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  1. Elite_raider Lorekeeper

    We had 2 TLP servers this year?

    Option 1) FV loot rules

    Reasons: We who played EQ when we were young, but now have families and other responsibilities can not raid as much as we used to. This is part of the reason why you see the drop off on TLP's after a year/few years, since the family backlash usually hits at about that time.

    That said, if we can bring our families in and experience a bit of EQ and EQ raiding, but not having to go "hard core" to kit out our toons. That would be awesome. So how do we achieve this?

    The people that do have time to raid 24/7, can do that and sell the gear to us who have a disposable income and would rather use that to get some raid gear rather then spending "every" evening raiding.

    This way, DBG earns cash from us that are buying Krono and the "hardcore" raiders get to play with free subs and the rest of us get to have a functional family life while at the same time get some "current" raid gear when we are out grouping.

    Option 2) "Traditional" TLP

    I just put this in there so that the complainers that want to force everyone to play the way "they" want can go there and leave the people who can no longer combine RL with hardcore raiding alone on an FV TLP style server :p

    Zeta option)

    From day 1 in classic, you have mercs, tutorial, defiant gear, pok, nexus and bazaar and the extended target window enabled. With one added thing, you enable mercs in raid zones.

    What this will mean:

    The most obvious is that merc's will be the best what ever for a while..... So what? You will still need 3 live players to form a full group... The big benefit is that you will have a "healthy" low lvl game even after Kunrak (enter what ever you want here) is out, which in turn will mean a steady trickle in of new players.

    Enable mercs in raid zones:

    This will open up raiding for smaller family guilds that will be able to raid with low numbers and it will enable more spur of the moment raids since you won't have to schedule raiding for 72 people around the world.

    TBH, personally I am a bit against this my self, since it would take away allot of the fun in starter zones like gfay. But I left it in, since maybe someone else could give some good reason why it should be left in on a waky Zeta server :p

    Defiant gear:

    Only raid gear would be better in most cases, personally I have no problem with it, defiant gear is quite "scares" any ways, maybe it should be made more scares if it is left in on a TLP server? Who knows? :)

    Pok, nexus and bazaar:

    This is mainly for the bazaar, but also so that you actually will go back to Halaas and play there and not just run your shaman to gfay and never go back until PoK is released :p So in other words, getting better flow and utilization of all zones.

    Krono/cash (enter a word you find scary here) farmer card:

    DGB can't design their game around Chines krono farmers or what ever, they need to make business decisions based on what is best for their current player base that has the best potential of earning them the most money so that they have cash for their owners and to further invest in the game. So I hope I get to see you all on a TLP FV server soon so that I can introduce you to my family :)

    PS: Sorry for my lack of spelling/sentence formulation skills in English, but this is like the 6th language I learnt.

    PSS: Personally I hope the Zeta option gets added to a FV TLP type server :)
  2. Machentoo Augur

    Sorry, you would not have a full "healthy" low level game. Tank merc can easily solo 5-6 red mobs at once, levels 1-60. They are almost immune to harm, and put out many times the dps of any player. If you had mercs in gamea pre-tss or so, it would pretty much ruin all group content, and most raid content as well.
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  3. Elite_raider Lorekeeper

    Our definition of a healthy low level game is different.

    I define a healthy low lvl game meaning that there actually will be one after the first rush on release.

    You define it as being difficult with a good selection of players to make groups with it seem's, which there isn't after the first(second?) expac drops. Also that there will be less risk of death?

    Well, welcome the family friendlier EQ version that we now have in to TLP's. The "family friendly" part of the merc's is why I hope if something like this would be implemented, that it would be put in an FV style TLP server.
  4. Elskidor Augur

    Those mercs would have to be nerfed all to hell. 1-60 they are too powerful. There's just no place for them in early era.
  5. Machentoo Augur

    But there won't be one, with mercs. With a tank merc 1-50, any player can solo to max level in a matter of hours, even with the TLP exp penalties, with no difficulty, danger or challenge. You would completely eliminate low level grouping and gameplay with mercs.
  6. Quill Augur

    The problem with two different servers is that you split the attention and force people to choose. It'll likely hurt both in the process. And if they're going to introduce something brand new like a FV TLP(whatever form that takes), that's where all the push needs to be to ensure it not only works as intended, but gets accepted as a new form of TLP that can support populations that aren't necessarily the same as those on a Phinny-clone.

