What is the most interesting thing to happen to you in EQ?

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  1. Alarya Augur

    As a young warrior in Blackburrow, I made friends with a kindly high-elf cleric named Windeye. This was back in high school circa 2001(ish); a time of endless raiding, farming, and grinding with a close circle of friends. Windeye and I got to know each other and would group up when we were both on. Eventually we lost touch, but I would think back fondly as I moved on. Later on, in life, after school/marriage/kids I rerolled on the Corinav server (I played on each TLP for classic and Kunark nostalgia then would promptly quit). As I was running around in the Commonlands looking for some orcish foes, I came across a high-elf Cleric by the name of Windeye, This could not have been a coincidence, so I sent a tell and to my surprise it was him after almost 18 years! This was remarkable to the both of us, and we chatted for quite a bit to see how much our lives have changed!
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  2. Shanarias Augur

    Nowadays, with Discord and other communication platforms, it is much easier to not lose touch with in-game friends.
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  3. Notinterested Augur

    Easily my most stand out memory and probably the coolest thing i ever took part of in an MMO was being on for the invasion event thing where GMs controlled mobs.

    I will never forget. Someone in the guild said something strange was happening in Dreadlands or Firiona Vie i forget which so we went to check it out. It was this huge NPC army and they attacked us from a really long distance so we ran like crazy to zone. We where all trying to figure out wtf was going on when suddenly the mobs where there with us! They had zoned with us! It was madness.

    Who remembers that? What was it for? OoW pre launch?
  4. Rijacki Just a rare RPer on FV

    Back in the late aughts.. I was standing on the docks, Butcherblock I think, waiting for a boat and a mild earthquake occurred where I live. Adrenaline rushing through me, I blurted in game /say that an earthquake just happened. There was another person, who I did not know, waiting for the boat, too, who heard me and we had a lovely discussion about it that then went into other game/character stuff. We then adventured with each other for several levels.
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  5. Vumad Cape Wearer

    I've been in the same guild since 2004. My class lead has seen more pictures of my kids than most of my extended family has.

    It's annoying but almost comical when people criticize gamers for their social status.
  6. Nennius Curmudgeon


    P.S. I am being stalked by something slow and brown chewing on eucalyptus leaves. Hold me.
  7. Iven Antonius Bayle

    Rofl... mobs zoning with da players. Does sound like a fever dream. Stay away from the drugs ! ;)

    Pretty sure it was the invasion of FV by the drow dark elves. The march had started in The Overthere but was technically only tracked back to the Dreadlands. The mobs there dropped some nice loot. DoN and not OoW pre-launch if you want so.

    2005-02-02: The invasion of Firiona Vie

    A screenshot which is dated 2005-08-02 but which should be from the event. Firiona Vie with her father. Both are paladins.


    A similar war that had been recorded better:
    The war to reclaim Grobb
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  8. Schadenfreude Augur

    A few weeks before server GMs were quietly phased out one ported into the Karanas right in front of me to find out what the hell I was doing killing no experience mobs en masse. I explained I had a great need for some kind of spider silk (the exact details are long forgotten) and they admitted they knew absolutely nothing about tradeskills, wished me a pleasant day and vanished.
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  9. Matik New Member

    I have 3 memories in classic/kunark era that still stick out to me for whatever reason.

    On my first character ever I was somehow able to create a character with the same name as an already existing one. One time I changed zones a half elf druid and loaded in as a dark elf shadowknight halfway across the world.

    And speaking of petitioning GMs, I had my druid bound next to Hadden's spawn to try and keep fishbone earring on lockdown. One time I died I appeared naked behind this guy who was trying to camp him. I didn't say a word cause I was just hanging out waiting for a res but he decided I was going to KS him and called a GM saying I said all this stuff that I didn't. The GM got a kick out of me just kind of silently trolling him and we talked about silly people for a while. I feel like the poor GM was just really sick of dealing with whiny entitled people.

