what class to add for 3box

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by merrie, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. merrie New Member

    I currently am playing a necro/sk lvl 101 2box (which is my fav combo) with cleric/tank mercs.
    I would like to try 3boxing, now that I have the computing power.
    What class would you suggest I add to my necro/sk group?
    I have other characters that are about 15 levels lower that I could move to a third account - druid, bard, enchanter, beastlord, shaman, cleric, mage but would consider getting a new different class heroic character if that was a better option.

    Do you think the bard would make the SK useless since they are both tankish?
    Would druid skills (forage, track, heal, dot, ds, port) be a good addition to the boxing?
    Or would the mage's dps and pet be the best addition?

    I'm pretty decent with using hotkeys to cast multiple spells, twisting songs, and using AA and combat skills, though I'm sure there are more tricks I could learn - I'm open to any suggestions. I've been away from the game for a few years and I see there are changes.

    Thanks for any advice/thoughts and such!
  2. Mokumara Lorekeeper

    Okay so just to toss it out there, I am by no means knowledgeable of much when it comes to mixing class mechanics and stuff. BUT from what I've read poking around the forums a bard with be clutch in that kind of group.

    1) Bard will boost your spells and help the dot damage (from what I hear a bunch)
    2) Haste and such for SK
    3) If you wanna have a lazy day the bard can just chill in the back and twist away.
    4) Mez/Pull power.. AmIrite
    5) you will have a 3rd merc so you can fill your group!
    6) Track and run speed!

    I cant think of any real faults.. but its all preference
    Playing 2 melee suck(I've never tried but can only imagine)

    From what I also read having a healer you actually play and don't have to rely on a merc can be super clutch. I think druids could be a solid choice for buffs, heals, ports, track. but I def think Bard would be the better choice. Im just a dumb Troll though, what do I know :p
  3. Mell Journeyman

    3 boxing need A LOT of keyboard mashing especially you are playing SK/NEC which need to cast many DoT to maintain your high DPS.

    Bard would be a no-brainer choice.It will increase your DPS noticeably without not much effort.Pretty good for a lazy boxer.

    But if you want to maximize your DPS,get a MAG.High level MAG has strong pet and damage shield that helps a lot.And they have the aura for pet to increase 15% DPS.Pet weapon and haste mask is good too for NEC/SK's pet.
  4. Yimin Augur

    Bard for this combo will add many things more mana ,more AC, dmg sheld ,over haste for SK and Necro pet etc etc ....

  5. IblisTheMage Augur

    Bard is the obvious choice, strengthening you current playstyle. Beast will give you another FD able character, but will require a lot of mashing. Mage will bring coh, gear for pets, and as soon your number of pets hits 6, you can nuke with Of Many.

    I would add the bard without blinking, and then consider what to add next.

    How long does it take for you to kill a mob? Would you like this to change?
  6. Outlander Engine Elder

    Adding a true healer allows you do a lot more content, like old raids. Plus you get 'ports, track, skin buffs, evac, combat rez, and the druid spell damage aura (which I think works with sk taps). The druid atk debuffs also help a lot more than most people think.

    I run War/Dru/Enc. I usually run a healer merc and use the druid for dps using a macro that chain casts three 'roar' nukes. I stack the druid heal proc (skin line), and the two druid big damage shields on my tank. I also keep the remote heal nuke up and throw it out whenever it's up or is usefull.

    When it all hits the fan, I start hitting the druid's heal key. I have two. The first does the very fast casting "survival" group heal. It's handy because if there's a low health party member, it hits that one the hardest without targeting. The second key casts the adrenaline line, and then falls back to the slow casting heal.

    Having an extra dedicated healer on tap has saved my bacon more than once.
  7. lucienne New Member

    I think I would do bard if I were you, because of the insane synergy they have with knights, extra dps, real CC, never having to worry about mana. Plus bards are supposed to boost necros dps more than any class in the game....I think. Im playing around with something similar except I'm doing paladin/necro/bard. Bard can really stack that DS for SK and make them self sustain better with taps. Bard makes necro a killing machine, solves paladins mana issues. Necro makes things undead for paladin slay undeads. Kaboom! :) Plus, with paladin and necro you get some decent group healing even though you are not dedicating a slot to a healer...which Is nice....
  8. Gnomeland Augur

    Drop your tank mercenary.

    I'd also say, drop your necromancer, but I imagine that's not an option.

    The best third box choice, provided you want to keep your necromancer, is a bard, because bards have ADPS for damage over time spells, and that's what necromancers are all about.

    Doesn't hurt your shadow knight, either, though usually an enchanter is better as support for a shadow knight.

    Add a priest is okay as well but you will not be able to do enough DPS through mercenaries to defeat many of the events in the current expansion. It's possible that druid might have enough DPS now, going full burn, but it's still worse than a bard and druids generally work better with direct damage classes.

    By contrast, two mercenaries can always keep a group up against just about any content.

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