What happened to the vote?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Blingx, Mar 30, 2015.

  1. Blingx Augur

    So a vote happened, I voted, and the results came back that the slower progression server won.
    Here are the server types that didn't win:
    Existing Rules (ala Fippy)
    Locked progression -> The only one that could logically become 'classic' assuming it stopped at Your_Version_Of_Classic_01.

    So we can conclude that the 'classic' vote lost, as did existing rules. Which means we get something different than either of those I would think?
    1. Slower progression did win so we should at least get what we asked for... 4.5 months minimum? Check.
    2. But what about corpse runs?!... no wait the Classic Server lost...
    3. Nerf Monks/Mages!... oops that would be asking for 'classic', which lost.
    4. Original EC/WC/FP/SRO/Oasis/HHP/Kithicor/Innothule/CT/OoT/Rathe Mtns/PoHate/.. STOP! Please, classic lost. Just let it die.

    How about something that isn't classic for our non-classic server? It would make the server more enjoyable, it would bring in the players who aren't looking for trouble/drama/indirect PVP, mitigate the mass exodus that will happen when Uber_Guild01 decides to sit, on a progression spawn, that hasn't even spawned yet, every single time it's 'due' to spawn. Effectively halting all other guilds from even participating in progression that they voted for!

    What can we do?
    Oh, I know! Instancing. So that the only 2 dragons and 1-2 gods available for more than 4 Months isn't completely monopolized by 1 set of players.

    Progression does not mean Competition. It means going from the start to the end. Unfortunately not everyone will get to the end. Some people will have to stop after they get their to wait on OTHERS to finish first...

    Progression won the vote. Don't force classic on those who voted for and won to not have a classic server.
  2. Jaxarale01 Augur

  3. Redik2 Augur


    So, because I voted for a slower unlock than Fippy... I voted against all things being classic?

    Correct me if I am wrong... but isn't the purpose of a progression server to sort of start as close to classic as possible then progress into new content / features?

    I mean, I've already conceded some level of instancing (with modifications) is fine.. but to have somebody say "Because you voted for a slow unlock progression, you don't want classic EQ" is probably a more inaccurate statement than someone saying because I voted for Obama I am also pro-Hitler.
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  4. Weverley Augur

    I'm not sure about what the OP said because in his opinion only classic would have those.It ultimately comes down to how back the server version they go to. I can see a slower progression with money having weight for example.It's not that far back that they remove those. In the beginning guild lobby doesn't exist so how can they have rezzes except in the zone where you died. In that case cleric is gonna be very important so you don't have to run back aka corpse run.I don't see all the things that he marks as exclusive to classic as he does. One thing i find odd is that raiding guild would be interested in forming in that progression server.I think there last olive branch is instancing in early content otherwise they gonna run out of things to do maybe 1 or 2 months after launch.So what happen for like 4 months or more after that. I can see the people in those raiding guild going back to live until next expansion open.
  5. Blingx Augur

    If you wanted to vote for Obama, you would have voted for Obama is all I really said. Why would you vote for a progression server if you wanted Classic? These are not the same things. The nature of progression is to evolve(the opposite of what classic is), not to "start as close as possible to classic." Progression is to move on from where you are, there is no requirement that you have to start completely over from scratch in order to progress. You simply voted for what you REALLY wanted, which wasn't a classic server.
    If I offer you a spoon and a fork. You don't pick the fork and try to bend it into a spoon because all along that is what you wanted. Lets face it, there is no spoon.
  6. Portis Journeyman

    To me, the progression server is a bit of both.. Its that classic feel with the crap taken out.

    There is, and in this case its called a Spork :)
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  7. Redik2 Augur

    Seeing as there was no "Classic Server" vote.. Your "I voted for a classic server" argument is false.
    (Make any conclusion about one vote meaning one thing, and another vote meaning another thing you want.. you're still wrong. There was, plain and simple, no "Classic" vote)

    I voted for a server in which I could experience classic content then progress into some other content I enjoyed. I didn't vote based off of conveniences that would be provided to me during those stages.

    I enjoyed raiding Naggy and Vox.. so I want to do that (in era). I also enjoyed planar progression and doing my VT key.. so I wanted to experience that.

    I enjoyed MPG trials, they were unique.. I want to do those again as well.

    I voted for a progression server because like most people, I enjoyed some of the conveniences that slowly worked their way into Everquest but was initially drawn to the difficulty and skill required to play the game.

    I've stated this before... had PoK books, No CR's, Guild Lobbies, Bazaars and offline trading, etc etc existed when I started playing Everquest I probably would have not continued playing. However they are all things I have utilized over time.

    Also, to your "Evolution is progression, not classic"

    Where do you think the evolution process begins? And... why is it called evolution? Not.. Evolved?

    Hint: Because it has to start (and eventually end) somewhere.

    (sorry Vaclav, I have to do this)

    According to your definition of progression (somehow being the end of the evolution process.. as there is no beginning [classic]) -

    Everybody who voted for progression is PRO: Mercs, Offline trading, PoK books, Heroic toons, No VP/VT/Emp/Anguish/etc keys, No PoP Flagging, Immediate guild lobbies, Defiant gear, newbie armor, fabled mobs, AUTO GRANTING AA's, and the list goes on...

