What is your dream server ruleset?

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  1. Tyranthraxus Grognard

    Kunark Launch
    All Classes in at launch
    Any race can be any class, (except drakkin, drakkin will not be playable even when their expansion comes out!)
    Free trade on gear 1 expansion old, 3/2 month unlocks
    Bosses drop 2/3 their loot table 1/3 random.
    Ldon Ykesha and PoP launch together as 1 expansion.
    70's slog stays a slog, best era of eq
  2. Alarya Augur

    Yeah, I was there for all that hehe. I'd love that as part of a ruleset though for a new server
  3. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    It was removed because of all the player complaints they got which doesn't give them much reason to add it back to a new server.
  4. Ruiner Elder

    1. Kunark Launch with berserkers unlocked. The Classic launch has been done to death and so many low level Kunark dungeons are just flat out ignored or skipped altogether due to the release schedule of Kunark on most TLPs.
    2. Replace truebox with a 2 box max character single pc rule (does anyone really want to box on 2 computers anymore instead of alt tabbing between instances..).
    3. FV free trade rules and bring back random double loot but find a better way to randomize the loot tiers. Tyranthraxus had an interesting idea of mixing static and random loot together in the same loot table.
    4. Bonus Random World dragon/boss spawns in addition to their dz and static world spawns locations. Examples: Naggy in West Karanas, Vox in GFAY, Venril Sathir in Kithicor Forest, possibly followed by yellow broadcast message or maybe no spawn message alert at all? This might be a way to put a fresh spin on guild racing.
    5. 2-5 day Rotating XP bonuses for dungeons and possibly smaller bonuses for outdoor zones. The leveling meta on TLPS, especially the old classic unrest to guk to 50 run has just gotten extremely stale . These would be modest exp boosts to zones in hopes to get people to explore lesser traveled areas. Hot Zones were a good idea, they just needed to be reworked instead of discarded.
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  5. Defenestrated Vase It happened out of sheer carelessness.

    So you are asking for people's "dream server ruleset"... :)

    I know that some stuff I am going to list in this post is technically not feasible. Especially the "krono" and "boxing" bullets. It's called "dream server rules" for a reason so spare me your oh-so-important reasons why my wish-list is crap :D

    It's nice (for me at least) to read about people's wishes ;)

    - OoW-locked

    Why "locked" at all? I'm glad you're asking. I don't want to endlessly chase the carrot and see my raid gear rot in bank because that next expansion is around the corner and it will make my current gear pretty worthless. There needs to be a stop somewhere so I can max out all my toons at one point. It was big fun on Agnarr but PoP-locked is not my personal sweet spot.

    Also, we do get Berzerkers (in GoD) and Epic 2.0 which will remain relevant and will not be easily replaced. Tons of raiding content. Tons of zones people can hunt in. Tons of achievements too.

    - No FTE

    I am okay with it on Oakwynd but don't want to see it on any other server because I think it changes the gaming experience too drastically :cool:

    - Heirloom Loot with a twist

    You can only roll need on items you can actually use on the class you currently play (when grouped -- just like in WoW)

    - Server-bound Krono only

    Will reduce TLP hoppers ruining economy and driving inflation high early on. People who don't want to pay real money can still utilize Krono to pay their sub and Krono can still be used as an investment (buy low now, sell high later).

    - No boxing allowed and enforced

    Make EQ an MMO again. Have people socialize to form groups and make friends. I never said this server is for everyone -- it's mainly for people that like to join others or make their own groups :p

    - Add more race+class combinations

    Enable Halfling Paladins and Halfling Rangers right from the start. I'd also like to see Ogre Monks and Iksar Rogues.

    Cheers :)
  6. LawfulEvil New Member

    Mischief, non-truebox. Longer expansion releases. More Picks. No Krono (this would kill it fast).
  7. Kaenneth [You require Gold access to view this title]

    Even FF14 mostly removed cross-job abilities, I think because cross jobbing basically became mandatory instead of fun.

    Anyway, I want era tiered servers; start on a Original locked server, reach level 50 (and/or get in on a dragon kill) and you can transfer to the Kunark locked server, 60 and you can transfer to the Luclin locked server, X AA count you can transfer to PoP server...

    No out of era buffs or competition, progress at your own pace instead of having to race seasons. I want progression but I don't want it to be like a job I have to attend to. If I take a year to finish Kunark using only in-era gears and spells, that's fine with me, I wanna relax in a game.
  8. Defenestrated Vase It happened out of sheer carelessness.

    I like it.

    Might as well go all-in and have 29 servers. One for each expansion and all of them era-locked in 'their' expansion. You need to start in classic. Pay $$ for a transfer to next era (no skips) whenever you want (i.e. no 3 months wait). It's a one way street. That's a business model right there :cool:

    This way everybody will see which era really is most liked by the majority of players.

    At first they might need overflow servers for those eras people like starting in the most. But those can be merged later on.

