What are the needed changes in current day EQ?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Bronut, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. asfasfasfasf Augur

    It adds up over time, especially when you are still levelling up. I think some of you have been max level so long, you forgot what real EQ was all about. And there is more than just the rez. Look at the difference in AC from buffs and stuff like Divine Intervention.
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  2. Reval Augur

    You didn't read what I said. I said people can just do bracketed fights on their own if they want to. It doesn't need to involve devs, just that the people that want to pvp need to step up to the plate and do something.

    If you want solid pvp, then at this point that's the route to take. Get people involved enough to show that it's worthwhile to develop more towards it, and then get more development.

    Did you just read my new post and then still not read the old post? This is kind of awe inspiring.
  3. asfasfasfasf Augur

    ?? Current PVP is so bad there is one empty server. That is not what I'm talking about at all. I'm talking about some huge event that involves multiple entire guilds, competing with each other either directly or indirectly.
  4. Reval Augur

    A non answer from a guy that can't read a post. Don't make this more than it is. You just didn't read the post. You want to be the conversation, instead try to have a conversation.
  5. Tatanka Augur

    Seriously, here's the only relevant point. In order to make PvP worthwhile (whatever that answer is) would take more developer time than EQ can afford, and doesn't have enough broad appeal among the EQ playerbase.

    Large cost
    Narrow demand
    == ain't gonna happen

    The rest is useless theorizing.
  6. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    I am not sure what you mean with this.

    If it's "alliance" in any PvP-context, then no.
    Don't need PvP, don't need alliances for PvP either.

    If however it were about PvE, then yes.
    It's already done, mind you.
    Some mid- and lower level guilds have no other choice in order to survive, and this method has proven itself for way over a decade now.
    Some methods of "integrating" guilds as a sub-entity of another would sure be nice indeed.
    Some games (well, at least one i know) offer the ability to "usurp" an entitiy without actually dissolving it and taking in the remnants.
    "Normal" mergers have always the issue of the inactives being left behind.
    Such "sub-guilds" might resolve that issue, while enabling smaller guilds go share guild resources (Banner, GGH, Trophies too perhaps).
    Not sure if something like that were possible or how exactly the handling should be...
    But i like the idea of "guild-merges" by creating a super-entity without changing the actual existing guilds.
    Perhaps then we'd see more.. consolidation among the smaller guilds and continued "raid-alliances" despite all the nerfs and changing events for the harder for those that haven't beaten them yet...
  7. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Many games have "potential".
    Usually that means "i found a lot things in this game that appeal to me, but i want this or that emphasized more to make it perfect for me".

    EQ has a lot of lore.
    Much humor "between the lines" - death emotes, for example that most people miss.
    Quite involved quests, that one at one point in the past had to figure out because there was no write-up back then.

    But most of us probably play THIS game instead of any of the others that are available,
    because (in order of relevance)
    a) we have loads of friends here, b) EQ does, despite it's many shortcomings, a lot right for many of it's subscriberbase and c) because it was the first "real" MMO for many of us - childhood memories etc.
  8. Reval Augur

    That's nice and all Tatanka, but I wasn't advocating for devs spending time on pvp atm. You're jumping on the didn't read the post bandwagon.
  9. svann Augur

    It would be nice if there was a raid banner similar to the guild banner but so that pickup raids could use it. Sometimes everyone in the raid isnt from the same guild so they cant get there using the banner.
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  10. asfasfasfasf Augur

    Imagine Temple of Veeshan with raid content so tough that one guild heads north and one guild takes somewhere else, and only when something is triggered at the same time, does it unlock a secret area or spawn a big super raid boss. Stuff like that to get guilds working together. The content could be made to require shuffling people as well, so one area could be mostly magic immune so you need to get all the melees together from 2 guilds to take that, and then another area has super powerful damage shields so you need all the casters to nuke it down. And no guild could have enough people to do this so you find a guild you can ally with.

    It would be fun and interesting and it would stop snooty guilds who think they are better than everyone else from not working with other people.
  11. Reval Augur

    That sort of content would be neat, but as soon as a single guild can do it, you're back to square one.
  12. Phrovo1 Augur

    pretty sure a few raiding guilds already have the numbers to do that...
  13. niente Developer

    Please open a ticket on the DGC Issue Tracker for this, see if you can get some votes for it.
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  14. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    That idea has some appeal, at first read.
    I like the co-op thought behind it.

    On second thought though, there is a few.. problems? issues? involved:
    We once had 72character raids, which were later limited to 54. What you suggest (even if just in one special zone) would bring (back) 108man raids.
    And of course, such content decays too, even more rapidly these days than "back in the days".
    So it might work for one year, and then?

