What do you like about NoS?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Dwimmerlaike, Jan 2, 2023.

  1. Dwimmerlaike Elder

    This is meant to be positive because there is something I REALLY like about this XPAC:

    Lots of open areas for grinding where the mobs aren't too dense and you can go about it like the old days! I haven't been in every zone yet, but I have seen at least 2 spots, if not more in every zone that are pretty basic and easy.

    There are also plenty of the harder and less convenient places to if you prefer.

    What else does everyone like about it?
  2. Windance Augur

    Deepshade is by far the best part of the expansion. Large open zone with lots of nice new colorful mobs.
  3. Sissruukk Rogue One

    The looks of Deepshade and Darklight Caverns. Deepshade was a bit confusing at first to move around because we didn't figure out that there were two levels of it at first, but once we did it became easier to navigate through. Plus they aren't dark zones, unlike Paludal Depths.
  4. Ozon Augur

    I'm always a fan of evolving items, they usually turn out to be BiS, give grouper game players a chance at raid level gear w/o having to raid. But still require more effort than "oh look, X item dropped".

    The merc quests in Darklight, are mechanically near perfect imo. I can collect stacks of items at once, vs running back and forth for turn in? I get 1 drop per person who has the quest? Straight forward quest? Love all of it! I do get that the current reward is a bit high for effort at the moment, really should be 5 AA per turn in.

    The mission challenges *can* be challenging but not ridiculously so, in general all the missions are fast and fun. Could use a touch of tuning on Mean Streets to get all of the challenges.

    Being able to sell back type 5 augs to the vendor from day 1, not huge but a nice touch.
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  5. Dwimmerlaike Elder

    For those mentioning Deep Shade, I got it unlocked. Now I'm really looking forward to it!
  6. Elyssanda Bardbrain

    the artwork is amazing. the storyline has a good flow, I love the snarky cat in Firefall who mutters "that would be a moonquake".. Darklight caverns could be a touch harder.. it feels more like a T1 zone. but Deepshade makes up for it, and has the bonus underground area which is cool.
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  7. alanus Lorekeeper

    I love the graphics.

    I love that any tier 1 named can drop any type 5 or type 7 tier 1 aug (drop rate needs to be fixed ASAP though).

    I like how the missions are pretty quick

    The cloak is awesome

    The kitty petting achievement is awesome
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  8. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    I'm in love with the falcons in Firefall Pass, dislikeing the never spawning bird named, but the birds look really cool, I think they are my fav model this expansion :)

    The mice are kinda cute too. :) :)

    Hate Deepshade with a passion, maybe one day I will find a route through where I don't end up running into see invis. :mad:
  9. Orienn TreeHugger

    The Darklight tiger pet illusion clicky for my beastlord :)
  10. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    Tradeskill Depot and the pretty pre order weapon ornamentations.
  11. Flatchy Court Jester

    I know people have complained about rehashing old zones but this exp does not feel like that to me. I like that.
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  12. Vumad Cape Wearer

    I really like that there is 1 mission that is pretty easy and very accessible. A quick port from GH, in and out, fast. It lets people with not a lot of time keep that currency trickling in.

    Being able to easily bypass the progression is also nice. TBL was a nightmare. RoS, ToL, were nice, only one locked zone. But this is even better. Someone wanted a group the other night in Darklight, but wasn't flagged, and I just went and opened the door.

    Combine point 1 (easy mission) also being the key to deepshade, and any key holder being able to open Darklight, this is a very accessible expansion. It's a great balance, that progression is required, but easily bypassed with team work. I hope that the Darklight method of locking zones becomes a common way of locking zones (if they are locked) in the future.
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  13. Koutarou_E'ci Elder

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  14. Gialana Augur

    To add to the map Koutarou posted, the only mobs in Deepshade that I've found see through regular invis are rare npcs and the spirits (since they're undead). The spirits can be difficult to see, though.
  15. Shredd Augur

    Love the flow of the expansion.
  16. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    My main issues have been with dogs, they seem to be everywhere! Though that maybe lots running around and training and fading them left right and centre.
  17. Zunnoab Augur

    I have been wanting to go from Umbral Plains to Shadeweaver's Thicket for a very long time. I never thought it would really happen. And then there's the fact one of the expansion's plot threads is rooted in my character's hometown.

    This is where I started the game. I have extreme bias in favor of this expansion. These are my first two screenshots from less than a week when I started in 2003:


    I didn't know what raiding was then, much less that my level 1 (probably) screenshot in the pit would be the same place a raid would be almost 20 years later.
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  18. SteamFox Elder

    The little rat village hands down! Its great that all the rats have unique things to say and feel like they all have little mini personalities. Its seems rare these days that non quest giver NPCs don't just have generic text or are non responsive so its super awesome that the time and effort was put in to make the world feel alive again.

    That and the spirit quests, simple, clean and have worthwhile item rewards that are worth getting.
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  19. Scila Augur

    Kudos to the dev(s) that did the Dark zones. They are hands down gorgeous. I turned on and off pixel shaders and there is some neat stuff hidden when you do that on the walls and stuff. Very clever. The eyeball mirror in SH is cool and creepy along with the teleport pads to get around easier. I'm having a good time just looking at the zones and seeing what is hidden around.
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  20. Kalamos Lorekeeper

    My favorite part of the expansion is camping Rock Lobber and shouting "ROCK LOBSTAH!" when he spawns. Yes, I'm easily amused.
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