What Guild Will Be The First......

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Blankslate, Nov 29, 2015.

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  1. chickenisgreat Journeyman

    Dont play a dps but easily over 6 mil
  2. Karthos Augur

    Yet, you're still in the thread. It must be exciting to be ignorant yet still try to argue in a thread.
  3. chickenisgreat Journeyman

    You getting pretty upset. I am sorry that I dont pay attention to mid tier guilds.
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  4. Cheryberryfairy Elder

    Hahaha I think you're the moron who has no clue what's going on..You keep talking like RA is as good as roi, or MS, or Triton, or Inverse Logic, or RoV..But it's not..Shut your filthy casual mouth before I shove my epeen in there and choke you to death!

    RA is a punk guild!

    And I don't even know what the guild that is, but I know it's a punk guild!
  5. Karthos Augur

    I'm going to stop here. Unfortunately, this stupidity can't be cured by message board posting.
  6. Cheryberryfairy Elder

    I'm sorry Karthos I didn't mean to hurt your feeling so bad that you quit the forums...Don't go...Ooh, well..

    When you can't beat an event the same WEEK as another guild, don't act like you're on their level..Know what I mean casual?
  7. Bandien Elder

  8. Cheryberryfairy Elder

    Hmmm, seems RoI isn't as hard core as well all thought...They let Rangers in their top 5!

    Damn casual uber peoples..
  9. wthHappened Journeyman

    honestly people compete with copy/paste raids? yeah you showed everyone

  10. Iila Augur

    To be fair, it's probably because no one can parse necros.
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  11. Elricvonclief Augur

    I'd laugh SO hard if the trolls here got a few days time out.

    On their mains, as we all know their new forum names are gone...:D
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  12. Cheryberryfairy Elder

    Oh god yes, this is $
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  13. wthHappened Journeyman

    but no seriously i thought this was a sarcastic post people really going to compete on broken copy/pasted raids?
  14. Cheryberryfairy Elder

    Karthos you're back!

    Hey buddy!!!

    RA ( still don't know what that stands for ) blows donkeysack!
  15. Iila Augur

    Which raids are copy/pasted?

    The broken parts are what's making them challenging.
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  16. wthHappened Journeyman

    Avoid this emote burn this/these mobs can it get easier?
  17. Cheryberryfairy Elder

    See the people who suck are trying to make the raids sound boring and familiar that way when they don't compete they don't get upset..This is the only logically thing I will post on this thread though as it doesn't belong here because the entire thread is lulzy.
  18. wthHappened Journeyman

    Reckless ascension, if you didnt know that name i doubt you are even competing
  19. wthHappened Journeyman

    and actually i retired due to the same in another expansion fool me 7 times shame on you....
  20. Cheryberryfairy Elder

    Oh I just don't take notice of mid tier guilds, sorry. Reckless Ascension..Named correctly, you're coming at your betters Recklessly Karothos.
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