What is a good AC in the underfoot era for tank?

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  1. eqfanforlife Elder

    I see people claiming to have 3000 AC or more.

    I have nearly full bis from underfoot and sit at 2600 on my warrior.

    I have almost every AC aug that I could find and over 4k aa's.

    What gives? Are these people trolling or is there something I'm missing here.
  2. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Is that buffed or unbuffed AC? If they are using buffs in their claims and you are not that could be the difference.
  3. Zinth Augur

  4. eqfanforlife Elder

    What buffs?

    Cleric doesn't add 400 AC and I can't think of any others besides bard songs or aura.
  5. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Cleric buffs are not the only ones that add AC to a player.
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  6. eqfanforlife Elder

    Yea that's why I asked "what buffs".

    I said I can't think of any others besides that, aura, and bard songs.

    So exactly what buffs mr smart guy?
  7. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    I don't know all of the buffs that are available in underfoot but there are most certainly AC buffs that can be obtained from classes other then clerics and bards. And it would help if you stated that you are not using buffs or listing which buffs you are using for AC.

    There is also the question if you are looking at your AC value with a 1 hander/shield, a 1 hander in each hand, or a 2 hander.
  8. eqfanforlife Elder

    Ok so in other words you don't have a clue and aren't adding anything to the discussion, thanks.
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  9. eqfanforlife Elder

    Any tanks who actually play in the underfoot era currently please chime in!

    I want to know what the big secret is.
  10. Zinth Augur

    AC buff + Symbol + druid skin = more than the "temp" line from clerics...
  11. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Because I can't remember all the AC buffs a warrior will use in the Underfoot expansion I don't know that there are more then cleric and bard buffs?

    You have been asked to provide some clarification on if you are using buffs in your checks and if you are using a shield or not. That information will help others provide you with better information.
  12. eqfanforlife Elder

    I don't need to get into specifics.

    Lets just say I have similar gear and the same buffs to those tanks claiming to have 500 more AC.

    Also if you claim there are buffs that exist to buff AC but you don't know what they are, not a good look mate.
  13. eqfanforlife Elder

    I'm starting to think the whole 3000 AC is just a troll and my numbers are fine.

    Unless someone can come in here with a breakthrough that hasn't been mentioned.
  14. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Why are you so reluctant to answer the questions being asked? If you are trying to compare and they are using buffs you are not or are using a shield when you are not that could be the problem. There has always been issues with people padding their stats on Magelo with gear that they would never actually use just to get the numbers higher.

    Regardless of all of that I don't need to have a full list of AC buffs that a player can get AC buffs from more classes then a cleric or bard. In your case there are warrior discs/abilities that can increase your AC and a quick search also shows that druids and rangers also have AC buffs that they can provide as well. This is not counting the various short term buffs that classes can use to provide a quick boost to AC in a group/raid setting.

    That 3000 number could just be what it hits when everything is used or you could be missing something.
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  15. Can'theal New Member

    Most warriors in convorteum gear with shield, buffs and AC disc running can hit 3000-3100
    If you're 2600 unbuffed with or without shield you're fine.

    My sk fully buffed, with shield and charge for power ac buff is just shy of 2800, think I'm 2400ish unbuffed. I can pull 4 yellows in convorteum and tank them without epic or MC going, as long as the cleric is healing i'll be fine until the bard or chanter gets some CC off.

    So if you're group geared probably 70% of these numbers should be enough to get by. You won't be able to be as careless as a raid geared tank but 1-2 pulls and getting through the initial burst wont be a problem.

    If you're raid geared and struggling to tank 1-2 in a group setting then yea something might be wrong. if you're handling that and can tank raid bosses without getting 1 rounded you're also fine. UF stuff claps hard, unless you're running final stand or w/e or a glyph you'll feel like wet tissue paper in raid settings.
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  16. ForumBoss Augur

    Yeah, what Can'theal said. My SK has fully up to date raid gear, augs and max aa. Hes something like 2500ac without short term buffs, maybe 2900 with? Things like war aura , field armorer, bard songs, , charge for power line (rk3 makes a big difference too), mortal coil add up quite a bit.
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  17. eqfanforlife Elder

    Thank you, you have answered some questions and cleared things up.

    It's not that I'm struggling to tank anything, I'm just startled by some of these numbers people claim to have.
  18. Rhek EQ New Member

    Make sure you're comparing apples to apples as they said above. You can upload a profile to raidloot.com to see just raw gear numbers with no buffs. Ask your friends with high AC to do the same.
    There are lots of short duration buffs/AAs that people can get to fake their numbers otherwise.
    Just wearing a shield will bump your AC by +250 points

    You say you are Best in Slot sure, but are you stacking the latest AC augs in every slot?
    Are you using purity augs and do you have a good power source?
    Have you clicked the latest Form of Defense clickie and other clickies?
    Mount/illusion benefit buffs?
    Tribute/trophies on?
    Stat Food? etc.
  19. Lineater Augur

    Are you running the metal power source with as much purity as you can get? And do you have the most up to date clickies? Form of defense & prismatic ward are the ones that add AC I think?

    Tank AC in EQ is kinda like salaries. Or the number of "partners" one has been with. Guys sometimes exaggerate the truth =). I play an SK and I've seen some numbers thrown around in the SK channel in the past which sounded fishy. But I took UF off and my SK AC is like at 2280 with a mix of UF/SoD/SoF gear so I can't really comment on whether or not that 3k number is legit.
  20. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    2600 with "normal" buffs is about right for level 85 and convorteum gear. Higher than that its probably field armorer or other short term ac boosts.