    All because they didn't vote for a server locked in the appropriate era to eliminate those things?
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  8. Blingx Augur

    A corpse run in reference to classic is when you die you spawn back at your bind spot Naked. Meaning you now have to get your corpse back (rez optional) before you can get exp again. Died making the journey from FP->Qeynos? Now you have to make the same run AGAIN without your gear. Died due to lag while solo and now you find a group to join? They will find someone else because you have to do a CR. Your group wiped in the pit in befallen? GL getting down to your corpses without any weapons.

    Money weight simply won't exist. It wasn't on Prog1.0, afaik it wasn't on Prog2.0. They can't just arbitrarily rollback the server to a specific spot in time then Boom! you now have all the content from that time.If that was the case they probably would have released the classic server that the vocal minority are asking for.
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  9. Weverley Augur

    I'm gonna give you an example. I was playing on combine server back in the days.It wasn't classic but money was still having weight even if on live server it wasn't. There was no defiant armor even if on live there was.So i'm pretty sure daybreak can do things that u think r not possible. Looking forward to have many surprises.
  10. Hendar2 Augur

    Yes and no. They *can* do a great many things if they have the time and people to do them. Combine was quite a different environment for SOE vs now with DBG. We don't know exactly what resources DBG has to work with, but a lot of us get the feeling that it is minimal. If this is the case, then we can indeed conclude that DBG cannot do a lot of things which were possible on the Combine.
  11. Blingx Augur

    I didn't say you voted for classic. I said you voted for what you really wanted, which wasn't classic. You want progression, you've stated that. But if that's the case there is no reason to argue against instancing(which is what the topic is really about). The main argument against instancing is "it's not classic" which doesn't make sense because the server isn't "classic".
    There was a classic option. It WAS the locked server. If a classic server was released it would be locked during one of the "classic" eras, meaning no progression. You didn't vote for locked because that's not what you wanted.

    If you plan on leaving simply because expansion_X was opened; you should have voted for Locked.
    If you wanted CRs, hell levels, original zones, etc., You should have voted Locked because only then would it make sense to revert back to 'the way it was.'
    If you wanted to experience progression with a classic feel then you should have voted for progression. Yes there will be nostalgia simply because we all start without any expansions enabled but we shouldn't limit innovation or REGRESS which is what it seems like you're asking for and which would imply you actually wanted the Locked server.

    P.S. I am not Vaclav.
  12. Blingx Augur

    I didn't say making the changes would be impossible, I said they don't have a way to instantly rollback all these changes. They would have to do it manually(which is what they have been doing on 1.0 and 2.0)
    But again you're asking to regress for classic and classic didn't win.
  13. Vlerg Augur

    A group of 6 mages can kill every raid mob in classic. heck, the first nagafen kill on fippy was duo'd. if you were drawn by the difficulty and skill required to play the game... they're gone. they arn't comming back. Don't lie...one of the biggest challenge of classic EQ was actually staying awake... warrior with 2 button, caster with 5-6 second spell, cleric who can raid with nothing but 1 healing spell till OoW...

    MPG trials were instanced.

    you enjoyed your VT key... it was new, few people were raiding... you might not enjoy 40 people sitting in the grey around that lake, KS'ing eachother for the shard, as enjoyable.
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  14. Jezzie Augur

    I'd love to play EQagain personally, I have many good memories of the days when my addiction had me chomping at the bit. I can look back on those corpse runs now and laugh, just thinking about the times when people would ask me to group and I'd reply "Not tonight, I got to find my corpse.".
    At the time however I probably resembled an angry ape throwing it's own excrement at the walls. I think I went though a few mouse casualties due to EQ deaths.
    That was classic and it looks like Daybreak are advertising this server as being as close to classic as they can do.
    The problem with that is that they don't have the huge amount of customer support that it took to make classic such a fun time the first time around and players take advantage of that situation. If I had to do a corpse run every time I was trained because somebody wanted the spot I'm occupying, then I'd quit or I'd have to play a FD class with a canny ability to be aware of the things that are going on around me at all times.
    That's why I didn't vote locked, those days are gone and the thought of a server locked in hardcore competition with no in game support was the least appealing choice.

    I don't think it's totally accurate to say that everybody who voted for progression is PRO: Mercs, Offline trading, PoK books, Heroic toons, No VP/VT/Emp/Anguish/etc keys, No PoP Flagging, Immediate guild lobbies, Defiant gear, newbie armor, fabled mobs, AUTO GRANTING AA's, and the list goes on...

    Some people will no doubt choose to leave the server when those aspects of the game come up. You had to get flagged last time but it was blocked. The old "you can raid current content but you have to do it with our tag" mentality that ran a bunch of raiders off the server.

    Vulak really tainted my memories of classic to be honest. The classic era of EQ was the greatest time of any MMORPG but the Vulak version was my worst time on the worst server.
  15. Gremin Augur

    They have stated that was just one of many polls to come...
  16. Mezrah Augur


    Sky was not possible with a single group during the classic era on Fippy / Vulak, not even 6 mages.
  17. Vlerg Augur

    Nice to see you got the big picture, Mezrah...
  18. PathToEternity Augur

    Man all I gotta say here is that you have a real interesting debate method.
  19. Blingx Augur

    The "what happened to the vote" simply means that Classic(Locked) != Progression and Progression won but people are still posting that instance shouldn't happen because it's not classic. I know there will be another poll, others seems to have already forgotten the first poll.(and it's results)
  20. Mezrah Augur


    Just correcting an inaccuracy that I have seen a few times, I have already stated elsewhere that we cannot relive the experience no matter how much we want to, because both ourselves and the game has changed.

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