What I don't want from my gaming

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Ranger Dave, Aug 20, 2020.

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    /em cries
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  2. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    Game has never been less of a job.

    Even then, it was never a "job", it has always been more like an extra curricular activity. Like a softball team. A bowling league. Something that while its "just a game", you are making a commitment to your friends and team mates to meet at specific times to play the game. That doesn't make it a job, just a commitment.

    Why I always couldn't stand people that treat others like they are NPCs and act like not logging in at a scheduled time is no big deal. Yeah, its not life and death, but its also no different than making dinner or movie plans with friends, and just not showing up, or calling, or anything, then showing up at their houe 4 weeks later, going "hey guys! who wants to party!".

    Its selfish and childish.

    If you want to just walk up to the basketball court at a local park and play when you want without working it out with other people, fine, but don't be shocked when you're standing on the sidelines without a team. Just like how people that just randomly log in and expect a group handed to them are disappointed.

    Its not a nintendo game. Its an MMORPG, and the amount you get out of it from people is going to be commensurate to what you put into it for those other people.
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  3. Pawtato Augur

    You never played pickup basketball did you? The nonsense you just typed in no way describes how pickup games work. Nobody, cares if you’re not a regular because it’s all about having enough people to run games. You have some serious issues man. Pickup ball is the best way to get to know people and end up bars or parties afterwards.

    If, we’re talking leagues those are different because you get people trying to relieve their high school and college career all over again.
  4. Duder Grand Poobah Troll

    Re-read his post and forget the basketball analogy because it blinded you. You completely missed the point of the post. (Hint: It wasn't about basketball)
  5. Pawtato Augur

    I get what he’s rambling about this a hobby that’s shared between people. Creating scheduled play times with a group that shares your same interests will dramatically impact your gameplay. If, you’re going to be the type that plays irregularly it makes it difficult to have a set a group, like a tabletop DND session with one person missing most nights.

    All this runs contrary to the spirit of the MMO, where it’s a shared social space with defined rules to promote social interaction and community development. EQ has built a strong foundation on that niche audience that makes commitments and schedules to games, but at the same time limits its appeal.
  6. Coagagin Augur

    Forgive me but EQ has surpassed just being a game in my opinion but transformed into something of being more on the e-Sport genre. Games have endings. Calling EQ a game just doesn't fit my concept of a game after 21 plus years.


    - Coag
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  7. Zunnoab Augur

    For me grind is just an excuse to continue participating with others. It's inconsequential to me, and I don't see things like a gear treadmill as something negative. It's just how the genre works.

    One thing to remember is that even if a raid leader is harsh, they are doing a lot of work for the players they are leading. They tend to care, considering how much time and energy they are putting into it. Try not to take it too personally, and see what they do rather than how harsh they sound. Filter the negativity, and try to parse out the message and why they are saying it. Despite my being Mr. Nice Guy that is always what I strive to do. Filter the attitude and listen to what is said, if you ever decide to go that route again. I always like to say I'm often saying the same or similar thing as our primary raid leader, just through a different filter. Whether it's said super nicely or said harshly it's the same message in the end.

    I may have never seen the worst of it considering the last time I joined a new raid guild for any other reason than a merge was in 2004, and I know there are extreme examples of leadership so toxic their forces end up imploding in a flurry of finger pointing, but there is a lot of in between there.

    This isn't meant to be a comprehensive list of positive traits:
    Leadership skills
    A positive attitude that doesn't waver
    High patience
    Excellent play skill
    A solid understanding of the game's mechanics/spell effects/etc.
    Dedication long term
    Putting everything into developing their character

    From the list above, you will rarely ever find someone with all of them. I'm not claiming which of those qualities I have, but for me personally that last one isn't my best strength for example. Especially high play skill does not mean good leadership skill. Great leadership skill does not always mean super high patience. Post wipe some of the best players I've known over the years would go off on big rants about performance issues firing off random complaints without any understanding as to the particular cause of the wipe, for example. Humans are imperfect, and I'm not excusing extremes, but don't forget a leadership position is work and not just a platform to call people out, even if it may look like that from someone put off by it.

    Lastly, being nice doesn't mean not sitting people that are missing emotes or are under-performing. Fielding a force strong enough to be able to do that rather than just fill up is a gift, and if that happens it's a good opportunity to listen to the reasons given and try and improve to correct them. Never take prosperity for granted.

    That's not to say raiding is something you'd enjoy. If your style now is enjoyable that's great. I'm just saying don't forget the energy some of those harsher leaders are putting into the game for their team.
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  8. Hellowhatsyourname Augur

    Maedhros doesn't yell at us, but he will occasionally express his disappointment ... sternly :)

    j/k, that's really rather rare. If your GL or RL is berating you, find a new guild. They'll quickly learn that yelling at grown adults is bs. EQ is a declining game (whether we all admit it, or not), so aint nobody got time for that kind of childish bs.

    RoTE is recruiting a good druid/shaman! ;-)
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