What are your money making strategies?

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  1. JPearcy83 New Member

    Hey everyone, excited about the new TLPs coming up. One of the things I have always struggled with is making krono/money for a lot of the droppable equipment. Coming from a live server and raiding has made it so a vast majority of my gear over the last few years is no drop, and the amount of things I’ve had to buy has been small.

    I’m curious what strategies people employ to gain capital early on in a TLP. I do not wish to pay for krono to buy gear yet rather earn my keep in the game. Do you sit in the EC tunnel and buy low/sell high? Do you have a quest or specific items you like to make early on that are in high demand? It seems very daunting to have to earn krono in game to buy things that others are selling for krono (I’m not going to spend $45 to buy that yak someone is selling for a few krono but is the best way to earn it in game simply collecting plat and selling it for krono?)

    I would love to learn and prepare ahead of time.

    tldr: What do you do to make money and/or krono on TLP servers?
  2. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    I don't share my secrets with everyone or I give them bad information to preserve my own strats. That's how.
  3. HoodenShuklak Augur

    The common practice here is to only say Hill giants or some tradeskill other than jewelcrafting or alchemy.
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  4. Sokanist Journeyman

    most pleople will not share that information for obviously reasons, myself included.
  5. JPearcy83 New Member

    Hrmm, the mentality around TLP players sure seems a lot different...

    I respect wanting to keep your methods secret, but I was hoping there might be some people out there who are more about sharing knowledge and helping each other.
  6. Foaming I Drank Bleach IRL Once

    I made most of mine flipping Kronos during different timezones.
  7. Lumiens Augur

    I go to new servers and reserve names like "Bobbybick" to try to sell later.
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  8. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Unfortunately the people with the most krono (typically scammed from their own guilds) don't even want to use their same name twice.
  9. Zansobar Augur

    If you need plat just sell Kronos. If you need Kronos just sell plat.
  10. Uesce Journeyman

    Take advantage of how stupid people are. I sold an AoN for 13 Kronos.. I was shocked the guy offered that.

    Or Be an enchanter / cleric duo. The biggest misconception about these servers is that only people boxing entire groups are krono farmers.

    On mangler we had multiple people in my guild that played enchanter / cleric and each had made over 80 Kronos in the first few weeks

    For whatever reason people pay stupid amounts of krono for kedge keep drops and other items with like +5 wisdom or int lol.

    My advice is make enough pp to buy a set of banded armor and just get into a guild that can kill stuff in pohate. None of these items are worth multiple Kronos in classic yet people will buy them lol.

    Weapons will have high prices the first month then drop 2nd month and significantly drop in price as kunark releases. Don't buy a weapon if your a new player. It's not worth it if you plan on playing past classic
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  11. Xeris Augur

    Probably the best, but most time consuming way to earn is like Foaming said, by flipping Kronos. Prices fluctuate by day/time, so you buy a krono for 1kpp, sell it for 1500, buy another for 1k, sell it for 1500, then you buy 2 for 2k, and so on. It's pretty fool proof if you're patient enough.

    Otherwise, the standard response is to live at hamlord/efreeti/frenzy and sell that loot. Geb/ykesha/fbss will sell for multiple krono in the first month of classic... Geb will retain it's value for most of classic while yaks will drop off pretty quick.
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  12. JPearcy83 New Member

    Thanks for the advice! I admit to being a bit green and naive when it comes to TLP servers and such. A part of me was even contemplating picking a class based on how many hard to obtain items are considered more necessary. Such as having a melee class and needing FBSS or playing a druid and needing GEB. I know these things are not required to play or enjoy the game, and it’s more about finding the right group of people to have fun with the end.

    As a player that’s newer to TLPs it feels daunting to see people trying to “take advantage” of the average Joe. Of course this is just a reflection of a facet of life, and to complain about it is like yelling into the wind.

    I shall endeavor to find a fun group of like minded people to play with this seems to be my best bet.
  13. Mrjon3s Augur

    Here is how you make money. Everything in classic is worthless. DON'T BUY ANYTHING. Loot everything you can and sell it. Turn Plat into Krono.
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  14. C3lowz Augur

    Run a player casino. Preferably on an unstable connection. Just have to make sure when you get a player that does a 10Kr+ bet and wins your connection goes wonky.
  15. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    I make most of my money & krono from selling books on how to make money & krono.
  16. Bonified Lorekeeper

    not to tell you so i can make more PP
  17. Chopsuey Augur

    Play the game. Kill mobs. Get loot. Sell what you don't want/need. Kronos flow in classic eras on tlps.
  18. Arrk Augur

    Play the EC Tunnel game... buy gear off desperate people.... sell higher then you buy... convert PP to KR
  19. Fluid Augur

    FWIW: You can make good money farming trade skill raw materials like Spider Silk. Lowest I have ever sold Spider Silk for is 5 gold per and that was because the buyer took 800.

    I can't remember the TLP server I did it on, but I probably sold 70-90% of the Stein of Moggok that were sold on the server. I never argued prices, typically sold them for ~150 pp to people who then sold them for ~250 pp. More recently I have found the early part of the quest can be multi quested. I think I completed it with a Dark Elf enchanter at level 3 or so. Very little/easy faction work needed to be done. Enchanter is just bound in the Ogre city and after a few more levels can use Origin/gate to get back and forth. Other end I prefer to use Halfling Druids since they can Origin back to Misty and SoW the enchanter. Takes <1 hour per Stein.

    Now I am really foggy on Krono prices, I think it was ~1,500 pp/Krono the first week the server was open. IOW 10 Steins/Krono. By the end of the month it was ~4,000pp/Krono. This isn't big money, I mean it works out to something like $1.50/hour! It is just that it can be done by someone who has other things like sleep and family going on in their lives.

    There are a few other anomalies I haven't figured out yet. For instance the Serpentine Bracer sells cheap the first few expansions since focus effects are disabled. When the effects are enabled, the price of the bracers goes up 3-4 times the initial price. I don't know if they are actually selling for 200 pp per, just that is what people are now asking.
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  20. Xanathol Augur

    On TLPs, the best method seems to KS everyone, then sell them whatever they were after. Makes for a nice, tight knit community too.