What about a hybrid difficulty TLP server with unique rule set?

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  1. Questoften32 Augur

    This hypothetical server, would perma lock at serpents spine, start at classic but with a few differences.

    Some things would remain consistent across the whole experiences.

    1. No boxing.

    2. Merc always usable but of course none higher than journeyman 1 ever. Said mercs available at 2x scaling cost.

    3. No tutorial but the newbie set is 80% as effective stat wise, however the construction, drop rate of components has been simplified by about 50% and you get a charm to replace kobald one though its tradeskilled.
    .If you choose not to use a merc you can visit a special npc to get a buff toggled on called ''Arch of the hero'' when a merc is not active.

    It modifies your characters stats and abilities, in such a way its about 25% as effective as having a merc but at half the xp cost. Scaling of course.

    It also prevents you from calling a merc while the buff is active. You need to talk to the npc to remove the effect.

    4. Only 15% higher xp than classic.

    5.. 20% additional xp bonus for hunting in a group of 3 or more real players, starting at level 10 with a skill earning bonus.

    6.. /Vet always there but no /claim until the correct expansion.

    7.. Starts out with level 51 live aa's, in classic, you can earn, but no auto grant ever. However there is bonus aa gain at max level.

    8. Starts with loyalty vendor at opening of planes of power.

    9. Expansion auto unlock every 12 weeks.

    10. No further changes are ever made. You get what you get, no nerfs or other bs. Its dependable. Your character will never be changed.

    This dose not need to be exact but give a rough idea of the sort of thing I mean.

    The idea is for people hesitant to go all the way with a tlp character...but still want some of those experiences.

    However, because of time constants via employment or social, they play after a limited fashion and cant devote the time and energy to it, like they did at 17.
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    I would prefer that they utilize the profits from krono and subs to actually fix the problems currently present on running TLPs than try to shoehorn this strange idea into a new server.
  4. Tinytinker Augur

    No thank you.
  5. Behee Augur

    No, not interested. There are plenty of good (and much easier to implement) variations that make much more sense.
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    Please stop the horse is already dead
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  7. snailish Augur

    Lot of special rules in this idea. This makes it highly unlikely.

    They are more likely to reuse and recombine existing special rules:

    A truebox, instancing enabled, locked at TSS server with 51/50 character creation is pretty easy to do.

    Kind of wastes TSS though if you can't do 1-51. A server something like this could make sense down the line as a "later lock point" that Agnarr's population can ladder over to (but one somewhere around DoN first makes more sense).

    What you should ask them to do first is enable 51/50 character creation on any server past ____ (not sure where, depends if they come in that crazy strong defiant gear or not) without taking away the ability to start at level 1.
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    What is the appeal of boxing? I am not being insulting, I am trying to understand you. I woul;d much rather the characters be enabled to molo it as an highly difficult challenge come to that.

    Is it like a turn based rpg mentality, where you have a group of followers, Build up your team, you know strategy fun? Like shadowhearts, star ocean, arch of the lad, and grandia?

    Or are you just trying to get things by over powering the content?

    Is it about character building, or just self sufficiency, I could understand ether, but the idea seems clunky and a bit gross, done this way.

    Like a puppet show where you could not be very good, immersion breaking. In some mmo's people hold it in disdain.

    Maybe daybreak should build in a limit rpg boxing Ai? Where you fill character slots but pay for a boxing account sub like 49.95 monthly? The creative programing would be simple.
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    No. There are two things I won't play this game without. One of them is boxing.

    No. If there are no real players, then you have mercs. I do not think I'd use a merc if a real player were available. They were added because finding real players in your range was difficult. It is a better solution than say, WoW, where they pretty much eliminated class distinction when giving each class the ability to solo.

    Arbitrary much? Give newbies almost as good armor, but for some reason not as good. Make the item difficult to get because tradeskilled, even though the main problem with tradeskills is that everyone has them, thus they produce no individual benefit. Unlike real life where learning to do what I do for a living is a 6 year investment in school, just to get to entry level. Similarly for me to go to what you do is also a hurdle. Most of what is wrong with them has been somewhat addressed later on, in expacs beyond what you want to stop at (I think).

    The tutorial is fine. I enjoyed running through it on Live, even though I could just go buy myself an 85.

    Why 15%, why not live level? Why not Agnarr? If you've ever used an xp pot at level 58 in Juggs at Seb on Agnarr, you realize just how little 25% is.

    Choosing the XP gain rate is, in my opinion, primarily about content rationing. You have given yourself a lot of content to play with, I think Live XP gain is fine.

    I actually agree with the idea here. But I'd go for 100% or something meaningful.

    Sure, I think this is already the case? I seem to recall some claims having an expansion gate to them.

    I have no idea what problem this intends to solve. Again it seems arbitrary and capricious. Also I think if melee doesn't get Origin auto-granted they will find you and haunt your dreams.

    12 weeks of Kunark? No thank you.

    That is a sword that cuts the wielder more than it cuts the victim.
  12. Tinytinker Augur

    Boxing lets me get stuff done when I have limited playtime or know I may have to log any minute. It wouldn't be fair to form a group and then 25 minutes later have to leave.

    Boxing lets me build a group with my kids and play with them in a supervised situation.

    Boxing lets me bring along a needed class to assist friends and guildies.

    Most of the time, I enjoy grouping with people, but sometimes I need a break, especially after I've had a bad experience. I've been in groups where players got into drama over camps, acted pushy (I had a P99 player get annoyed at me for not giving him my Skype and Facebook names. He said I was very antisocial!) or behaved in an entitled manner. I've had people act very selfish in groups I've been in and my wife recently had a bad experience.

    My cleric wife was in a Skyfire group where the group leader logged in a friend to loot the pearl shards. She had said she was working on her epic and asked if she could loot the shards, but he felt his friend's toon needed the shards more, because the cleric epic would be extremely useful to his raiding guild.

    This was a bad experience for my wife.and after bad experiences like these occur, we need a break from doing groups for a bit. Boxing lets us step away and then come back to do the groups we enjoy.
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    No. Appreciate the effort though
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  14. Fhiele Augur

    We know there will be a new TLP at some point. I'd guess near to the time PoP drops on Agnarr. There might be another "one off" server like Quarm before them.

    When the new TLP comes, I hope it is not the one you are asking for. It sounds pretty awful to me.
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    Is Questoften a Risiko alt account? It's gotta be
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    I totally understand.