what is the current cap on the Luck stat?

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  1. Parmalice New Member

    My Google Foo is failing me.

    What is the current cap on the Luck stat as of the CoV expansion? Ie: after this much Luck has been acquired, adding more Luck will change nothing.

    I saw articles elsewhere before where people parsed out dps for every 10-luck "bucket" and documented the effects, but these articles were old enough that they only went up to like 69 Luck, and I know it's been raised and revised since then.

    My group farmed +11 Luck augs in ToV raid instances recently until everyone had one. We took the opportunity recently (and will do so again) to stick around in a CoV instance after my guild had tried (and failed) to kill the boss and given up for this attempt. It was Temple of Veeshan. We cleared the zone and had one +21 Luck aug drop. The question was: will this push someone over the Luck cap? What is the Luck cap? If someone was already at it, then a +21 Luck aug would be wasted on them. We'd like to know because we'll either camp these until either everyone has one, or at least until everyone who could still benefit from it has one.

    Anyhow, I did spend some time searching for this answer and came up empty-handed. My apologies in advance if this is documented somewhere and I just failed to find it. Also, please don't turn this into a "Luck is meaningless, or meaningless for Class X" type thing. We understand what Luck means or doesn't mean.
  2. Soulbanshee Augur

    No cap, buckets of 10 per bump, diminishing returns.
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  3. Parmalice New Member

    So if this necro is now at 148 luck it's OK for him to stop obsessing over his luck? He's passed up good loot opportunities that would have improved his spell focuses and given him more bang for the buck than more luck, but he wouldn't do it because it would have reduced his luck. He's obsessed with luck. I was hoping to find that there is indeed a cap for luck that I can tell him so he'll stop obsessing about it.

    On my SK I did some testing using either the +11 luck aug that I have, or the +1 luck aug that I had from TBL, and measured I think a 2k dps improvement. This was just whaling on the test dummy for like 20 minutes each time with my 2HS, so that included dmg from slashing, bashing, and my procs. It didn't include me casting my DOT stack. As a percentage of my melee/proc dps it was under 1%, but non-zero. I'll get a +21 luck aug from a CoV raid instance if I can, but it's not on my "must have this NOW" list.
  4. Cicelee Augur

    Increased spell focuses >>>>>>>>>> Increased luck
  5. kizant Augur

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  6. Silu Journeyman

    From what I've seen posted before, luck tiers over about 71 or so luck shift the crit damage bonus range on a lucky critical by 1%. For your necro buddy, this means that the overcrit damage on a lucky crit goes from, say, +38-41% damage to +39-42% damage by getting to a new luck tier.

    Necros do +390% damage from AAs on a crit anyway, so this +1% extra that triggers only half of the time (lucky crit), increases DPS by about .1-.2% per luck tier over about 71. It's the first 60 or so luck give you the lion's share of the benefit.
  7. Zynt Augur

    Your Nec needs an intervention.
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