What classes do you think today are underpowered?

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  1. Koveras Elder

    I do have a list of suggeted ideas regarding Aura Effects since something needs to be done with some of them as listed below...

    Bards: Fine as is, in fact the only thing they would need among everyone else who doesn't have already is Spirit Mastery.

    Beastlords: If the Beastlords do get an Aura Effect of their own, it should involve improving poison and disease for the whole group so as long as they remain within the radius. In fact, I'm surprised they haven't gotten an Aura Effect of their own among with other classes since the Prophecy of Ro expansion.

    Berserkers: As they haven't gotten an upgrade to Bloodlust Aura since Prophecy of Ro, if they do get an upgrade, it should also further increase attack bonus, attack speed, chance to double attack among triple attack and chance to flurry. Exactly to why they didn't have this is beyond me...

    Clerics: The only one major thing the Clerics are in need of is to have their HP Aura Effects & their Defensive Aura Effects merged into one at this point, they might as well since I feel it is pointless just to have both of them doing two separate effects. As for the Ground Line of Auras, that one should affect other unnatural things besides undead, such as constructs and summoned.

    Druids: Their Aura Effects that involve Fire and Cold should be merged. Furthermore, they also deserve an upgrade to Aura of Life since they haven't had one since Prophecy of Ro. Said upgrade should also cure not only disease but also poison as well.

    Enchanters: They are certainly fine in the crazy number of Aura Effects they have as a Class, the only thing that they do deserve to have an upgrade on is Learner's Aura.

    Magicians: If they end up getting an upgrade to Arcane Distillect for any reason, the only thing I can suggest is one that not only improves the base damage of the pets but also attack bonus for said pets. If they get a secondary Aura Effect for any reason, it should involve allowing everyone in the party a chance to twincast.

    Monks: If they end up getting another Aura Effect for any reason, they should get one that provides bonuses to throwing among accuracy for everyone so as long as they remain within the Aura Effect. If an upgrade for Master's Aura where to exist, then it should also pose a chance to proc a effect that further decreases the opponent's chances to block, parry and riposte.

    Necromancers: If they get Aura Effects of their own or maybe two for the matter, it should involve one that grants everyone in the party to Life Tap so as long as they remain within the Aura Effect. Another idea is to give them an Aura Effect that serves as something similar to the Cleric's Ground Aura Line which also affects encounters within radius.

    Paladins: If Paladins get an upgrade to Blessed Aura, not only it should improve the effects of direct heals but also heal over times as well so as long as they remain within the radius of the Aura. Furthermore, Paladins should also have another Aura Effect that further improves magic damage among combat effects.

    Rangers: If Rangers get Aura Effects of their own, it should improve provide bonuses to archery as well as accuracy for everyone so as long as they remain within the Aura Effect. Furthermore, they should also have another Aura Effect that further improves fire and cold spells among damage over times.

    Rogues: If Rogues get Aura Effects of their own, it should grant the whole party to do a poison proc that deals damage. If they get a secondary one, it should also involve increasing attack speed, triple attack and flurry for the similar reason the Bard dose.

    Shadow Knights: If Shadow Knights get Aura Effects of their own, it should involve one that also grants everyone in the party to Life Tap so as long as they remain within the Aura Effect. Furthermore, they should have a second Aura Effect that further improves poison and disease so as long as everyone remains within the Aura.

    Shaman: If Shamans get Aura Effects of their own, it should involve improving damage and attack bonus for anyone who stays within the radius of the Aura Effect. A secondary Aura Effect would also involve improving armor class and avoidance for the pets.

    Warrior: If Warriors get an upgrade to Champion's Aura, not only it should improve the migration armor class among with further chance to proc but also improve the effects of procs as well. If they get a secondary Aura for any reason, it should involve an Aura Effect version of Commanding Voice among with providing a bonus to avoidance.

    Wizard: If Wizards get Aura Effects of their own, it should involve improving the chances of performing a critical blasts and crippling bursts for everyone within the Aura Effect's radius. If they get a secondary effect, it should involve providing a proc effect that has a chance of happening when everyone in group casts a spell that deals damage.

    I think that sums up what I have in mind for Aura Effects here among other things so I be interested to hear thoughts from others.
  2. Iven the Lunatic

    Auta of Life does deserve an upgrade but merging the fire and cold auras would not really work because they do add a fire or cold proc (100%) to detrimental spells. I thought for a long time that they do increase fire or cold spells directly but they seem to only add a proc to them. A cold DD spell can receive a fire DD proc by Wildfire Aura.

  3. rahzel44 Journeyman

  4. rahzel44 Journeyman

    Wizards and rogues should be top DPS in most situations.
    Paladins need a DPS boost.
    Beastlords have horrendously bad agro problems for no reason whatsoever.
  5. fransisco Augur

    shadowknight. They can't do current raids solo yet
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  6. StinkyVetWarrior Master

    Warriors as Tanks.

    My first character was/is a Warrior back in 2001 because my friend was raiding, and said warriors were the absolute best and required for any raid. Loved my warrior; Until a couple of years ago when I played my friend's SK of the same level, but less AAs. The SK was able to tank more mobs, and even though he lost his healer merc, was able to SOLO 3 mobs that would have dirt napped my warrior with no healer.

