What are the Top 10 Dragons in EverQuest?

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  1. fransisco Augur

    side question - were the sleeper and AoW the only two mobs that were never killed in era? I know AoW wasn't killed until luclin gear/AAs were available.
  2. Oberan Augur

    Kerafrym (the sleeper) was killed in GoD
  3. CdeezNotes Augur

    AoW was killed in era.
  4. Brickhaus Augur

    Okay...which arena do we need to meet in?

    Quarm is not a dragon! A dragon head does not make you a dragon!

    I will fight to the death on this topic ... just tell me what arena to show up in.
  5. Nennius Curmudgeon

    Oooo Fight...fight...fight... :)

    Hmm Pay per view?
  6. fransisco Augur

    You sure? Pretty certain the avatar of war was not killed during velious. When it was finally killed, it only dropped a cloth hat, because it was designed to not be killable during velious (like the sleeper). The devs then went back and added loot to it. Luclin made it possible.
  7. CdeezNotes Augur

    Almost positive he was killed in era. There was a change to charm which made it possible and I believe it was right before Luclin.

    His loot tables was similar to Tunare as well iirc. Also, the first version of items were so bad for his difficulty the devs had to boost them. The OG BOC was junk.

    Dont think Tunat or OMM were killed in era though?
  8. Lodestar The Undefeated

    Upon loading Everquest for the very first time in 1999, you are presented with the intro movie that states "...first came the dragons. The great crystalline dragon, ruler over the plane of sky, deposited life onto a lifeless planet, and with one swipe of her mighty claws laid claim to the promise of a new world".

    This is engrained in my memory forever. It set the precedent for the rest of my adult life.

    It's like Skynet as the primary antagonist we never physically see in Terminator 2: The foreboding presence of the greatest creature that started and rules over everything. It may return, or it may not.

    Fandom lists Veeshan as the mother of all dragons. Without Veeshan, there are no other dragons. Without Veeshan, there is no "Velious", and no scar thereof either. There is also no Norrath. I think this goes beyond whether we would classify her/it as a deity or not.

    I'd rank Veeshan #2, just because The Sleeper is.... well, a dragon that has built as much esteem when compared to 'It's A Wonderful Life' for Christmas movies.
  9. Strawberry Augur

    Osh`vir the Windspirit and his palls, they are the first dragons new players will see.
  10. Fooba Augur

  11. Dre. Altoholic

    Ragefire wins the drama contest.
  12. Sobmre Augur

    Here is my list:
    its based only on my fond memories of them.

    Zordakalicus Ragefire
    Xanamech Nezmirthafen