    And then when epic quests were new and everything wasn't a guide on the internet... I was in a raid that killed Inny and he dropped the ranger epic quest item, no one really knew what it was for but it sounded naturish I guess so they decided maybe it was for a druid quest, so druids rolled and I won, and it just sat in my bank. One day I was talking to this ranger and he was talking about needing this one hard to get item for his epic and then he had everything. I was like... wait a second.. is that... and then we were able to multiquest it and he got his epic and I felt really happy that I was able to do that big a thing for someone, just based on a series of coincidences.
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  10. Iven Antonius Bayle

    I cannot really remember a most interesting situation as there were so many but getting lucky or handling very challenging combat situations was always impressive. Like being the only player that survived a raid wipe and being able to drag all corpses to a safe spot and saving the raid hours of recovery time and the evening.

    Or being able to do a LDoN run in less than 20 minutes or surviving multiple adds in a group of two (no mercs) with up to 7 mobs at the same time as a rogue tank with just a shaman as a healer in Howling Stones.

    Or to win the raid lotto against other rogues for a rare weapon drop like the Dart of Immobility from Mithaniel Marr and receiving tells like "Do you know how %$* lucky you are ?".
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  11. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

    hate us cos they ain't us. /nod
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  12. Svann2 The Magnificent

    1st story: Last day of beta I was wandering around Neriak looking at stuff and I found the library. In that library was another player who was flagged. His name was Innoruuk. I was like "omg good thing its last day of beta cause he would never be allowed to keep that name". About an hour later we got word there was a closing event in Nektulos. So I head out there. Lag city. And as Im waiting Innoruuk comes out and transforms into his real form. Aaargh. If Id thought to attack in the library I might have been the first to kill Innoruuk - at level 9. Well I dont know if Id have won, but you never know.

    2nd story: Just joined a guild! First night we have raid to the original plane of Hate. So we manage to break in, which in those days was not a given. Killed some stuff, found a ramp to the 2nd level. We were so weak we were pulling and killing right on the top of the ramp. I notice that the tank had a little push and it was getting closer to the drop off edge. Im thinking should I say something? But being my first day and never raiding before I figure they must know what they are doing so I dont say anything. Down falls the mob, then back up he comes with a dozen friends. Wipe. Now I know to say something. Sometimes I say too much but thats better than not saying anything.
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  13. Lluianae Elder

    As a raiding healer, perhaps the time Tide tried Tris Wallow in DPoB the first time and experimented with Echoing Madness for the adds. I was one of the more active healers, so I was at the top of heal aggro on all of the mezzed mobs. One of our Necros had put a DoT on a wurine add. There was a bug at the time, where every viral pulse of Echoing madness would also spread every other debuff on that mob. The necro DoT was spread to every add, did damage, woke them up, I was summoned about 12 times instantly, died and went LD from the game not knowing how to process being summoned in so many places at once.

    Another thing in DPoB is when I had aggro on enough orc manservants during a trash clear, they all KB punched me at once and I was punted out of bounds which then lead to a lot of the zone aggroing onto the raid. I'm sure I still have a pic of that somewhere.

    As a raid leader, perhaps the time Tide beat King Odeen as second serverwide and Absor was secretly watching us. That event was incredibly buggy on live resetting in all manner of ways. We persisted and eventually beat it, and the guild thought that in order to get the flag from Odeen that you had to hail him like you would in PoP. Every single hail spawned a chest, and as we realised this we told the guild to stop hailing him. Not only that, but the chests could also be aggroed and some where chasing and hitting people to death. I couldn't stop laughing, it was one of the funniest things I had ever seen in game with what must have been 20 chests with most sliding around attacking people. When we killed those chests and opened the others, we had loot from each. Absor said we could keep the loot as a reward for the insanity we went through in live testing that encounter. The gear mostly rotted as most were not upgrades, but some went to a few apps and mains.

    As a player in the community? Having a spell line I worked hard on named after me. That meant a lot. Thank you Prathun.

