What are you listening to!?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Alarya, Sep 18, 2019.

  1. Alarya Elder

    Currently, what is your adventuring music and/or mood music that you are into while playing?
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  2. Tanise Lorekeeper

  3. Oakenblade Augur

  4. Qbert Augur

    Whatever is playing for game music in the zone I'm in at the time.
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  5. That1guy New Member

    The anguished cries of noobs (gmm), tanks (riposte changes) and bards (rip vainglorious) who read patch notes
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  6. Lifeshriek Augur

    Agent Fresco
    As Tall As Lions
    The Barnum Meserve
    Bon Iver
    Closure in Moscow
    Colours (Florida)
    The Contortionist
    David Bowie
    Emmanuel and the Fear
    Fair to Midland
    Good Tiger
    Hotel of the Laughing Tree
    The Intersphere
    The Mars Volta
    Matthew Good
    Minus the Bear
    Neverending White Lights
    Opus of a Machine
    Quiet Lions
    Ramona Falls
    The Receiving End of Sirens
    RX Bandits
    TV on the Radio
    Volcano Choir
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  7. Suffer Journeyman

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  8. AcemoneyFV Augur

  9. Koryu Augur

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  10. Graves Elder

    Raiders, not casuals.

    Oh, you mean music...
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  11. Beimeith Augur

  12. Bigstomp Augur

  13. Raivene Lorekeeper

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  14. Alarya Elder

    Yes! I've just recently gotten into Dark Synthwave for my chill/work music!
  15. Alarya Elder

    Nice, new stuff or older?
  16. Alarya Elder

    A lot of interesting stuff in here, and some I haven't hear. Thanks, I'll have to look them up!
  17. Suffer Journeyman

    I could probably listen to the new song "Desending" on repeat for a week right now lol. I have a playlist of mostly heavier melodic music including Tool, A Prefect Circle, Deftones, Murder by Death and a few others.
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  18. Smokezz Augur

  19. Nennius Augur

    The voices in my head have been quite entertaining enough lately.
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  20. Alarya Elder

    Nice, if you get a chance, take a listen to my song posted. Those dudes are extremely talented!

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