    I recently threw away 20 years of playing my warrior as my main, switched to my necro, and powerleveld an SK to 120 to replace him....what a waste of time. I see no reason to play a warrior if it cannot tank better than any other class as originally intended. Warriors are no longer are the best mitigators, and have zero utility.
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  7. Micker99 Augur

    Warriors were meant to be Raid tanks. Just like clerics were raid healers. Wizards were Raid dps(manaburn) Their focus on just one area, made them the best at that, but nothing else. Trying to balance other classes with those, has caused a lot of issues over the years. In the group game, their narrow focus wasn't needed and their lack of any other real benefit showed through. They can't make mobs hard enough so you NEED a warrior/cleric combo or other classes would suffer. They should have never made such narrowly focused classes to begin with.
  8. Cadira Augur

    Warriors aren't nearly as bad as people think.

    Sad truth is, warriors are a pretty complex class to mechanically understand and make use of said complexities, and results in people just choosing easy mode sk or paladin instead. And there's nothing wrong with that, after all. They took one of the most basic classes and made it fairly complex over a long period of time; understandably the people who got so used to walking up to a mob and hitting auto attack probably aren't the best suiters to play a current day warrior well.
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  9. Cicelee Augur

    Updated in LS-

    Paladins, Clerics, Enchanters, Necromancers, Druids, Wizards are OP because they can stun

    All other classes are UP
  10. chungus Journeyman

    If you have trouble tanking on warrior, unless you’re vastly undergeared or below level, I’m not sure what to tell you wars have a ton of tools. I pop on a buddies war sometimes in group gear and it is pretty difficult to die.
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  11. Koveras Elder

    Over the course of things the more and more I kept thinking about it. I can safely say Slay Undead should be changed into Divine Smite (or Holy Smite whichever name feels more suitable). If such is to unfold then I have these adjustments in mind.
    1. Instead of dealing 4,800% additional damage to Undead, it should deal 1,200% additional damage to Undead at an 8% chance (20/20 rank).
    2. Furthermore, it should deal an 800% additional points of damage to Summoned (20/20 rank).
    3. Most importantly, it should deal an 400% additional points of damage to everything else (20/20 rank).
    I am certain this kind of adjustment should really boost overall DPS for Paladins, sure it won't be as potent against the Undead but the tradeoff is dealing mild additional damage to Summoned and the least additional damage to anything else.

    I also kept thinking about this even further ever since I figured out what really needed to be done with the Paladin's Slay Undead AA Ability. The Cleric's Turn Undead's name should actually be changed to Divine Strike (or Holy Strike whichever name feels more appropriate) that retains its dot function with the following adjustments.
    1. Can deal 285,000 points of damage per tick against Undead encounters.
    2. Can deal 142,000 points of damage per tick against Summoned encounters.
    3. Can deal 71,000 points of damage per tick against everything else.
    Because seriously, if the Turn Undead AA Ability was "true to the name" then it really should of function as an AE Fear against most of the Undead encounters and said effect in turn should instantly memblur said encounters as they run away so as long as they aren't taking any damage, provided if they are of the Cleric's current level (Paladins in turn might as well have this AA version of Turn Undead if such a change dose happen).
    The same should also be the case with the Magician's Turn Summon AA Ability, have that be an AE Fear effect against Summoned encounters where they end up becoming memblured as they run away, provided if they are of the Magician's current level.
    This also means that Magicians should also have an AA Ability called Arcane Strike, which functions as the Cleric's Divine Strike as mentioned above, save for the fact it's the Summoned encounters that take the most damage and the Undead encounters taking the mild damage and well, everything else taking the least damage per tick.
  12. Iven the Lunatic

    It is a bad idea to give the paladin class magician class skills, and vice versa. It will mix those classes to some point, and there is already to much of that in the game. It does not make sense that a paladin does receive a bonus vs summoned mobs and a magician vs undead mobs. Class balance has to be done in another way, and the paladin might lack DPS at higher levels for a good reason. The warrior and shadow knight classes are OPed regarding DPS, and the devs do know about that. That could lead to the impression that the paladin is underpowered.

    The druid class has the same problem, but I do disagree with the devs that the class is at the right spot. While oher DPS caster classes like the NEC MAG WIZ are more mana efficient and powerfull than the druid, the druid is definitely underpowered and does lack good DD burst spells, good DD heal spells (Curavida line is crap), and better mana regen at the higher levels.
    When I do box the druid with my rogue (both FTP) the rogue is dealing about 75% DPS, and the drood only about 25%.
  13. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    Isnt using someone else account against the rules?
  14. Hegsheoshed Augur

    Sometimes you have to since warriors are excluded from the most fun PBAOE 2HS weapon.
  15. Iven the Lunatic

    The warrior could be on the same account ...
  16. The real Sandaormo Augur

    I agree, poor poor down-trodden Warriors, we need a boost so people will want to group with us.

    Please help!

    PS... this was meant as a joke, please take it as such.
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  17. Lubianx Augur

    Just on the above, pallies already get a bonus to a few of their spells and a proc line vs summoned (Chastise, Crush of the Heroic, Avowed Fury's Proc, Brilliant Denouncement). So what he is asking is tied to a pally skill already.
  18. Iven the Lunatic

    Still a bad concept that never should had implemented. It would be the best to remove those flaws and to increase the paladin DPS generally, if the class is out of balance.
  19. Szilent Augur

  20. KushallaFV Playing EverQuest

    Paladins are fine, they're great clerics.