What are your money making strategies?

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  1. Silver-Crow Augur

    Yep the best way to make money is to be an A$$hat... or at least that's what you'll find at all the PP hotspots. The only way to compete is to team up with other A$$hats to drive the existing A$$hats away from your spot of choice, and then out A$$hat the A$$hat you teamed up with to achieve your goal.

    In short, new TLP's are a morass of toxicity if you're in it for the money.

    If you're there to play, not pay... then group up with some friends and help each other out. Classic gear is generally rubbish anyway and a little goes a long way. Sure it's not BIS, but do you really need BIS for all of 3 months?
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  2. SmoochyOfWolfington Augur

    What is "BIS"?
  3. Machen New Member

    Best in slot.
  4. Bard2019 Elder

    What is this one?
  5. oldkracow 9999 Is the Krono Account Limit

    Join a TLP

    • Wait until velious
    • When krono hits peak prices about 2 - 5 weeks before luclin starts, sell every krono you have.
    • When luclin hits during the first three weeks start buying krono once prices drop around 20 - 40%
    • Profit. :D
  6. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    He's already said too much.
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  7. oldkracow 9999 Is the Krono Account Limit

    Going Postal Erudin to Qeynos
    Starts at Ticar Lorestring

    Not the best but...
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  8. Barder-mangler Augur

    I actually just tested this one out, I was able to do it round trip in under 3 minutes. I imagine with a bard with selos you could get it down to about 2.5 minutes for 6 gold. Yeah, you are definitely better off just leveling and killing things that actually drop worthwhile items, but if you want to do the absolute minimum effort with no leveling required, I guess it’s not bad lol.
  9. Templora New Member

    Level up max - farm HATE sell loot rights -
  10. Magickon Augur

    I know of an officer in a former guild that made off with at least 75kr because that's just the kind of scum-bag the other officers said he was when they also decided they wanted to quit.
  11. oldkracow 9999 Is the Krono Account Limit

    Never allow broke people to be in charge of a guild bank.
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  12. yerm Augur

    People joke about it but it's a pretty serious thing. Guild banks in velious-luclin can end up with literally tens of thousands of real dollars on third party sites - you HAVE to make sure that people for whom that is a life changing amount of money, or a lot of drugs, do not have any access to it.

    As for making money...

    Don't buy gear you don't need. That is anything but essential spells for a caster, and anything except a weapon or two and maybe haste as a melee. You do not need loot from efreeti. You do not need an ods. You do not need it to be a yak. If you simply don't throw your money at you think you want you will end up with plenty for stuff you need. Almost everything you do while leveling and camping will get you money anyway.
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  13. Sikkun Augur

    Let’s say it’s 10s of thousands. 50k / 32 ish people = $1500 plus you can gear your chars. I’d be in.
  14. Machen New Member

    $1500 sounds great, until you think about what it takes to get there.

    3 months of raiding at 4 nights a week for 3-4 hours, let's call it conservatively 10 hours a week. Not everyone is 100% attendance.

    But that's just classic. It's 9 months just to get a toe in the door to luclin. Call it 12 months to be fully Luclin geared and ready to sell the guild bank.

    12 months @ 10 hrs/week = 520 hours.

    If everyone in the guild gets $1500, you've just made $3/hr for the last year. GREAT return!!!! Plus you get to gear your characters.

    I guess that's slightly better than getting $0/hr, but only slightly.\

    Edit to add--and this is why people sell their guild banks. IF you can eliminate the other 53 players from their share of the profit, $3/hr turns into $159/hr and suddenly that's a lot more appealing. As Yerm said, don't give guild bank access to someone who you can't trust with that kind of money/income.

    Or, alternatively, to address the question raised by the OP, the best money making strategy is grift. Scam a whole bunch of people out of their hard earned guild bank and you'll make boatloads of $$.
  15. CyryllisFenninRo Lorekeeper

    if your guilds bank isn't openly available via spreadsheet and you can't request items from it for your mains, run away from that guild.

    Also, if your guild isn't providing consumables for your raids (peridot, EE, pots, etc) I would seriously question where the plat is going. Most good guilds will use their profits to purchase items for the guild (epic pieces, manna robes, etc)
  16. MMOer Augur

    Here ya go.. I've played every TLP for the last decade and all the 's before and since.


    Be fast, be available. Make krono.

    You wont be the first because there are teams of people doing this to farm krono and they work together to feed their primary blacksmith before they get going but there is plenty of meat on the bone.

    Every character that can wear chain or plate will be rocking Banded until they get planar gear so you go from start to people start selling their old gear to make Krono... err I mean plat.

    10,000 players needing banded set... All that for Krono or plat you can trade for krono.

    At first it will be like 100p for a set or 1 krono.

    Then 200p or a krono.

    Then 300p or a krono and stay that way till krono is worth about 500p.. then banded will be selling for 300p a set... you will sell two sets and buy a krono.

    All the banded smiths buying krono instead of trading will spike the market and this is why krono jumps fast from 500 to 2000ish plat.

    So go on the TLP's now... learn how to make it from jump. Practice. Learn the fastest way to get the plat you need to get the mats you need to skill to banded. Learn it now and then do it on live for the first three weeks and you will make more than minimum wage 100% guaranteed or your... well you didnt pay me for this info so i guess you get your free back.
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  17. Sikkun Augur

    I mean you did all that anyway and made 0. If your all in on it you made money and did what you were going to do anyway. Nothing in your post changes that $1500 for a group of players to do what they wanted to do anyway is better than $0. Only thing you have pointed out is there are better ways to earn a living.
  18. JPearcy83 New Member

    Thank you MMOer this is awesome info! I appreciate the write up and I will definitely take this information to heart!
  19. Accipiter Old Timer

    You misspelled "Ducreaux".
  20. Dominate Augur


    Banded is great.

    However, the focus effect thing is literally not understanding interest. Krono go from 0-4000? 5000? by the time Kunark drops? On Ragefire(first TLP with Krono) they were around 2500 when Kunark dropped. People are smarter now.

    If you stockpile, say, serpentine bracers, you will lose currency. They sell for 50pp-100pp early, which is 10-20% of a Krono after week 1. When Kunark drops, that will be roughly 1%-2% of a Krono. So stockpiling them until Luclin to sell for 200-300pp when Krono are 20kpp? Ludicrous. So you are better off farming and selling them week 1 when you can get 1 Krono for 5 of them. Week 2, when you can get a Krono for 15 of them... than you are making a bank alt to stockpile them. You would literally be stockpiling what could be Krono for long enough that it is de-valued and not worth much.

    This also applies to anything that drops, like ODS, BAM, etc. It is almost always better, because of platinum inflation, to stockpile Krono until late Velious rather than platinum or items. There is a principle in the stock market that works similarly. EVERYONE has the information, so the valuation of a stock is usually spot on for what the public knowledge is. If its price increases, it is because there is new information in the system. Same for if the price decreases. Well, everyone already knows when focus effects come online. So, the items that have them are worth more than their actual stats, because of the belief that the item has inherent value down the road. Items like Kobold Hide boots have the "futures" price baked into their current price already (albeit at a discount for time) even though they are valuable up front at Kunark.

    The best source of income for people who are not just actively trying to farm Krono is to convert everything you can at all times into Krono, and then sit on the Krono. Compound interest.