What are the needed changes in current day EQ?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Bronut, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. Bronut Elder

    1.) Fear Fruit Needs to be patched to do 1,000 dmg per tick, most people who spent the time to get the item and use it , now receive no benefit from it due to current regen levels.

    2.) When you transfer servers, recipes get saved... I have transfered so many times and lost all my saved recipes and learned recipes.... not only is that annoying, but now i do not have credit for all the recipes that i have done over the last 5 years for my artisan aug.

    3.) Would be nice if Barter Welcome Text got saved..

    4.) Currently, when you go to type the amount you will pay for an item, when adding items to your buy list .... when you go to enter the amount of plat it starts with a 1 , i think it should start with nothing so u dont have to back space before typing the amount.

    5.)Bazzar search filter for "Collected Collectables"

    6.) Fellowships need more room, alot more.

    7.)Bazzar barters buy items automatically from bazzar venders, if the vender has the item at the same or lower price.
    i figure these issues would be fixed if they knew about them, so trying to get some attention to them.
    Please if i missed anything add below. thanks.
    - IXVl
  2. Jumbur Augur

    Would make collection shopping MUCH easier! :)
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  3. Questoften32 Augur

    My number one: Fix the damn loading time it takes to login to a character or to switch another character, So that, it takes about the same time as zoning.

    I could literally eat a cheeseburger or two hot-pockets and down a monster energy drink, in the time it takes, with time enough left over to scratch my..well never mind, light a smoke, and ponder the lore.

    In fact I have done so.

    It seems to finely load when you reach the point of absolute disgust but not quite the point of walking off.

    Zoning on the other hand is relatively quick. Lets work on that, shall we? The character loading, not the zoning.
  4. Jumbur Augur

    Slight nitpick: Remove loading times from evac/succor spells, there is no good* reason, why I should waste time reloading a zone I didn't leave....

    *I know the bad reason is, that they can't figure out how reset combat without leaving the zone, that screams bad design...:p
  5. Bronut Elder

    Good ideas guys.

    i raid on DSL.... and when i raid on cable ... there is a 30% increase in dps with no change in stratagy on some events...

    Whys the 2nd chardok raid so laggy when the frist one isnt?....
  6. Jumbur Augur

    Other petty nitpicks:
    • Fix weird pathing, some zones are worse than others (wasp-ara in SW).
    • Graphical: fog and weather effects aren't applied on transparent textures, looks weird!
    • Graphical: translucent/transparent polygons are not sorted, it makes grass/foilage and the crystals in western wastes look really weird from some angles.
    • Graphical: fix nearplane-clipping, looking through walls shouldn't be possible!
    • Graphical: fix animations! tired of seeing eternal face-stabbing on drakkin bards(among other things).
    • Easier UI-setup for high-res monitors, downloading custom UIs shouldn't be a hard requirement for 4k-monitors! Ideally every UI-element should have a "size-scale"-value.
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  7. Aurastrider Augur

    Pathing in some zones is just horrible like caverns. Not saying they should go back and fix every zone with horrible pathing issues but please don't release any more content where mobs are to dumb to go up a ramp or move around anything above or below the elevation in which they were pulled.

    Either make lock picking a relevant ability or remove the locks from doors on live servers that require a toon to pick the lock. Taking away the illusion "glitch" makes sense on the TLP servers where that ability is relevant but on live it just blocks players from entering areas or forces them to make yet another alt box just to get through a door.

    More tradeskill recipes with new expansion.

    Larger houses with more inventory space (or same size houses with larger inventory space).

    Placealbe tradeskill merchants for housing and guild hall.

    If a drakkin completes hero's journey give an alternate illusion reward. Nothing like doing over 1000 quests for an illusion that turns you into your own race.

    Make all prize packs available instead of a rotating system. Having to wait for over a year to try and obtain a specific card is crazy. The player base is not getting any younger.

    Make new prize packs with clickies that apply to current content in terms of mana/hp regeneration and such. Maybe even add some rare gear to the packs.

    More selection in terms of illusion, mounts and familiars. There was a large selection and then all of a sudden things got moved into the vault as if this is Disney. I don't want to wait 10 years for an item to come back for a once in a life time opportunity.

    More unique items for quests with new content. Maybe make these quests only obtainable after you have completed all the main quest lines. Illusion, familiar or regional port clickies as rewards. This will keep people interested in current content longer.

