What happens in the guild hall while we are logged out?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Shaantara, Oct 22, 2016.

  1. Shaantara Elder

    Hmmm. Apparently there was some scuffling in the guild hall last night while I was sleeping. The guild banker felt it necessary to arm himself. :p

  2. Vlad Diszno Augur

    What happens in the guild hall stays in the guild hall.
  3. Vdidar Augur

    1st rule of the guild hall is there is no guild hall.
  4. Critts Augur

    Prehaps he's just makeing a crafty wind chime.
  5. mackal Augur

    looks like they have the global loot tables :p

    That should be a Flawed Defiant Glass Shard
  6. Cicelee Augur

    You ever see the movie Pets? Substitute the animals with NPC characters and let your imagination run wild...
  7. CatsPaws Augur

    wow you have some cool looking guild hall employee's. Mine look like they're all dressed in Mcdonald's outfits.
  8. Sindaiann Augur

    Sounds like you have cheap teenage labour
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  9. Shaantara Elder

    Theres's always that one guy.....
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  10. Larsupial Journeyman

    That mullet and cheesy mustache makes him look like an actor from one of those 70s cop shows.

    Magnum PI: Guild Banker
  11. Geroblue Augur

    Its instanced. No idea why the guy is armed.
  12. Brohg Augur

    they're defiant items
  13. Shaantara Elder

    I figured they were but what's interesting is I have no defiant items in the guild bank. Do the bankers have a loot list? I wonder why this one banker (and only this one) keeps arming himself with weapons.
  14. Nennius Augur

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