What does the wizard even do?

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    They need to give rogues full backstab damage from any angle far before they fix any other classes.
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    Being a traditionalist, I selected the wizard class because they were defined to be the class most dedicated to inflicting damage. And that's what they did in relation to other classes, but that has changed over expansions. The role that I want to see the wizard fulfill is the one that they were originally crafted to be - pinnacle inflictors of damage.
    I've previously suggested some simple coding changes that could make that happen again:

    Update Frenzied Devastation in the following ways-
    1. Increase # of counters from 55 to at least 100
    2. Increase crit damage from 95% to 120%
    3. Reduce the cool down time from 12 minutes
    4. Reduce the "increased mana cost" of FD from the current 50%

    Update Arcane Destruction
    1. Reduce the cool down time from the current 15 minutes

    1. Increase the duration of the spell version to 5 ticks
    2. Improved Twin Cast - increase counters to 35
    3. Remove twincast blocker for various spells (dicho, manaburn, coalition, etc)

    These changes, if used wisely, could help the skilled wizard player once again take on the traditional wizard role in EQ. For the less skillful, they would still boost damage output to more class competitive levels.
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  4. Arkanny Augur

    i'm slowly buying dbg stock, once i get a majority position the nerf wizards devs are getting fired on the spot, just letting you know =P
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    I mean...i wouldnt do that how many people can code this old game?
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    i bet i could hire a couple dozen talented programers in India to carry that burden np.
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    no, just no
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    I'm guessing this is in reference to the predecessor to this thread https://forums.daybreakgames.com/eq/index.php?threads/wizard-class-still-dead.285671/ where I made that recommendation after advising DPG to raise base spell damage of wizard nukes until they were the outstanding leader in spell DPS.

    If you're a wizard and are dissatisfied with the current state of balance I'd recommend you lobby your complaint and reroll for three reasons:
    1. Treat yourself. Don't stand in front of a boulder in the road and yell at it to move. Self-determine. I've got the earring quest, progression AAs, artisans prize, alaris tear etc on my main, I know the effort it took. I also know that those achievements do very little to close the gap between a wizard with them and another spell DPS class that does not have them. You could level up a new heroic spell DPS character, get some critical AAs and get rotting raid gear and outclass your peak wizard very easily in all metrics.
    2. By continuing to play a wizard, you're actually making it less obvious that they are underpowered and delaying the balance correction. The more common it is that raids spin up with literally zero wizards the less ignorable the issue is.
    3. If you've spent years on a wizard and never tried a mage/dru/nec/bst/rng, you might find that you like it!
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    Umm I'm going poout on a limb and saying OP was a rhetorical question.

    Something something irony.
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    For me, it doesn't suck to play wizard in battles. I don't dislike wizarding. What sucks is after battles to have played wizard and feel like a sucker.
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    They cast teleport and sends everyone back to their bind spots. Only class that can do it.
    To make them more useful, make zones harder, riskier to navigate around.

    Put the teleport bind, teleport 2nd bind, teleport 3rd bind to use.
    Unfortunately new expansion zones are very easy and not very risky, so wizards, pretty pointless.

    Want to make wizards very useful?
    Diablo 2, sorceress, teleport. Go through walls, quickly navigate zone, bind yourself at the spot. Evacuate, teleport bind the group to the spot.
    Give them AA, ability to cast spells without losing invis, ivu for 30 seconds. Recast timer 10 minutes.

    Teleport teleport teleport teleport teleport, bind affinity, evacuate, teleport bind.
    Diablo 2 Sorceress for the win!

    Only works if zones become risky, long runs, and not childs play.
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    It's a different game and I don't think that game design that doesn't respect real life time is good, even if it's nostalgic.

    Game play wise you die significantly faster with less room for error than in the supposedly harder days. It's just not as much of a real life loss of time.

    I also don't think it would make up for any other issues the class may have either, even if I agreed with the "walked up hill in the snow both ways" silliness.