    An actual Auction channel like general that broadcasts server wide instead of the /auction which only broadcasts in the zone you are in. This will allow people to join this channel if they are interested in getting spammed by people selling stuff.

    Throw bards a bone. There is a whole thread on this but return them to their former glory while maintaining their class identity.

    While your at it help out our fellow players across the pond and fix their server. I would hate to see an entire region of players walk away from the game due to a technical problem.

    Separate EQ live from EQ TLP or classic as I like to call it. Give each their own launch pad just like EQII has. Changes that take place on the TLP stay on the TLP unless it is something that makes sense for the player base on live and visa versa.

    Add the Rank II spell unlocker back to the market place.

    Cross server grouping and raiding. Not sure how this works but someone mentioned another game that uses this ability. This would allow the servers to remain intact with the different personalities and such that make each unique while also proving greater grouping and raiding opportunities.

    Illusions while on mount (yes I know some illusions can be used while on a mount but they are limited)

    Increase the tribute bank limit to unlimited

    Add the heirloom tag to all LON and most if not all marketplace items.

    I know there is more but I guess this is a good start. Overall though current day EQ is better than no EQ. Keep up the good work team I am grateful for all the hard work that goes into this game.
  8. Reval Augur

    I think the tradeskills need to be reeled in a bit here.

    I see people that used to spend time playing the game together, going out and doing things, and they sit in pok or the hall just tradeskilling all day.

    No one likes it.

    No one wants to do it.

    They all just want some more heroic stats from that aug.

    It's irresponsible to promote that route to success by making these sort of tasks with so little return on investment that can take months to really complete.

    Make challenges that are actually challenging and not deskwork. Make group encounters that can be reallly hard to do, but make it hard in terms of difficulty, not hard in terms of sitting in pok for hours waiting on things to combine and buying/collecting tradeskill items. You can make it a hard achievement to get, or a really hard time trial. It doesn't have to be something that **** blocks people that can't manage it and stops them from enjoying the game. I'm just saying I liked doing the group version of tower of rot, and other hard missions a lot more than I liked doing tradeskills.

    The only thing tradeskills should be good for are a few neat items that you can buy from a guy that does tradeskills, and it rewards the guy for doing tradeskills.

    I can't think of a single good emotion I've seen anyone have about that aug. Not one. Make rewards for doing fun things, so people can have fun. Don't make them for doing boring, mind numbing things so that people can feel like they're in prison.
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  9. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    The only thing that is really, REALLY needed is:
    • a bigger, better and scaling chat-system
    a reversal of whatever change it was that they did last year...
    Because that's when our problems on AB began!
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  10. asfasfasfasf Augur

    1) Make auto follow work without being super ridiculously bad -.-

    2) I wish there was an auto login feature so the game remembers my server and remembers my last character, and I can just click an icon and it loads me straight in to the world without me having to click stuff. Also it shouldn't take so long.

    3) I think there should be bundle packages for buying expansions, subscriptions, and DB cash or marketplace items on multiple accounts. If I am playing 3 accounts, there is no way in hell I would buy 3 expansions, 3 subscriptions, and 3 gimmicky fun things on the marketplace. But if there was some sort of discount or bundle for buying multiple copies of things for multiple accounts, I would do it. The cost matters but it is mostly the principle.

    4) I hate leashing. It should not be part of EQ.

    5) Tanks should be able to tank and aggro as well as any pet, just by auto attacking. After all, that's all the pet is doing.

    6) Necros should be better in groups. More spells that drain HP and give to group, drain strength and give to group etc. A decent mez spell for 1 or 2 targets, maybe one that damages the mob while it is mezzed. Faster damage spells you can use in a group.

    7) Dire Charm should be improved or replaced with a generic charm spell booster. Currently it is useless in the higher levels.

    8) We really need a search for bags. I shouldn't have to look through 600 slots to find that one quest item or something.

    9) Buffs are annoying. There needs to be more consolidation of buffs so each class only has to cast one or two buffs that hit the whole group, and they last 6 hours or something. The low levels have to do it the hard way, by high level we should be masters of this stuff and not have the chore of casting individual things. I also don't like all the little ones that last 1 minute or whatever. They should be replaced with sustained ability like Dragon Age does where you cast it and it permanently removes a chunk of your mana, but that is the price you pay for having that ability active.

