What are the top 20 or so most rare items in game?

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    A lot of folks in EQ are collectors of rare items that either no longer drop in game but are still around, or come from some old camps with ultra rare named. What are these items?
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    Ornate Velium Pendant
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    What was the name of that nexus gate clicky that supposdely dropped in ring of slime in CT?
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    Zekshaman wrote:
    first post gets it. this is the correct response.
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    -Kelefane- wrote:
    gloves of the ritual. doesn't exist in any database except allakhazams.
    might not be real, but if it is it's definitely on the list.
    they are tradable, so going to eveyr server and checking if its possible to search for it in the barter window would prove existance. as long as an item exists on the server it shows in buyer mode.
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    SpamFactory wrote:
    I could have sworn I knew someone several years ago with one. I maybe wrong, but it seems like I recall a Warrior with one.
    Maybe it was a GM given item from some event?
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    -Kelefane- wrote:
    they don't show up in the buyer window on bristlebane which means they do not exist at all on that whole server. you can search for other extremely rare tradable stuff like ornate velium pendant (pre nerf) and it shows up.
    if the gloves don't show in buyer mode on any servers I'd say at that point that they are not real. maybe we can get some people here checking on their own servers and reporting back here.

    also, there was a GM event item that was a nexus gate clicky. 4 people per server won it along with "of the nexus" as a title. are you thinking of that item maybe?
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    I would probably say some of the player-specific items from Stormhammer are the rarest.
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    I'd agree and say that the SH Artifacts are probably rarest and there's more than 20 of those. Mmh, other than that I think after the top 20 you have manastones, blade of carnage and that type of thing. I think it's sad that a lot of great gear is rotting on expired accounts. =\
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    I had gotten maybe 2 of these: http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/....html?item=3662
    Used them for my Tipt runs against that last mob...lol
    I camped it about a year ago with no luck for several hours...couldn't even get the named to pop. Not sure if it still drops but I think it is pretty rare. DA clicky is nice...only one charge.

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