What Dark Paws Silence about the Queue Really Means.....

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Fabulous, May 28, 2020.

  1. Fabulous New Member

    Make no mistake, they responding on Discord or the Forums specifically about what the plans are for the 3+ hour queue that everyone is having to deal with for one simple reason.

    They have no solution or plan.

    All that can be assumed by their lack of communication on the topic is they have to just hope that enough of their PAYING CUSTOMERS get so pissed off they just quit and stop trying to login so that the server works it's way down to their "cap" shrinking or removing the queue.

    This is so far beyond unacceptable. No reasonable person thought yesterday would go off without a hitch given the history of these TLP launches being similar misses, and most people were pretty understanding.

    - You didn't prepare for the amount of the # of players you would get
    + Yes you did, you absolutely did. This isn't the first, or 2nd, or 8th TLP server with similar launches, you don't get to use that excuse.

    - We couldn't control a Database Issue like what happened yesterday.
    + I'm not, nor are most other reasonable people going to pin you down on this. That sucks, and most of at least folks in my circle were like, yup that is just unfortunate, but they'll get it worked out. (Note this was already after 7+ hours past launch time) and EVEN BY THEN though we were upset we understood the nature of that sort of an issue.

    - We haven't communicated about this queue officially since the servers came up.
    + This is where there is absolutely NO excuse, and where everyone is so absosolutely baffled by your ineptitude in customer service.

    1. No official announcement communicating WHY these hour long queues are happening.
    2. No official announcement of what is being done to remedy the situation (or if there even IS a solution at all)
    3. You have no development to acknowledge a player was "Already" in game so if they lose their connection (sometimes due to no responsibility of their own) they have to requeue again after having already been in queue for one hour? I know Everquest is 20 years old, but come on folks?

    You guys are literally crushing and stepping on the hearts of the fans who are passionate and support this game. Your community deserves so much better than this wall of silence.

    If your plan really is to just sit around until enough people give up on you to make room, then DarkPaw Studios cannot say "we're passionate about our players" "We're passionate about Everquest" your not.... your just a business, nothing more nothing less, you got your subs, you got your bag sales, you got your potion sales, and it's cheaper/easier for you at this point to just let the situation work itself out.

    I hope I'm wrong about EVERYTHING above, but what else are people supposed to do but fill in the gaps for themselves, when you won't communicate and fill them yourselves....
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  2. That0neguy Augur

    Welcome to 5 years ago.
  3. Dythan Augur

    Launching a server that is full?
    Win for Darkpaw. End of story.
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  4. PVPme Augur

    Just when you think Daybreak/Darkpaw can't do anything worse for the game they add a fake que system that has no grace period for people who crash/get dc'd after waiting HOURS to play.

    You guys never amaze me with new ways to just fail miserably. How sad is it when a private server(p99) can have a release with thousands of players 100x better then you people, the actual developers of the game.

    What a joke.
  5. 2Mins5MinsAgo New Member

    I support this post. I spend money to play and I don't think it is worth it for this. I don't blame the devs, I think they are doing their best, they are not being provided the resources (people, hardware, not sure) to deploy a solid server capable of handling new player influx. This is going to cause a hit to revenue because people will give up after being disappointed, they'll move on to other games. I love EQ but I don't think its being taken seriously by whomever is making the high level decisions, and this is what we end up with.
  6. Minpire Augur

    Low Budget to work with, Doing best they can, Have you looked @ what their working with internally?

    Wait in line, Get Over it.

    (Besides, Most you Nostalgia HYPE BEAST will be gone within 2 weeks)
    (Love How Everyone is a Business Management MASTERS Degree & how This Company should run)
  7. Tchanam New Member

    Maybe a touch too realistic by using those servers from 1999.....
  8. Truetotheblue Elder

    Most of these posts wouldn't even get past first few classes in a Business Major.

    Oh.. DPG you should've known! You should've thrown all these resources at the first 2 days of a TLP that you won't feasibly need after that initial demand. The demand will never exceed the first few days, even subsequent expansion releases the demand at launch is going to be substantially less. To invest any additional resources to avoid that honestly is a bad business decision.

    Before anyone is like "but but.. all the subs they gonna lose!" I'd be willing to bet money that the people that say they're going to do it versus the ones that actually do is small, and the ones that do it well that's the cost of business. Even though this company has changed hands a few times you don't keep this thing going because the people behind the scenes can't do the basic math like this. They know.
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  9. SoandsoForumUser Elder

    Seriously have this many people never played online mode games? The billion dollar players in the industries don't even try to handle the initial player spike, they just wait it out. I don't see why you people playing a 20 year old game suddenly expect this to be the one to make the massive investments in architecture required to handle opening week player numbers.
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  10. Accipiter Augur

    Yep, failing all the way to the bank.

    Yes, it's a disaster in some peoples' minds. But the net gain for DPG far outweighs the few they lose to this, IMO.

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