    I really like the co-op thought. and PvE is no hindrance (quite the opposite imo).
    But i would prefer a modernization of how "things" (raiding mainly) work, that hold up over time rather than decay.
    With a look back to "my days" in a smaller, more casual guild i would like to see the type of co-op you describe but on a more "day-to-day" basis.
    So that smaller guilds (or those portions at least that are even remotely interested in raiding but not wanting to give up their guild ties completely) can team up and do it.

    I have no clue how to do that without allowing "monster-raids" that would let people just zerg events.
    But even within the "confines" of present-day raid-events (54, flagging etc) i would wish for some way to "share" instances across individual guild-raidforces (while retaining or even "sponsoring" niceties like the banner and such).
    Currently, of course nothing stops a raid-leader to invite people or whole groups from other guilds.
    But they can't use banners obviously, lots of running and such - the raid as a whole of such an alliance is held up and separated...
  15. kinadafz Augur

    -The ability to purchase Lesson of the Devoted AA without waiting a year for the account.
    -Not having the newly released expansion's group content immediately be better than the previous expansion's raid content. Some way to ensure old content is relevant and not skip entire expansions due to no reason to go there.
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  16. CrazyLarth Augur

    I hope their is a level increase, I hope for newer Auto AA increase to help new chars catch up. I hope they put in things to allow more work time the Next expansion.
    I wish the bugs would be easier to be fixed more timely then waiting for the next months patch.
  17. OlavSkullcrusher Journeyman

    1. I'd like to add my call for Franklin Teek to be able to send you to the day's hotzones. Especially since they don't seem to change daily but stay the same in between server resets.
    2. Regarding Tradeskills:
      1. No more "best in slot" items, please. I saw what happened with Aid Grimel back in PoP's heyday, and it has gotten repeated with the Artisan Prize. Too many without any continuing investment in crafting just power through to be able to get the one awesome item, and it really messes up the tradeskill economy along the way.
      2. Instead, tradeskilled items should have a real purpose in helping people gear up in the group game. It isn't a progression server thing for me to remember banded armor being sold for 1pp per AC, I bought some at that rate (and later sold some) for my main character before there was an expansion to the game (born Oct. 21, 1999). I don't want crafted armor, jewelry, and weapons to be top group gear, but I thought that EQ2 got the right balance. Difficult to craft items were a step up from soloable quest/dropped gear, but true group gear was better still, and raid gear obviously the best.
      3. Make all crafted ores, pelts, silks, etc. truly global drops, rather than expansion specific. Befouled only drops in Rain of Fear, August only drops in The Darkened Sea. With people not spending much time in those expansions, especially, TDS, then the uncommon tradeskill drops become too rare to even set up a buyer for them.
  18. asfasfasfasf Augur

    Thx I will. I have a suggestion on how to do it which I'll try to put in that tracker thing.

    They should just do level scaling. Works so well in Elder Scrolls Online. It would save them having to constantly remake older raid content. Fear 1, Fear 2, Fear Reborn, Fear with cherry on top, etc. And they can keep it relevant gear wise, by making the loot important. Like make it a required part of Epic 3.0 or whatever.

    The problem is the game just has a preservation dev team and I think it would be impossible to prove that taking a chance on some big new ideas would actually bring in any new players. It might, but it might not. I think you can manufacture hype to achieve anything these days, but I don't think modern MMO players would like EQ if they tried it, unless so much was changed. Probably just not worth it.

    It's not just raiding with others but I really like the idea of having more sociological things happening in MMOs. There needs to be infamous players, players people love, someone people would trust to take care of a city, someone people just know would try to destroy the city if they had the chance etc. Political frameworks could be created by players to do big things in the game, but the players would have to trust real people to do their role, and maybe some people could betray that trust. Much drama could be had, but much fun and exciting stuff too. All of this was hinted at in 1999 EQ, the potential of persistent online worlds etc, but then everyone just carried away with grinding mobs for exp and loots and the bigger scope things were forgotten.

    I think EQ could shock everyone by developing some of those old ideas. But it's only a dream and probably couldn't work. And I don't really blame them, it's not the biggest and richest company after all. Blizzard however... all that money and they did nothing interesting at all. What a joke.
  19. Hingabe Augur

    I want to up vote the auto follow thing on the issue tracker but it won't let me log in to vote!
  20. Hingabe Augur

    We need the ability to save / load buff block sets the way we do spell sets, so when we have mercs out they can heal efficiently, and when we raid, we aren't a hinderance!
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