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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Blankslate, Nov 29, 2015.

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  1. Repthor Augur

    as much as it be great to take credit for that . unfortunatly we wherent the guild pet tanked PoW

    we did pet tank SS2(untill it got nerfed/adjusted then we just tanked it straight up) ,fumerak in sep(untill it got nerfed/adjusted then we just tanked it straight up) tho along time ago this is true. cuz it made them alot easyer.

    Now there some ppl over at the RoI camp thats a bit butt hurt/or like to be drama queens/entice drama about the whole accusation of some of their methods of winning some of their events (theres been Triton ppl attacking them with just as much vile as they are doing here) true or not i dont care either way thats for Sony(then) Daybreak (now) to decide.

    Some guilds won the one offs by Da:ing thru the waves and prolonging it to get serveral wipes in one the same attempt then to finaly out live the event down. some guild climbed up on Archways to avoid AEs(PoW) that then later got nerfed to beat PoW. but non of that matters cuz all said guilds still beat the events after the adjustments had been made.

    i can name names but quite frankly its pointless we are all guilty of things that could be looked as abusive or expliotiv behavior or it can be looked as takeing advatage of something the dev team dident think of. ofcorse sense this is a forum and the internet with all the trolls that that brings and "stick it to the man mentality" or the illusion of them not beeing able to be held acountble for what they say. its 100% of the time gonna go with the expliot option cuz it creats better drama threads

    truth is we all bend the rules as much as we can without breaking it, be it finding a "safe spot" or useing a miss tuned ability, or knowing how the game interacts with some spells so u can work around some mecanics

    straight up guys dosent matter. Yes ur gonna deny it but that dosent make it less true
  2. Karthos Augur

    We can get this thread to 20 pages but we need some more Damsel parses and graphs. Why is it RA is the only guild that has proven they didn't use a bug to win? :p
  3. Cheryberryfairy Elder

    Ooooooo admitting Triton tried to find bugs! Poor Leex..Behelit's sig is priceless now..
  4. Cheryberryfairy Elder

    Who cares about RA seriously? I mean this in the most disrespectful way possible.
  5. Repthor Augur

    this is what im talking about reading in to things thats not there. cheers to you for trying
  6. chickenisgreat Journeyman

    I dont even know what RA is tbh
  7. shiftie Augur

    I never understood making a new account just to troll with. If you have to be anonymous to say what you want then you must not have anything important to add to a discussion. If you are going to troll do it with some bravado.
  8. Karthos Augur

    You poor Xegony folks that don't realize there are other guilds beyond ROI that do as well as any guild not ROI.
  9. Karthos Augur

    It's not trolling if they are actually stupid.
  10. Cheryberryfairy Elder

    Only took ya 13 days after roi beat it to beat it..But you're really as good as them!

    I thought I was the troll here...
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  11. chickenisgreat Journeyman

    ? I legit dont know who RA was. and wtf SHIFT-T
  12. shiftie Augur


    There is RoI and the rest of eq waiting for their class to open for applications
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  13. Qulas Augur

    Sure why not, this was our first win.

    /GU Anashti Sul, Damsel of Decay in 444s, 1130230k @2545563 --- #1 Berserker 66613k@(151050 in 441s) [5.89%] --- #2 Wizard 59081k@(134580 in 439s) [5.23%] --- #3 Ranger 57138k@(131050 in 436s) [5.06%] --- #4 Wizard 56444k@(133754 in 422s) [4.99%] --- #5 Berserker 53696k@(124009 in 433s) [4.75%] --- #6 Necromancer + pets 48473k@(110416 in 439s) [4.29%] --- #7 Rogue 48394k@(109986 in 440s) [4.28%] --- #8 Rogue 47887k@(110084 in 435s) [4.24%] --- #9 Wizard 46348k@(109570 in 423s) [4.1%] --- #10 Necromancer + pets 45970k@(103770 in 443s) [4.07%] --- #11 Monk 45804k@(104576 in 438s) [4.05%]

  14. Karthos Augur

    Lol. Would someone explain my comment to this guy? Now I know for sure he isn't trolling.
  15. Cheryberryfairy Elder

    Ranger #2? WTF!

  16. shiftie Augur

    Qqulas is this the part where you point out that roi did 1mil more dps than the imposter guilds ?

    Also what's peak 60 sec burn now days?
  17. Karthos Augur

    Nice parses.
  18. Cheryberryfairy Elder

    The event was bugged for them as it was for you. They figured out the mechanic first and your strat stemmed from their win, shut your freaking mouth and stop acting like your guild is worth anything, it's not.
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  19. Karthos Augur

    What exactly are you arguing? You don't even know what's going on.
  20. chickenisgreat Journeyman

    I'm still trying to figure out wtf RA is
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