    Doesn't necessarily have to be 29 servers. Some expansions can be combined so that reduces the number of servers. (E.g. no point in having separate servers for Ykesha or LDoN eras.)
  9. Fell Augur

    Many (most?) people play TLPs hoping for an experience at least somewhat similar to what they originally experienced in EQ's early years. Yet nearly all the rule changes make the game far simpler, easier, and less challenging. Why not try the reverse for once?

    A TLP that rolled back some of the EZ-mode changes would be popular with a substantial number of players. More importantly, when gaining levels, boss kills, and BIS items requires a little more time and effort, people value it more. And they tend to stick around a little longer as a result.
  10. jeskola pheerie

    No run speed mods, velocity capped at 30.
    No ports
    No Levitation
    Make all zones underwater but give everyone innate enduring breath.
  11. Cronar Elder

    -Any race, any class.
    -Mischief rules with a twist. Trash mobs can drop named loot.
    -FTE with a twist. You can only pull 3 mobs at a time.
    -Entire game world unlocked at the start. Which means all classes and race class combos available.
    -required levels removed from all items. No drop tag removed.
  12. NoxiousGrizzle Also post as Slik, Noxious, or Bart

    Mischief 2.0 #nochanges
  13. Kaenneth [You require Gold access to view this title]

    Yeah, the thing with voting TLP is that no one expansion is a majority favorite; either they want to stop at a future one, or they already left because the server passed what they consider nostalgic. Although I guess 'No' did actually win once.

    I would also prefer to only allow characters to be created on the Original server; since part of it is to make people in the same level range on the same servers, with no out-of-era powerleveling. But that would be an issue for Beastlords and Berzerkers. No perfect way around that without having to edit the world to accommodate them for the races that are released that have them. Also would have to make the character-name-in-use filter work cross-server.
  14. Bullsnooze Augur

    Ideally and with longevity in mind,
    1. Aradune's Unlock Schedule
    2. Krono-locked until (Omens of War)**
    3. Normal Trade with randomized-loot until (Omens of War)**
    4. 100% increase to group and raid loot drops starting at (Secrets of Faydwer)**
    5. Increased XP bonuses after Luclin and certain milestones as the server progresses.
    ** - denotes expansion timing can be changed
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  15. kizant Augur

    A server without mages would be beautiful. :D
  16. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    TLP Server.

    ALL Classes at launch*
    ALL Pre-GoD Races at launch*
    ALL pre-GoD class/race combinations available at launch (i.e GNM SHD/PAL & HLF PAL/RNG)

    *Beastlords, *Berserkers, *Iksars & *Vah Shir call East Commons Tunnel their home/Origin Point until both their racial city unlocks and their class trainers appear in their home city. Race-neutral trainers & spell/combat ability merchants will be available in EC Tunnel for all until PoK is available.

    Randomised Group Loot
    ALL Group Loot is Free-Trade
    ALL Raid Loot is flagged Heirloom but otherwise maintains the same "tradeable status" as Live Versions of the item.

    Progression XP or faster.
    Heroic AA are granted in the same cadence as Autogrant AA

    Group Currencies have the same multiplier schedule as Raid currencies, i.e. 2x on unlock, 3x once the next expansion unlocks & 4x after 2 further expansions have unlocked, applies to LDoN points, DoN Crystals etc.

    If possible, Raid currencies retrofitted to earlier raid content, working backwards over time, i.e. added to HoT first, then UF, then SoD back as far as including Luclin.

    Relaxed Truebox with OoW unlock.
    Removed Truebox with TBS unlock

    When zone revamps are activated the prior version of the zone is "legacied" as an Instanced version of it, this has the same access requirements as other group instances.
    This is probably not possible for an AoC version of pre-awakened Kerafyrm Sleeper's Tomb but it would be amazing if it can be done.

    4 Weeks for Classic
    6 Weeks each for Kunark, Velious, Luclin
    12 weeks for PoP - LDoN, LoY are unlocked with PoP
    8 Weeks for GoD
    12 Weeks for OoW *DoN unlocked 4 weeks after OoW unlocks
    8 weeks for DoDH *PoR unlocked 4 weeks after DoDH unlocks

    12 weeks for level-raise / 8 Weeks for no-level-raise expansion unlocks.
  17. Kahna Augur

    Post classic that is basically every server.
  18. jeskola pheerie

    I want that 2005 nostalgia. Combine/Sleeper 2.0 please. It's time to TLP the TLP. Where's Xhibit?
  19. Defenestrated Vase It happened out of sheer carelessness.

    When I read "it's time to TLP the TLP" I couldn't help but think of Chromie Time in WoW.
  20. manglered Lorekeeper

    a server where every level is a hell level ... where you get 0.001% per kill with no possible exp potions or vet aa's

    and the first player to ding 50 will be known as the neckbeard who poop-socked the way to freedom for the rest of the server and than releasing the exp bonus server where everyone would than have permanent 300% bonus exp 24/7.
    the server would rename un-named until our neckbeard hero saves the day than earning a server named after said neckbeard's norrathian character
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