What are the needed changes in current day EQ?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Bronut, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. asfasfasfasf Augur

    That's all just solo open world PVP though. That would never be fun unless it was in Quake 3 or something. I'm talking about guild vs guild stuff in one zone that is designed specifically for it. Where guilds have to hold a fortress while others attack it. Like a mini game. There could be a different penalty for dying where you respawn somewhere, ready to go again. It would need to be well designed and fun or there is no point.

    Not sure if DBG have the budget to make big changes to EQ though. But I think fortune favors the brave and so far all SOE has done is pump out cut and paste expansions that don't add anything enough to bring in new players.

    Also fwiw, I saw people talking about this game on another forum and I suggested people play it and the reply was that they didn't even last 5 minutes. The UI was confusing and covered most of the screen the keys were archaic etc. And this is from players who adore old games like Baldurs Gate. All this stuff should have been fixed years ago.

    That could be fun. But imo the current players aren't interested in PVP and it would only be worth spending money on dev time to make it good, if it was so noteworthy that new players would come to see it. And then old players would give it a shot and see that they like it. But it would need real investment or it wouldn't be worth it.

    Like what? WoW had PVP since the start and has been going for something like 13 years so far.
  2. asfasfasfasf Augur

    Ok that was your point. But you missed the point of my post in your desperate need to tell me that "Ok" wasn't a big enough word.
  3. Sindaiann Augur

    Never missed your point, just correcting something that was extremely shortsighted and misinforming people.

  4. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    You can do better than that, can't you?
    IF you quote, quote correctly please!
    EVE has PvP too, and is still going and i still have no fun playing it, because PvP brings out the worst in people (ganking, bubbles).
    WoW as you say has PvP but i haven't played it much - nor would i ever play a bad copy of EQ.
    Much less so when PvP were in any form required for progression or to max out the character.
    (though i understand in WoW that's either or, not both. But while my understanding can be wrong, my stance on the PvP thing is still set: i want no part of it)
    As i said above:
    We on the "blue" servers have chosen PvE for a reason.
    We don't need PvP emphasized.
    The PvP crowd has their EQ-servers and their other games to gank themselves in.
  5. asfasfasfasf Augur

    You can fix that stuff with decent design though. Most PVP games let high level players gank low levels which is lame.
  6. asfasfasfasf Augur

    How is saying the heal classes do ok at high level shortsighted and misinforming people?
  7. Sindaiann Augur

    Because shaman and druid are better than just OK which is what you said they were.

    Is that hard to comprehend?
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  8. asfasfasfasf Augur

    But I was talking about mid to late levels when they still have no big heal and still rezzing people at 90%. They can do ok... but they aren't what you really want.
  9. segap Augur

    You're forgetting that this game evolves with time. That was the vision at that point in time. The game wasn't developed with 105 levels in mind nor the thought that it would be alive and kicking 18+ years later. Player abilities/power wax and wane with each expansion as the dev team and visions change.

    Content developed at various points in time is somewhat tuned to player abilities/power at that point in time. Revisioning player abilities at lower levels might require also going down the rabbit hole of revising that level appropriate content. They so to a degree when the newer progression servers reach that content if they feel it is needed.
  10. Sindaiann Augur

    I quoted the exact part of what you said and showed you why I did. Still a few responses later you don't get it.

    I'll say it again. Shaman and Druid are better than JUST OK later in the game.

    I pointed it out because calling them OK is inaccurate or at the very least sells them short. Maybe you just know people that play just OK, that is a player skill/desire issue.

    I didn't ever once say anything about your opinions on whether or not they were OK or not earlier on.
  11. asfasfasfasf Augur

    All the more reason to fix older content. Picking a healer and being totally inferior to a cleric until the end levels is just a nonsense.

    Depends on your definition of later in the game. It could take people several months to get to level 70 and they would still be weak compared to a Cleric.

    Skill has nothing to do with having a 90% rez. Keep trying.
  12. MyShadower Augur

    No way man! Those visionary devs put level 255 in the spell data! EQ is going to live another 18 years at least!
  13. Tatanka Augur

    With 1 exp/year, and a 5 level increase every other exp, it'll take 60 years to get there ;)
  14. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    2sentences and two "mistakes" when using them as a "pro" argument for your PvP thing:
    1) we're talking EQ here.
    And neither SOE nor Daybreak have shown much... competence with "decent design".
    Latest proof? see test-patchnotes...
    2.) In EQ iirc there is that 5 or 6 level "safety" when you cannot be PvP'd - which led to that bard training people with giants in oasis or south ro back then (for example).
    In my last arena-fight not too long ago, a level 100 (or 102 i do not quite remember - he was dark-blue) was one-rounded by several classes of level 105's. On the other hand, when i switched to a character a few(!) levels lower than him, i could not land ANY spell on him.
    So unless we're talking same-level ONLY (and possibly also some "forbidden" class-matchups), ANYTHING is "bad design", because it were BASED on the current "bad design".
    And no matter what checks and balances you might plan or wish to (be) put in place,
    the so-inclined people will ALWAYS find way to grief others.
    So don't open them yet another door, there's already enough possibilities for them as it is.

    Do yourself - and us - a favor and think of something else.
    I'd hate to have that enthusiasm put to waste on a lost cause.
  15. Aurastrider Augur

    Honestly just look at the popularity of the pvp server as it stands. Nothing against the people that play there but in all reality this game was designed to be a PVE not PVP game. Without significant overhaul of the mechanics not to mention actually gaining interest from the player base this whole idea would result in countless hours of wasted dev time. If they could actually establish a sensible PVP environment on the current Zek server and the player base shows interest in it which they could easily track via server population numbers then I would say this might be a reasonable request but even then I would prefer to see this on specific servers with that rule set and not a standard feature across the board.
  16. asfasfasfasf Augur

    Pretty sure my post had about 10 different suggestions. This was just a big one. You might be right that DBG are not up to it, but this thread is hypothetical anyway.
  17. Reval Augur

    Did you read the entirety of what I said? Just talking to talk?
  18. asfasfasfasf Augur

    I read it. PVP would need too much work and has too many people scared of it to be half baked. It needs to get serious development or just don't bother. With not enough budget the better option would be to have guild alliances rather than guild wars. Either way though I think they should do more with this game.
  19. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    No offense but PVP in EQ sucks and has for well over a decade. They aren't going to fix it so arguing about it here is a complete waste of time and effort. If you want PVP go play another game that has good PVP instead :):D
  20. asfasfasfasf Augur

    It only sucks because it never had any effort put into it. And I could say the same thing to you, if all you want is generic quests, instances, and grinding, then why don't you go play the million more modern games that do that? EQ has so much potential and most of it has never been explored. I don't know how many new players this game attracts, but I know it would be a lot more if they tried some new things and it got talked about on websites and forums.

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