What is Agnarr like these days?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by DrumsOfWar, Jan 14, 2021.

  1. DrumsOfWar New Member

    I played from launch until shortly after velious dropped on that server. I have a level 60 epic cleric. Gear would be out of date of course.

    I popped into PoK a few minutes ago and there were 33 people in zone. It is noon on Thursday so I would expect a pretty low population right now but 33 still seems really low.

    Is there any reason to return to Agnarr?
  2. ayoforYayoh Augur

    Sometimes i pop into Agnarr just on a whim and that's the general feel for me as well. There's going to be 10-18ish AFK in POK bank area and maybe 10 more throughout the world. There is the off chance I'm just unlucky each time and miss a peak hour I suppose. The main thing going on is sometimes a time pug gets hosted

    on a side note I've been doing these since ragefire/lockjaw and agnarr had the most memorable drama and personalities during its prime. it was a circus every day and i loved it
  3. Protocol Augur

    Ever been in an empty room? Like that.
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  4. FranktheBank Augur

    There are 2 or 3 raid guilds still active. Xeris is fairly active on the forums. You have to understand that a locked server thats like 3? years into its lock is not going to be super active outside of raids of static stuff.

    That being said, I see a lot of people offering to help level new/returning people on Agnarr. Might want to try the discord as well.
  5. PipotheAFILADOR New Member

    Peaks close to 200(accounts not players)

    3 raid guilds still. The 2 US guilds raid at capacity. Again accounts not players.

    Agnarr is a good spot if you love the era, dont mind boxing. Don't want to bat phone and never have your character fall behind if you have to take a break.

    Agnarr is a bad spot if you want to lfg/play at lower levels with full groups and/or hate boxing.

    Imo Agnarr will be a good landing spot until another locked server comes out. Then its pretty much dead.
  6. Xeris Augur

    Agnarr is awesome. In the past month there's been an influx of new folks to the server and a 4th guild has popped up recently. It all depends what you're looking for though. If you're expecting 3 pics of lvl 40's people grinding Velks, you're not going to have fun.

    If you love the POP era specifically and want to have fun playing with a super chill group of people, then Agnarr is a great place.
    • You're going to have to be proactive about finding groups and people to play with; you may not always find something right away, but you almost always can find something to do
    • You'll definitely want to join a guild
    • There are probably ~150-200 people on at peak times, now at midnight EST there's ~110 people in gen chat

    What I'd tell anyone is, rather than figure out if its 'worth' playing on Agnarr, play on Agnarr. If you wanna play in POP forever, there's no better place. Also, the community is awesome.
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  7. TLP Addict Augur

    Yeah it's amazing what happens once all the assorted kronolord scum move onto a new TLP and leave behind a small population where reputation suddenly starts to matter again.
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  8. Fluid Augur

    I'll echo it is a decent place as far as quality of people there, just a little thin. The boxing, well it is the two computers side by side style if you want to do it. The maximum level pretty much means you will never complete your Epic unless you join a guild. The other perks on a live server, like a vendor with Summoning Focus jewelry aren't there so it is tough to run a Magician/pet class. I don't think I could solo in Plane of Hate or get your Staff of Elemental Mastery ...

    Easy mode would just join a guild. Understand that the guild well expect you to participate on the server a couple of days a week so it is a commitment.
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  9. Herf Augur

    As people have said, Agnarr is a friendly place. Buffs are usually free in PoK and Temp + DS is routinely issued to lowbies to help them level.

    The number of people in PoK isn't a good measure. Look at the number in general. It generally hovers around 90-130, depending on time of day and if it's a raid day. (I drop General when on raids.) Most people playing are off doing something, not sitting in PoK. The PoK people are either logged off for the night and sitting there for MGBs, or they're there DOING buffs :)

    Yes Agnarr took a hit when Mangler opened, but as noted, most of the less pleasant players left Agnarr, and left it a nicer place. People on Agnarr help each other out more than you'll see in many other servers.

    There are newbies on about a weekly basis, but admittedly for the first 30 lvls you'll have to work to find groups. However you'll get buffs in PoK that get you to 20 in a day. Lots and lots of people truebox, so two boxing will make your life easier if you care to do it.

    Guild membership is HIGHLY recommended. Any guild. If you like soloing...Agnarr is less exciting, but there are people doing it and getting leveled up. The one word I'd use to describe the server is "Community" One player summed it up for me when he said "the server is my guild."

    The basic spiel is this: if you're happy with PoP/LDoN/Ykesha era lock, and want all the time in the world to raise alts, do quests, get BIS loot, then you have a good chance of enjoying Agnarr.
  10. Herf Augur

    Right, I've been on agnarr since the start and only recently found out there's an Agnarr discord channel. Although I haven't been to one, there are periodic open plat raids.
  11. Febb Augur

    Agnarr hasn't changed much. He is still dark and broody. He is always storming around putting his fists up saying they are lightning and thunder.
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  12. TigoalBitties New Member

    If you aren't sold with playing on Agnarr after this, than I dont know what will. Shoot, after reading it, I almost hopped back on my Enchanter and started playing him again. :D

    One hell of a post Xeris.

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