What happened to pet feign AA?

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by lilinye, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. lilinye New Member

    It has been a while and I come back and find my necros pet has lost several AA's including pet feign. I didn't see it in a patch note and the hot key I made with the AA popup doesn't say unavailable or whatever it is when AA's get removed.

    I am hoping it is a bug because that is an annoying nerf...
  2. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    It got consolidated into "Companion's Discipline", Ranks 5-7 sometime back. Command is /pet feign still.
    Yes there was a patch note - you probably just did not look back far enough?
    Yes you need to redo the hotbutton - the old one won't work anymore, for obvious reasons.
  3. lilinye New Member

    ok thank you!
  4. lilinye New Member

    Ok, that is annoying, I had at least enough points spent in the previous AA's to get it but now I have zero points spent in it. I really have to pay for a month to get what I already had back? :mad:

    It seems like EQ is not even worth playing, much less spend money on if they pull things like this.
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  5. High Voltage Augur

    Yeah, them trying to move the game forward and putting effort into it is really annoying. And charging money from us for all the goodies, unbelievable!

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  6. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    I take from this that you are silver status.
    Depending when you did log in (and, more importantly, log out again), you have gotten a refund for the consolidated AAs. This refunded AAs you could spend up to the silver cap initially (loosing the rest), not sure how much of it you could spend now but there was some work on that too.

    The important part is the change not-so-long-ago (last autumn, about 2months prior to release of RoS) that you can only have 3*your level AAs banked (current max banked AAs = 330). This, in addition with the non-refunded and not-granted AAs that you would get per autogrant (if you were gold) results in a net loss of AAs from such revamps affecting AAs that are now, at least partly, autogranted. Even moreso if you log in and log out again without assigning the surplus AAs, which will then be capped (e.g. this can result, for a 110 character with 1500AAs banked from a refund in a loss of 1170AAs if he does not assign any of the over-cap AAs but just logs out again; next time he logs in, he will only have the max 330banked AAs).

    So yes, there ARE issues with the refunding of AAs and all, but beyond this (and by the posts you made this is not even related to you directly) it's not so bad after all. MOST of the consolidated/refunded AA's functionality was retained.
    You are complaining about something that doesn't need to be complained about - at least by the looks of it.

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