    10) How come of the 3 healers, only 1 of them is a great healer? I mean the Shaman and Druid can do ok, at least later in the game, but early on they suck compared to a Cleric, and not having a 96% rez is weird and a means nobody really wants to group with a Shammy or Dru. I think this only changes at level 105 or something which is way too late.

    11) Also I wish I could sell stuff in the baz on my f2p account so I could be selling stuff while I'm playing the game. And I don't like having to run back to the baz every night. It is harming the economy. I have so much stuff to sell for mid levels that I don't even bother trying to sell because nobody in chat is interested (they are all 105) and I can't be bothered transferring everything to my main account and then running him to the baz every night when I log off. Really you should just remove the idea of using actual players as vacant merchants. Let us hire an NPC to sell stuff. Or just add an auction house. It is easy to look down noses at WoW but at the end of the day, is there really any difference?

    Just imo.
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  11. Xarbokk Elder

    Make Mercenary contracts unlock for the account, not just the character. My main has some sweet looking Mercs, but all my alts are stuck with basic races cuz I don't feel like spending 2 million plat on an alt.
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  12. Redrum_Redrum Augur

    I have suggested if they dont raise the limit because you have guild banners atleast tie the limit to accounts. This way people with multiple toons on multiple accounts can cross swap to make up there group and still have the ability to use campfire. You cant have more than 1 toon online on any given account so this would prevent whatever they set the limit for in the first place.
  13. asfasfasfasf Augur

    Also I think if you really wanna bring in many new players, the game should have some big changes. There should be an expansion with some really hard content. Some group content that is really tough with mobs using new AI and stuff. Some raid content that no guild in the game can do by themselves, and it would require an alliance between 2 guilds to win. And there should be the ability for guilds to go to war with each other, and it flags everyone for PVP to everyone in those guilds, and there should be some uber group and raid content that is in zones that are PVP-enabled, so guilds have to fight each against each other to get items and hold locations, and can cause mayhem for each other to stop them. Guilds should declare war on a guild they don't like to stop them getting stuff and hinder their progress while they clean up. Also add a new class that plays like a Vanguard class, and the ability to for guilds to build their own cities. Make it more like EVE.

    I think if you could afford to do this, and improve the new player experience (simplify the UI and unlock more of it at certain levels etc) the game population could grow a lot and you would make far more money in the longer term. Currently the game just seems to be releasing the same stuff over and over to maintain the current population, but I think it could grow if new stuff was added and the gaming public heard about it.
  14. svann Augur

    Yea I wouldnt mind seeing an outdoor raid for old times sake.
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  15. Yinla Augur

    I would say a fix to AB server, but being as requests for information on this topic is being ignored I won't bother......oh wait it looks like I have.
  16. Yinla Augur

    We have fade, fade and move at the same time should make this viable.
  17. Hingabe Augur

    I would absolutely sub more accounts and purchase more expacs, if there were bundle deals, but I don't see that happening.
    Three things I see mentioned, I'm fully behind:
    (1) Using a mount, but it being "hidden" so that I can use my favorite illusions that aren't compatible. (2) an auto follow reboot. I see videos of people using some sort of accurate auto follow.. I don't think follow in its current live form should be as sloppy as it is. And (3) LoN rewards being heirloom and/or account wide (depending on the type of reward it is) obviously xp pots are consumables, but merc contracts or aspect of the brood etc.. I would like to be able to transfer that through my shared bank to a different character for sure!
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  18. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    It's called /guildwar

    We don't play on Zek for a reason you know...

    Hell yeah!
    Portal-ganking is exactly what we need!
  19. Gauss New Member

    Pretty sure the guildwar command hasn't actually been in game for like 10 years (correct me if I'm wrong.)
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  20. Questoften32 Augur

    On the other hand, there should be more immersive fantasy rpg thing...like immersive npc text trees, odd unexpected responses from npcs. Easter eggs, you know fun stuff to make them game even more delightful.

    Reputations with specific npcs and rewards. Gifting..just make a faction of 1 to do this.

    More features, perhaps gated behind molo grinding, none of this is/is not req don't make me do, idiocy...just convenient and fun stuff with a touch of fluff.

    Its not that tough. There could even be a buff...that would be enough...there is no need to get rough, or even, in a huff.

    Just for fun, you know, without any gruff.

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