What are your money making strategies?

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  1. Barder-mangler Augur

    I typed out this really long response and realized I don’t want to shoot myself in the foot in a couple weeks lol.

    Side note- fluid you may be the the guy that I bought and resold like 100+ steins from lol. Want to operate some sort of deal for launch? I’ll be in EC about 18 hours a day, can give you a flat % kickback on profit from your steins lol
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  2. Thalliius Augur

    My money making strategy is to take out my credit card and trade krono for plat from players that farm like its their job. Its like paying the neighborhood kid to mow my lawn
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  3. Minpire Augur

    Epic M-Q

    the 6gold Turn in quest

    FLIP items in EC Tunnel

    Spell Research ((COSTLY IMO))

    Shaman Alchemy potions

    Farm places that drop Fine Steel weps alot? lol
  4. Sikkun Augur

    If your raiding that will cover most your gear. I farmed some FBSS for enough Krono to cover everything else I needed as a cleric outside of raid drops all the way to Velious and still had 8 Krono left over. Don’t really need that much unless you want to buy crap day 1 when it’s way over priced.
  5. Jimmy2times Elder

    I like to farm rat whiskers so but the time the next TLP comes out I can have 20plat.
  6. minimind The Village Idiot

    On Morden Rasp, I ran the Stein of Moggok racket. I, an Erudite Enchanter during PoP, selling running the quest as 90% of my in-game time for two months, would sell @ PoK for 150-500pp depending on population. I remember my EQ notebook... with exact notes on the shortest steps to each and every step. It was good times. Some people sent me tells accusing me of duping, but I just had that one quest locked down.

    It was fun. It made me use enchanter abilities. And it helped me max out jewelcrafting. ;)
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  7. Artacan New Member

    Melee- buy the 40 slot bag and a krono or two. Trade krono for armor+weapon. Tank for groups until bag is full and vendor =)

    Casters - where did this plat come from? Oh well, I'm rich lalala lol "LF1M tank"
  8. TheDohn Augur

    Buy krono in the AU prime. Sell krono in the US prime.
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  9. HoodenShuklak Augur

    375 IQ.
  10. Machen New Member

    Pretty sure if you've always struggled at this, these new servers won't give you any relief. I'd check the stock market rebound to pay your subs over in game strats.
  11. Machen New Member

    And if you are useing your credit card with 20%+ interest to pay for your neighborhood kid to mow your lawn, it's even more so like this.
  12. Sethisto Elder

    I usually just zoom around zones killing named when I'm bored waiting for people. Every expansion is different though.

    Classic: I'll usually just pull all of cyclops isle swarm kite it down, selling ancient ring loot rights for a krono each.
    Kunark: Just assassinating named in zones I can charm in. If there are mobs to charm, bard can kill anything a group can do.
    Velious: always miss it
    Luclin: always miss it
    PoP: This one will change since bards got nerfed, but it was AOE all of nightmare until I had the mana pool to AOE valor, until I have the mana pool to AOE fire for tradeskill stuff. Especially when the new tradeskill stuff starts dropping. Also AOE Yxtta for cragbeast blood which sells for a fortune when omens drops and was like 30 aa a pull with no competition at all. Now days I'll probably just group up and sell ornate.
    GoD/omens: Run around farming named everywhere. Runes, random droppable gear with good stats, it's pure money.

    Basically be a bard so you don't have to split loot.
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  13. Polpet Elder

    Fire Beetle Eyes
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  14. RibbitDivot New Member

    Or, you know, pay it off every month and never have to pay interest...
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  15. Stune Augur

    Spider silk camps, they net 1s or 20 for 1-2 gold from others. The rest of the camps are for Krono's, you know the stuff people sell online, for real money.
  16. SmoochyOfWolfington Augur

  17. mark Augur

    or 6 box pay for a yearly sub like i do,gear your warrior and your group by trading surplus drops and have fun,go where you want to go an item drops advertise it in zone general and trade have one of your toons bound in tunnel kill it sell the item and buy the upgrades you need.i always end up with a few extra kronos early in a server life and get my group geared up decently i play the game for fun not for profit.
  18. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Banded armor is a good racket.

    I bet stockpiling items that eventually get focus is a good investment.

    What about those boots that iksar use for dot focus? Stuff like that that suddenly gets good will give you huge returns.

    A lot of it is a byproduct of knowing "the future" so tlp tunnel vets basically have a groundhog day krono farm.
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  19. aindriuc Elder

    I'll tell you my little money maker for early on.

    Firstly make a gnome magician / necromancer / enchanter. Get your pet spells.

    At about level 5/6 you can farm the 3 kobold camps near the druid circle over and over and over (if there is nobody there). They drop small cloth and other items like wooden staves and steamfont water, which you can cash in at the vendor at the druid circle. Keep doing this and after a while you'll have maybe 20/30pp -- enough for decking out a newbie character with spells.

    I know it's not a brilliant money maker but it's the best I have.

    Then later on when you have your pet class up a bit, go to Ocean of Tears, and farm the gargoyle eyes.

    If anyone wants to share their little money making secrets go ahead now. That's all I have at the moment .
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  20. Sikkun Augur

    With 1-5% cash back, but some people can’t handle the power.
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