What is the difference between a "skilled" player and an "average" player?

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  1. strongbus Augur

    another thing that show the difference between a skilled player and a average one is are they willing to learn and change if shown a better way. Or willing to change spells or tact depending on raids.

    good example of this if you got 4 mages in a guild and 3 are topping pars ever raid but the last one is never making the top 10 because he or she is set in their ways and even though the other mages are trying to help won't change how they play or such(different spells/rotation of aa/etc).

    or depending on the raid being willing to change your spell set or what you do to fit the raid. People who are one trick players who do the same thing on ever raid in my mind are not skilled players. A skilled player has to be ready to change up how and what they do depending on the raid at hand.

    good example. I play a necro. my normal lineup dose not include a lifetap dd. but when doing eok t3.2(the dragon raid). I will load one to help keep myself up dealing with the 100k a tick dot in case my group healer gets it as well and can't heal cause they have to run to cure it as or get silenced. A dead necro dose 0 dps.
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  2. Metanis Bad Company

    There are a lot of good responses in this thread but I'll go with this one. If you don't review parses of your performance then chances are you're average. Data rules.
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  3. segap Augur

    I was referring to a certain mage.
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  4. Aurastrider Augur

    Players can gauge this without using parsing tools if they farm the same area over and over. Back when I use to main a ranger I would gage how my performance while killing in the same area power leveling multiple box toons and guildmates over a several month period. First goal was to clear the area before any mobs respawned. Second goal was to be able to poach from nearby areas assuming nobody was in them. Once the calculated pulling time and pathing factored in to decreased xp compared to moving to a more dense camp I moved camps with the same method in mind. Frequently trying new spells, rotations, discs and such until I finally reached the max number of mobs I could possibly kill. Obviously different types of mobs can change things but repetition can replace a parse program imo if someone is focused on detail and willing to try new strategies to be more efficient. I have since downloaded GINA and I like the program but at the end of the day actual mobs killed in x period of time is still what I gauge my efficiency on. If I am at a camp grinding I still go back to the above method to determine how good or bad I am doing and make adjustments based on that. For the raid game this method is obviously not as easy to determine for individuals and GINA is more valuable.
  5. Critts Augur

    But mindless casting is what I’m good at!!!
  6. Eaedyilye Augur

    If you want to be exceptional always try to learn. Try different things frequently to see if there's an improvement. Study the mobs you're going to be fighting. Learn what works and what doesn't. In a group or raid, always be alert. Don't be one of those people who goes to sleep half way through an event. If you see someone who's the same class as you and they just seem way better, watch and learn. It may be they have a lot more AA's and better equipment, or maybe they just get the most out of their class. Watch, you may learn a new trick or two which improves you greatly. But never be so arrogant that you could never learn something from someone else. You can learn form the highest places or you may even learn something from an ill equipped bazaar player. Resources for learning can come from anywhere.

    Always try to push yourself, don't be satisfied with killing the same mob over and over. Go to places you might not even like. You'll learn more by defeating an enemy which is difficult then sitting in FM mindlessly killing Sarnaks. Be up for a challenge. If you fail, learn. What did the mob do or what didn't you do to lose? Sometimes you need to get your butt kicked to get better.

    Use every available resource you have. Use your AA burns and clickies. Learn to multi bind. I use 4 keys for this. Know which spells work in your situation. Go into battle with the spell set which works or be ready to switch out quickly depending on the mob. Being a mage one must be aware of which mobs are fire resistant or not. Know which gear that helps your class the most and obtain those first.

    There's lot of information about all EQ classes out there. Read, read and read some more. Be the best you can be. Use a parse program and learn how to max your DPS. Always strive to get better. As a DPS caster and pet class, mix your spells up, see if a different combo works better. Always armor your pet with something better than summoned gear. I always make a set of dimensional armor for it. Survivability is something an exceptional player strives for. You're not much help in a group or raid if you're dead.

    There's a lot of little things you can do to make yourself better. EQ is a game which you can always learn something new.
  7. Brohg Augur

    I have a follow-up answer. Skilled players can read & understand. Like how some people can read the question "what's the difference between average and skilled so someone makes a worthwhile guildmate?" and then answer it. And then there's this:

    You are seriously exactly who Sancus was talking about being non-exceptional. You're probably skilled. Probably good. Probably someone who would absolutely qualify to be guildmates with the OP. Probably shouldn't try to tell others what exceptional is.
  8. Aurastrider Augur

    Time, effort, research, knowledge, mental capacity, physical ability, equipment (physical not in game) and dedication/passion. Really no different from anything in life. Someone who is exceptional at something will usually check most if not all of the above off the list when describing something they are exceptional at. The average person will check off some and those who are bad/NA might only check one at most off the list. I think most players who are passionate about this game would love to be exceptional and some are. The problem is its not realistic for a lot of people to put forth the amount of energy required to check all of these things off the list for a video game (even if it holds a lot of meaning) when other obligations might require us to commit most of what we have to them. I can honestly say this holds true for at least me as I get older and more/different RL obligations present themselves. A lot of the focus I once placed on this game has been redirected and that's not to say I was ever an exceptional player but odds are I will always be just an average player due to other obligations. Its not a bad thing to be average at something you love as long as you are exceptional at the things that are the most important in your life. It does not mean you have to try to be average but you should also not be discouraged if average is your best based on what you have to offer to something.
  9. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    Bad players think they're good.
    Good players think they're bad.
    Average players don't give a .
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  10. smash Augur

    If you have 3 guilds being average, good, extreme good.

    A person might be considered good in g1, average in g2, and bad in g3.
    Another vg in g1,g2 and good in g3.

    But could well also be vg in g3 but good in g1,g2 as they put higher value i other things, like friendly ness, helpness.

    A lot of people in elite guilds are more selfcentered, higher ego.
  11. IblisTheMage Augur

    Also silly. Dad jokes ftw!
  12. BadPallyGuildLeader Augur

    The stunning reeetardAtion that flows from the idea that someone is in an upper tier of player because they cast 15 spells per minute versus someone who casts 8 to 9 is the truest indicator of the "Wow-ification" of EQ I have seen in some time.

    So sad......
  13. BadPallyGuildLeader Augur

    In all seriousness though..and beyond the drool on myself crowd with their wow-esque add-on and GINAfication of EQ as mentioned in my prior posts, I think those that can teach and be teachable are the best EQ players....period.
  14. Lianeb Augur

    The OPs question can be answered 90% of the time with one question.

    You play in in first or third person?
  15. Intenso Augur

    dps top guilds kill and avoid most of raid mechanics
  16. Dreadmore Augur


    Humility? Willingness to learn, improve, and teach? Eagerness to understand something more than just superficially?

    Aren't these just good personality traits to have as a human, not just as an EQ player?

    Huh, go figure
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  17. kizant Augur

    It's simply how you measure time on target for a caster and to see if they're playing the game instead of watching TV. It's just one useful thing to look at and it's always been that way.
  18. Evildo New Member

    Skilled player can Drink 6 cans of Stella and still out DPS u :cool:

    Average player gets annoyed and starts another class :D

    On a diff side Skilled is umm not sure mybe just not Lazy and Average toon just needs more knowledge

    And u can also start a Ranja anyone can be skilled at that class :eek: Bring it on
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  19. Horyuken Augur

    I wish I could get cans of Stella, they only sell bottles here in Texas and it's a pain when going tailgating or to the river.
  20. svann Augur

    Good players read the guide and just do that.
    Exceptional players also think about what works and figure out better ways.