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  1. Stephsanity Elder

    Killed the 9 mobs in skyfire came back wants me to converse with Crestra keyword is beasts to start the series of text. last text of evaluate a few doesn't update text I just say "That sounds fun. I'll evaluate a few of the monsters in skyfire. Task doesn't say what to do next just still the Converse with Crestra.
  2. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    This should be fixed.
  3. Aikharos Journeyman

    "Sine they are mostly humanoids...." Spelling error when you are responding to Crestra on this task.
  4. Aikharos Journeyman

    In the same quest, after killing all the mobs on the list,

    "You say, 'In broad terms I suppose they are related to dragons. But more like distant relatives in the animal kingdom. (Sentence frag. Use: 'But they are...')

    "Their useful times are about the same as chromodracs..."
    Are you saying their usefulness is about the same as chromodracs? Or are 'times' somehow related to a characteristic of the dragon? Perhaps it's another Alaran pronoun, of which I was previously unaware.
  5. Aikharos Journeyman

    "Crestra says, 'Do fire elementals have any substance to their bodies? Or are they only fire?
    "You say, 'Yes. Though it is liquid rock, magma.'"
    Two questions are asked, and the reply is "Yes." Suggestion: They do have substance to their bodies, although it is more like liquid rock or magma.

    "You say, 'Large stone creatures. Their general origin is similar to those in Overthere. They are constructed by magic, or spontaneously from because..."
    Is this supposed to be 'form?'

    "You say, 'The vampires seem to be doing something with the bones of a dragon. Sine they are mostly dead humanoids."
    Not sure if you saw prior post.

    Hope that helps.

  6. Aikharos Journeyman

    When putting crestras earring in the jewelry kit, to make crestras earring and conflagrant diamond, all I got back was diamond dust. Lost the earring. So people will spend hours working a quest to get all supplies to make the earring, and then lose it in the next quest? It's unreasonable for that to happen even by EQ standards imo.
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  7. Aikharos Journeyman

    Footnote: If you fail the first combine to get incomplete Cestra's earring, there is no recourse, but to drop this task after being one step away from finish, then starting the first quest over again to get Cestra's earring. Then you would have to do task 2 again, hoping you don't fail the combine again. This seems it will be a repeatable pattern until your first combine with Cestra's earring is a success and you can get Incomplete earring and diamond. However, when you go back to Cestra, you don't have the option of getting the first quest again to get the earring. She simply asks you to tell her about all of the things you killed in Skyfire. In this case, the quest doesn't seem to be doable given the aforementioned circumstances. Unless of course you have to drop the second task to get the first task again. I only want to do that if that is, in fact, the case. Any suggestions?
  8. Stephsanity Elder

    You can do the combine again without doing the tasks I believe.
  9. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Hrm. Spoken conversation often has sentence fragments. Hrm.
    I meant times to be items. Changed to components.
    Changing these :)
    Please be clear about which quest and which earring.
    I checked the combine. The FIRST task, where you are not starting with an earring, you Can fail and only get diamond dust. BUT all of the drops are attainable without the task elements. The NPC's in question have a 50% chance to drop the items, on the quest or not.
    The Elaborate earring is the only one where the quest has to do something special to let you get the item again. Here the elements for the energy SHOULD reset if you zone into the appropriate zone.
    For the final task, Veeshan's tears are not lost in any failure, including crystalizing them.
    It does look like currently, you could make up to an Intricate earring without having the task (though you need the tasks to get the recipes but once you have the recipes you have them.) I think I'll be lore grouping the earring.

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