What is the next Anni Tower slot this patch day? curious

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Stinkur, Jun 10, 2024.

  1. Stinkur New Member

    Anyone know or play on test server. So far we have charm, neck, face and shoulders. Before the shoulders came out I thought I saw test patch notes on forums making me think belt was next. So makes me curious which is next.
  2. Fenthen Living rent free in your headspace

    It's belt, or ring, or earring - if you look at the type 25 augs they list all the nonvis slots. We're 5 slots in already, 3 to go.

    And if the belt has haste on it, woah boy the commonlands market crashes!
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  3. Shui Butai

    Hope it does Crash
  4. coltongrundy Augur

    crossing fingers
  5. summoningpets New Member

    Sorry for being the biggest newb on the forum, but how exactly does one obtain these pieces of gear? I just came back last week for Teek and I'm having a blast, but I'm quite ignorant of anything new, such as the anniversary tower. I'm currently only level 35, so am I out of luck? What if I have a level 85 on another server?
  6. Zansobar Augur

    I thought there is a slot each month of the year, so 12 by the time the tower is complete?
  7. Muramx Augur

    One can hope...
  8. fransisco Augur

    I do wonder how they'll fill out the year. Even if they do 2 earings, 2 rings, and a belt, that only 10 items, leaving 2 more.
  9. Zapsos Augur

    The FAQ mentions 11 floors (and 11 items), I'm guessing it's 2 rings and 2 Ears (Each lore), not sure what the 11th item will be. And then the 12th month is supposedly some 'final boss'

    Source: https://www.everquest.com/news/eq-anniversary-tower-currency-merch

  10. Sesshou-Eci New Member

    11th slot could be a power source maybe? It's the only remaining non-visible slot but I don't really know how that works. I just know it doesn't do anything without the purity stat.
  11. Zapsos Augur

    Power sources also drain over time, do I doubt that's it.

    Maybe an Aug that grows in power based on how many of the other items you have or something.
  12. coltongrundy Augur

    You'll find out when everyone finds out. On test patch day. Why would any of us know what it's going to be?
  13. Sam Hyde I'm a monster but not an NPC

    Releasing the charm so early was pretty cold blooded.
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  14. Doranur_Aleguzzler Filthy Casual™

    Earlier this year, DayPaw introduced the Year of DarkPaw Anniversary Tower, which is in North Ro by the shoreline zone to South Ro. You need to go to each successive level up the stairs, and collect a single ground spawn item, it looks like a blue glowing ball. Right click from inventory, and it assigns a task to repair the key. Complete the key, get reward tokens, and then go back to that door inside the tower. Right click the repaired key from inventory (with a group) and it assigned a shared task to all group members. Click on the door to enter, kill the bad guys inside, collect your ten coin reward.

    Right now there are five doors open, soon to be a sixth. Once your character is level 35+ you will begin to see items on the vendor, located on the bottom floor of the tower, other than weapon ornaments. As you level up, you will need to replace the items, however the augs can be removed and put into the new items. Also, the augs are not lore. Do a search for Bonzz website, and click on the anniversary link, he has complete walkthrus for the keys and doors.
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  15. Fenthen Living rent free in your headspace

    of nonvis
  16. SteamFox Augur

    Earrings (3 of them)
  17. Muramx Augur

    From the test server it looked old to be 2 earrings. One has the Luclin era pet focus that is all/all so... Curious what that means to SKs for example. But it's going to seriously buff mage pets.
  18. TheDohn Augur

    It's two earrings [IMG]
  19. SteamFox Augur

    Hmm maybe at lvl 55 there is only 2, at higher levels there appears to get 3.
  20. SteamFox Augur

    The pet focus isnt that amazing, unless the tables have changed its about +4 dmg and +8% hp for epic pet.