    I'm sure I could mention more interesting things but those are a few that come immediately to mind.
  14. Elyssanda Bardbrain

    3rd day in EQ.. I was told to make a bard because I had bard personality.. ergo Ely.
    about a month later and in FULL studded leather armor ( such a twink ya know) one of the druids goes I'm taking you to Twilight Sea to help you... we go out to TS.. he pulls EVERY mob in zone in a huge train.. only I dont know whats going on.. and I'm standing there in AMAZEMENT watching this outstanding mass of mobs run around me.. I start taking screenshots........ standing in FRONT of said train.. I'm like OMG SOO COOL! holy COW that's amazing... loading please wait appears on my screen.....
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  15. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    Many years ago I used to use a retired friend's account to run a bazaar trader. One day I saw the trader standing in the Plane of Knowledge, no longer level 1, but now level 20. I knew what was going on: level 20 is the minimum level to server transfer, and my trader had >15 million plat + dozens of items worth a few million more.

    It's a scammer who somehow got my friend's account and is trying to steal my stuff.

    I kicked the account offline and after I log in I see a pending character transfer window. Immediately kick requests started popping up, (I keep auto-kick turned off, but apparently they hadn't), but I denied them and transferred all of my plat and items off the trader. A few minutes later, the account is kicked offline by a GM (I found out later the scammer sent in a petition to get me kicked off).

    I see the trader log back in, and I send them a tell demanding to know who they are and wtf they think they're doing. (I knew it wasn't my friend and I had already texted them to get them to change their password).

    So, the scammer messages me back, pissed, demanding I either give them back my platinum/items, or send them $25 for the transfer token they'd bought and if I don't they threaten to delete all the characters on the account.

    I told them to go ahead, I'm not worried, (because by this point my friend had changed the account password so if the scammer logged the trader off to try to delete other characters, we could kick them off and they wouldn't be able to log back in again).

    At that point they started spamming the general channel with "wts krono paypal" etc. to try and get the account banned for RMT.

    Eventually, they were kicked off by a GM after my friend sent in a petition explaining what was happening.

    Don't ever share your account info.
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  16. Alarya Augur

    I had something similar happen to me, I had a character restored with the same name as an existing one on a different account. This was on FV when there was only one character per account, and when character restorations were free. Needless to say, they could not be online at the same time... but it was fun to mess with my in game friends having two different classes with the same name and same levels!
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  17. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

    Once upon a time a certain ranger on Stromm had figured out a serverside cache glitch involving alts in zone with the same 6 characters in their first name and a bad resolution upon a player's death in zone.

    The crash was caused by killing a lowbie (with a modrod) and because serverside couldn't name resolve the death past 6 characters.

    He was griefing the server by crashing the guild lobby during raid times, etc. I actually called San Diego and got a senior executive on the phone while he was on with me while a dev account was ingame banning his characters. The dude just kept reappearing on alt after alt, then.... silence... it never happened again and we never saw the player again, Hid old name is banned on the name list.

    Not that this has anything to do with this, in any way shape or form, just randomly putting this here

  18. zleski Augur

    A long, long time ago I was a guide on Povar. Since we had to support the players in all zones, we received a copy of Scars of Velious and several of us went exploring the new zones with our guide powers. We saw all the dragons and new things, and it was breathtaking!!

    Shortly thereafter the guides were asked (told) to stay in the Plane of Sky GM island building when we weren't helping players.

    The awe of seeing these all of these new, giant dragons was really special.

    My first character was a Wood Elf Druid, which meant she started in the Greater Faydark back in April of 1999. EverQuest was probably the first proper 3d game of its kind that I played (previously I had played the Ultima Online, which was 3d, but not the same). Being in first person view, with the music, and immersion was amazing! The world in front of me unfolded beautifully, and then I came across those HUGE, mysterious spires in the Faydark. It was really awesome. We take it for granted now, and have made peace with the low res textures, but back in 1999, this was a groundbreaking experience.
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  19. Loup Garou De loop de loop

    So if I understand this - you used a friends account which is account sharing to begin with? :eek:
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  20. code-zero Augur

    Was that on FV? I remember that! I wondered how the crashing was fixed

    NVM I see it was Stromm