    If you can't come out with a new product, and endlessly rely on an iteration of the old model, you will not stay in business long-term. You've got to find new money.
  7. TheTone Journeyman

    I mean, couldn't they just tune down the mercs substantially?

    Give the tanks the AC/HP of a ranger in banded with the melee DPS of a warrior with crappy weapons.
    Give the melee DPS the AC/HP of a human monk in leather armor with the melee DPS of a ranger with crappy weapons.
    etc. etc.

    Basically, make them crappier versions of the characters they're meant to emulate - kinda like how mercs perform from lvl 100+ in live
  8. Raytan Elder

    I guess staying in "business long-term" doesn't mean the last 20 years, just 20 more years?

    Edit: For the errors I found :)
  9. Elite_raider Lorekeeper

    By getting the players that used to play many years ago that are well established back in to the game would mean a substantial revenue increase. That is what an FV/FV Zeta server would do.

    For mercs, if the option is:

    a) No mercs, because adjusting them takes to much effort/doing it just for TLP servers is "impossible"
    b) Mercs that are powerfull

    I would go option B all day long.

    However if there is an option c)

    c) Lowering the stats a bit on mercs for the first few expansions, if that is what is needed

    Then sure, go for c, but if the options only are a and b, well, then we will all benefit from taking the B road :)
  10. Quill Augur

    Preacher meet choir. Per the Mercs, I don't care. Whatever makes it fun.

    At this point, 20 years in, hanging your hat on the sanctity of it all is kinda jojo imo. If that's your thing, there are three servers up your alley.

    Lets get a server we can just wreck with rules that are first and foremost casual-friendly(i.e. FV).

    If its a one-off, so be it. At least you'll remember this party.
  11. Febb Augur

    They aren't going to tune the mercs down because TLP servers shares the same code base as live.
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  12. Elite_raider Lorekeeper

    To be honest, I kinda figured. That is why I didn't mention it in the first post, besides, it's better to have the merc's powerful then not at all :)
  13. Quill Augur

    Pretty much. And if you're going to throw three sheets to the wind(which I wholeheartedly advocate for for the 20th), you might as well do it in style. Lets get them Mercs up into Hate and Sky Instances for the funsies (and no, i'm not just being funny... it would be awesome and make the hardcores/purists cry a salt mountain).

    /scratcheshead Can they take a DT?

    And just to be clear, we're talking this one special server only... right? As long as its an isolated thing, i'm in favor of removing all the brakes and letting this ***** roll downhill fast. It would be like the Anti-TLP TLP.

    I know it wouldn't appeal to some people, but hoo boy it would be popular with others that don't necessarily play EQ like a second job.
  14. Elite_raider Lorekeeper

    Yupp, that is the point, all those hundreds of thousands of people who have played EQ, but now cant commit to it as a second job, would come poring back. I posted about a FV Zeta server in a few of the old FB guild groups today and so fare 90%+ of the comments all said that they would come back for one! Please make this, I want to group/raid with all my old guildies that now have busy familie lifes! :D

    And if you do, remember to advertise the shait out of it, so that as many old schoolers hear about it as possible! :)
  15. jeskola Augur

  16. The Hated One Augur

    Sure. Put in AoC's. Take off timers. No keys. Call the server Monty Haul! No transfers though. Your there for the life of the server..however long that is. NO TRUE BOX! The everything goes server! I would do that server...sounds pretty fun. Make sure there are picks too because LOTS of people would play there.
  17. Jaime Lannister Augur

    AoC raids with instant respawns.

    Bout the only thing that'd bring me back.
  18. Elite_raider Lorekeeper

    These suggestions are more about changing the core game it self then anything else.

    The point of my original post was to have a TLP/FV-server with all the current quality of life improvements that have been added to the lower lvl game over the years, on a server that follows the TLP expansion unlock rules.

    The only added thing is the Mercs in raid instances/zones, to open up that part of the game to smaller/family guilds.

    If I was to change anything in the original post it would be to change the "extra" option name from Zeta to Rune. Runes are cool, mythical and shiny. And it sounds better if you could refer to these types of EQ servers as Rune-servers.

    Maybe the first one could be called: Curshbone Rune-server? :)
  19. Elite_raider Lorekeeper

    I can't edit, the named was ment to be: Crushbone Rune-server

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