Augur

    Server Name: Hasten Bootstrutter
    Expansion start: Classic
    Loot style: Free trade
    Loot bonus: double randomized
    Experience bonus: double xp
    Faction bonus: double faction
    Progression Rate: as soon as the raids of the current expansion are completed, the next one starts
    Lockout system: There's a command you can type in to clear all your dz/task lockouts.
    The Twist: As soon as the server hits live and the raids are beaten, the 'season' ends and it resets to classic and all characters are set to level 1, minus everything. All characters then gain a permanent buff that's based on how many of the raids and achievements they cleared on the previous 'season'. This buff adds a % bonus to the damage and healing your character does as well as their hitpoints, mana, and endurance pools; it also adds the same bonus to their xp and faction gains. This bonus is cumulative with each 'season'.