What about Shaman on Mischief?

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  1. hein Augur

    So I've been going back and forth on what to start this weekend. I created an SK on the other TLP (the one still on Kunark) and frankly found it to be a low population server and it was super boring even after 3 hours of trying to talk with people ect.. So I've decided on Mischief. I'm want to playing something that would be new to me to play as a main which would basically be a Monk, Ranger or Shaman. How well are Shamans fairing on Mischief now, or should I go with one of the other mentioned classes?

  2. Mrjon3s Augur

    Shamans are just a good class and you skipped a lot of the crappy things like not having group buffs.
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  3. Ddezul Lorekeeper

    Aradune is the answer. Shaman are incredible in TSS.
  4. Aeonblade Very Hungry Vah Shir

    We are doing good on Mischief, Shaman is usually a strong choice no matter the era and quick to get groups. If you make a monk or a ranger make sure you have friends, gonna spend a lot of time LFG because DPS is a dime a dozen here same as any server. That being said, if you are a skilled monk who can actually pull and do monk things instead of just afk auto attacking, you'll find a lot of friends fast.
  5. Appren Gnomercy

    Shamans are always wanted, and very strong on Mischief. Group buffs, melee proc buffs, heals and slows, and can also do allright solo (you wont find groups at all times when leveling mid-levels, most likely), and with Mischief gear prices you can find a good amount of affordable lower level gear to make solo not awful.
  6. Vark Journeyman

    Agree with what they said!
    Shaman on Mischief is a great choice...i tried Yelinak and sadly it sucked, no one is grouping, even running a tank or healer, worst server i seen.
    I restarted on Mischief a week ago and its been quite fun, hit me up ill group with you as soon as we can

    name : Antiobo
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