What is the point of truebox?

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  1. Sythrak20 Elder

    True box is just there to keep poor people from boxing.
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  2. Gnothappening Augur

    To be fair they launched one with and one without. They also hyped enhanced GM support and limiting boxes to 2. Because of that the 2 box server blew up and the boxing server was underpopulated. Later though the boxing server had staying power. This is why truebox up to a set expansion might be the best route.
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  3. Graytis Lorekeeper

    Originally, the idea was "one person, one character" as a special server rule.

    The problem was that they couldn't really enforce that by IP because so many shared-household players play together, and this would preclude husbands/wives, for example, from playing together from the same IP address.

    The point of truebox was that it was a weaker policy they hoped would limit most people to one character while not excluding families from playing together. They figured few would "simulate" a spouse playing alongside them with an entire "second system" setup, and there wasn't much they could do to distinguish genuine partnership from trueboxing anyway.

    They underestimated how many people would do exactly that.

    The spirit of truebox was one person playing one character, and if you didn't like it, you didn't have to play there. As is par for the course, some players concocted a way around it, the style proliferated, and the original intent is now a distant memory while conspiracy theories abound.
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  4. Dartaniun Augur

    That "enhanced GM support" was a joke. There was no enforcing of the 2 box only rule
  5. Gnothappening Augur

    Blame the crybabies that used it to weaponize petitions to get camps. The GMs were overwhelmed and eventually gave up.
  6. Psalmz Elder

    True box came about when people objected to automated 36 toon box armies taking over whole zones.
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  7. Machen New Member

    That might have been what (some) players wanted, but DPG never hinted or suggested such a thing.
  8. Lawyer Augur

    I wonder if it would harm the game considerably to have mercenaries available in Classic on a Truebox server. Or whether it would help relieve some of the reasons folks desire to have boxes in the first place.
  9. Ponter Elder

    From my experience, either people have a high level buffbot they drag around with them to help in their groups, or they're a swarm of 6-50 mages locking down every pick of a camp. I feel like people would just have mercenaries and still bot if they were available early on lol
  10. Gheed Augur

    The point of it is that every server would be a Rizlona if it wasn't a thing

    It should be removed at a certain point in a server's lifetime but I would rather play on a server with it than without it.
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  11. Burdi Augur

    I think the rule one toon per box is just absolutely ridiculous as i have seen player boxing toons in all eq eras.
    The point is that you cannot do anything meaningful in the game without a tank, a healer, and a crowd control.
    Current truebox implementation would work as long as you can find a group.
    After a few month, you can’t expect to find a group in truebox, so there is no point to join such a server at slightly later stage.
    I think this truebox rule should be relaxed to 2 or 3 characters per client.
    As for the technical implementation, and why eventually those rules are easy to bypass.
    It is a different problem. I would tend to think DBG does not put much effort in this.
  12. Nighthawk Lorekeeper

    I've always thought truebox should allow you to play 2 toons per client, as boxing one character is incredibly common and almost necessary these days. The extra heat of a second computer during the summer is an unwelcome side effect of the May TLP launches.
  13. itiswhatitis Elder

    That may have been true at first. But aradune players went to rizlona while no players from rizlona went to aradune.
  14. itiswhatitis Elder

    That is dumb. Rizlona had very little to no problems within the community on that server. It is the truebox servers that have all of the toxic box armies. On mischief there is very little drive to help people unless there is Krono involved. On rizlona boxers have absolutely no problem helping out the solo players or even the smaller boxers without requiring payment. When you have box armies on these truebox servers they have no competition that is why they play there and not on servers like rizlona.