What are your money making strategies?

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  1. Dailor Augur

    Cyber with incels on a hot wood elf druid.
  2. HoodenShuklak Augur

    You don't stockpile all expac. Nobody would actually advise that and thinking that's what a seasoned tunnel quester does is what's ludicrous.

    About 3 weeks before an expac is when you do all your stockpiling and unloading. Sell the stuff that's going to crash (hello yael dagger) and buy the stuff that's going to increase in demand.
  3. Accipiter Old Timer

    Here's your hot wood elf druid:

  4. Osangar Journeyman

    I know this is very old, but this mentality is sooo pervasive in game it's nearly ruined it. There is very little honor left in EQ, it's 110% cuthroat, deceptive, feindish and selfish now.
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  5. Chuuk Augur

    Couple strategies that I've used / seen used. I'll say that it seems like with every TLP the krono prices fly up faster and faster, so plat camps are less and less effective:

    1. Offer power-leveling. Get a max-level druid, stack HP gear, self double DS, grab some heal pots, profit. Top plat is made if you have an alt account with a bard / wiz who AoE's for the power-levelee. Can usually make 0.5-1kr per hour doing this (obviously needs a L50/60 druid, so kinda gated)
    2. Make Gnome Necro, level to 20, camp out in Akanon and farm Saltpeter off the robots. Early on, when people are leveling research, you can make many krono selling stacks of salts. I think i made 20-25 kronos over the course of 3 TLPs just having a necro FD farming these guys.
    3. Race to like 28-30 with a mage / shaman / necro and farm OOT sisters who drop long swords, if you get there early enough, you can make 200pp / hour and snag up some kronos early for cheap. Might not be super effective on new TLPs because of platflation.
    4. Get as many legacy items as you can (Circlet of Shadows / Fungi Stick especially) and hold them until SoL - you can usually get many kronos per.
    5. All the other standard farming camps that others have mentioned.
  6. Laberintica77 Lorekeeper

    As a solo rogue I made most of my money with:

    Hero Bracers -->Kill the first mino PH at the entrance cave and hope the Hero spawns on the outside zone wall , opposite of cave entrance. What I would do is make a level 5 gnome. Faction him up with the Qeynos Steel warrior guild, then I would bind him at the Qeynos bank. I would use Origin to Ak'anon to loot the Mino Hero bracer on the corpse, then die, to spawn in Qeynos and do the turn in at the Qeynos arena, then parcel the bracer to my main seller in the tunnel.

    Bracers of Erollisi --> +5 str bracers super easy to farm in OOT, and early on its a free 20-50pp easy sell.

    Paineel Guards--> Inside the city, they drop shields/weapons that sell for decent plat

    Blackburrow --> Spiked Shoulderpads ,+Str Necks, Blackburrow Gnoll Skins for Monks/Rogue quests sell decent.

    Runnyeye --> Blacked armor, Crown (sells for a lot for resists), and you can farm there easily and as a rogue you can even sell in the same zone.

    Tradeskills --> Pottery is my favorite; Eventually making +Cha steins. or the +2wis small wisdom deity idol.

    I'm probably one of the few pure melees that farmed as a non-casters though. I would say the best way is to level up a necro/mage and do Seafuries//for Jboots piece +gems or Hill Giant hill in R.Mnts

    Ps. really early on I remember going to Highpass or when I was running from Q to FP, and buying the enchanters animated pet spells that only sell there, and then selling them in Unrest/Gfay; that got me enough money for level 10-15
  7. 25thAnniBaby Lorekeeper

    Many people here have already stated the obvious.

    Farm items that people actually want and avoid the high tier items like GEBS / Yak / Etc.
    Go spend 10 minutes on a BIS item site for each class and see the zones the yield the highest items to named ratio.

    Since this TLP looks to be a DoA to myself due to several reasons I will give you a few areas to start.

    Lower Guk - Platinum Tiera / Yak / FBSS / Mithril 2hander / Chrysoberyl Talisman / Adamantine Eqaulets ( sell to vendor for like 250p also / Runed Cowl / Braided Cinch Cord

    Upper Guk : Gatorscale Sleeves / Pally Epic / Gatorscale Legs /

    Quest items : Paw of Opolla / Raster Idol LR / Bergurgle LR / Jboot or LR / Stein of Moggok / Gem Inlaid Gauntlets /

    Mistmoore: Platinum Skull Ring / Hooded Black Cloak / Crested Spaulders / Nightshade Wreath /

    Sol B : GEBS / Runed Mithril Bracer / All of the Fire Giants for Mithril drops & PMM LR /

    Sol A : Impskin Gloves / Charred Guardian Shield ( easy 1kr all day )

    Hole: All Loam and Withered Leather Pieces

    West Karana : Batskull Earring / Batfand Headband / Chipped Bone Bracelet / Sheer Bone Mask / Chipped Bone Collar

    Kedge: Deepwater Inks // Squallsurge Shawl

    South Karana : Gnoll Hide Tome

    Rathe Mountains : Granite Bracer

    Plane of Hate / Fear - Sell Loot Rights for rotting gear, Sell all Black Sapphires / Blue Diamonds / Diamonds to Jewelcrafters.

    I know I missed several items but this should give you plenty to look towards in terms of ideas and places.
    Happy Hunting :)
  8. Trunch New Member

    I tried reading everything, and making sure I wasn't covering something that was already brought up, but wading through krono stock info, I figured I'd give my personal experience about how I made money playing on multiple DPS classes with no boxing.

    For me it was focus on leveling, and make money later. If you have good guildies and liked minded people around you, money is EASY!!!

    People will literally tip you for anything you do and if you have good people around, good chances you're camping stuff and guildies are normally very fair. Hell during raids, most rots or tradeable crap ends up clogging up banks and so everyone ends up giving it away, well until the bazaar ;)

    Just playing the game and knowing what your class is capable of and then taking advantage of it. When you have raid gear, that most likely cost 0 PLAT!!!! Everything you loot is $$$.

    Honestly just having general game knowledge alone will, knowing the server "phase" knowing when the next expansion comes out what tradeskills items are hot for people in this "era". Again all this information is easily known, there's tons of information about this old game.

    Put time into learning about different methods of making money. Some classes have to do sketchy crap, while others just gotta med. Thems the breaks, not all classes are created equal.

    Grind, good old fashion GRINDIND!! If you want to make money, park your butt somewhere mobs drop vendor trash, bronze, cloth, rusty, bone chips, silks, whatever and GRIND! You'd be surprised how much money you could make by just going to the "zone" mode of grinding and it just becomes muscle memory and hours go by and your pockets fill up. Bags become very valuable when you get your grind on!

    Out of doing this I have managed to play a rogue, wizard, berserker, and numerous twink alts over different servers, all traditional loot rulesets. Going as high as 22 krono and as low as owing someone a krono :)
  9. NuffanTuit Nuffan Tuit on Innoruuk Server

    Absolutely NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS....lmao
  10. Tyranthraxus Grognard


    Which, lets be honest isn't a bad way to stockpile plat. Be a necromancer, and then all the fiendish deceptive selfish methods you use, are just "what my character would do"!
  11. Arclyte Augur

    i like to sell fire beetle eyes for a 400% markup in gfay
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  12. ECrack Augur

    I would encourage looking into the belts that drop in sky, they are very common. FBSS is overrated.
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  13. Gnomie Denser than most

    I tend to work a full time job and then spend some of my disposable income on kronos if I need something.
  14. Ilshade Augur

    Best Strat
  15. Ilshade Augur

    Same, best way
  16. Ilshade Augur

    they nerfed this on TLPs you can only do them once per character now