What a TLP should be DBG this is pure input

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Conspiracy, May 27, 2019.

  1. Conspiracy New Member

    I know this will be bashed by a ton of people mainly all those who want free to play game and ability to multi box with as many accounts as they want lagit or by software.

    New server that cost 50 us dollars a month per sub. No krono can be used to pay for game time.

    What this fixes for all of us who complain.
    No more mass boxing. Why cause people will not want to sink that much a month for a bunch of boxes. Farmers will shy from the server cause kronos are no longer able to pay for monthly account.

    This type of server makes people want to play only 1 account it can be truebox server if you like but want be many who will box.

    If DBG will make this server then I would return other wise I'm done with you. I'm serious 50.00us a month paid sub no krono other wise it want work.
  2. phattoni Augur

    noone is going to pay a failing company 50$ a month to solo.
  3. forbes77 Elder

    can't see this catching on
  4. Conspiracy New Member

    Don't speak on my behalf. your all ready wrong cause i'm part of this none you are talking about.

    Once others see a server like this they will start to move over once they see the box botting krono issue is gone.
  5. Elemenopi Augur

    No need to increase the price, just disallow krono use on the server, and disallow boxing period.

    Can be released at the same time as a "box how you want" server so those folks also have a game space where they can play.
  6. Xzugh New Member

    Your suggestion won't fix anything. Krono going away won't magically stop people from farming and selling droppables. Anyway - your suggestion brings things in the wrong direction actually. If you look at servers like Agnarr the low level game is basically a barren wasteland. If that server was opened up and made F2P it would be a good alternative to the corruption on P99.
  7. Conspiracy New Member

    The price increase is needed cause those looking to play on a server with out all the crap we have been dealing with. If the price is this much and not krono subbed then all them mass boxers and farmers will not play here. No one is going to play on a server with multiple account if it cost them 50 a month per account and they cant use kronos to sub. DBG has made it clear on the boxing and illegal software on boxing they say they don't have the ability to police.

    Once more this isn't a server for you they have a hundred servers for you to play on. This server is for the true fans that want to be done with the crap and excuses that have followed.
  8. Conspiracy New Member

    Didn't say kronos going away just that they can't be used to sub a account on this server. Sure kronos to trade in game for items and such but not as a sub. FTP is bad for DBG cause in order for DBG to make money on a FTP server they have to allow this krono crap so farmers can lock down content and people who can't get to it has to buy kronos from DBG to buy the items from the content that is locked down by farmers.

    If a account can't be bought by kronos and is 50 us a month then farmers will never come to the server.

    Besides like I said this is not the server for you they have 100 servers for you to play on go play on one of them.
  9. Xanumbik Augur

    I would pay more for a TLP legends type server.
  10. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Nothing at this point would make me believe paying more would solve anything.

    There is virtually no in game gm going on. Warp hacking is still blatant. The offenders are still playing and if we threw more money at dbg there us 0 precedent that is going to be invested into community standards type stuff.
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  11. Machentoo Augur

    This is absolutely not true. You'd have the same RMT farmers with six or twelve accounts farming everything and selling on player auctions etc instead of in game for krono.

    It would cut down on casual boxers, but the ones who are looking to make money on the game will see a server like this as a golden opportunity.
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  12. code-zero Augur

    TLP = Krono machines

    Krono are working exactly as intended within the game. Forget about DBG ever even thinking about screwing with the current tiered system of membership. Remember, at first there was Bronze, Silver and Gold and they completely tossed out the Silver level and change Bronze to Free and Gold to All Access.

    They aren't going to add some hokey "premium" access level as All Access IS the premium level.

    Just stop. It's not input, it's just sad.

    Give it up and learn to use Krono in game as Daybreak intended
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  13. phattoni Augur

    lol... 50$ a month i think not, good luck though. like i said noone is going to pay 50$ a month to solo, which is exactly what this would be.
  14. Arrk Augur

    Boxers will still exist.... ever at that price...
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  15. modsiw Augur

    People willing to spend a lot of RL money on EQ are the same folks that are willing to spend a lot of RL money on EQ. This would be a server highly biased toward the RMT customer base.
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  16. Elemenopi Augur

    If they charge that much they better start having DM events ~1999-2001 and enforce all of the old PnP rules they havent enforced in years all the while claiming "lack of resources" as the reason. If they just pocket the 50 bucks per month per player and make no other positive changes, the 8 players who sub up at that rate will be logging into a ghost town. The reason is because when they market nostalgia they need to deliver nostalgia.

    The reason I do not believe a 50 dollar price is needed is because I do not believe it would result in the resources being added back into the rule enforcement pool. DBG can feel free to prove me wrong on that one. :p
  17. Elemenopi Augur


    The "pricing everyone but the true fans out of the market" argument is bass ackward. The p2w crowd spends alot more per person than even a 50 dollar a month sub player would spend. They are the ones pricing everyone else out of their nostalgia, as the PnP rules get purposely neglected in favor of allowing Tron Paul Jones to take over every cash camp in the game.
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  18. Nolrog Augur

    Another I hate krono server. What a surprise.
  19. GNOME_POWER Augur

    You also have the option of watching a great EQ match on Twich or Youtube.

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