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  1. Ancient New Member

    I have a few stories.

    I started on quellious back in the day (1999) and had a lot of fun.
    Mostly i was an enchanter that goofed a ton. First thing i recall was being one of the first level 60 enchanters on the server (i was not the first but i was 3-4 area).
    Next when i was a 60, people would send tells along the line "you need to buff me". not a please or will you...So i would hunt them down.. and buff them.. (hehe)
    One guy was such a butt that I did everything i could to make him quit. He was a level 1 highelf (something) and I was a 60-65 enchanter that had projection illusion. I would tell him for a bonus exp he would have to hail 5 guards in certain order with the ogre illusion on him.. (that took 2 beers before I got bored). He died 30 ish times...
    Next he wanted me to give him something. Some kind of armor... I gave him a ring that took hp away (from seb -75 hp). Well at the time I gave it to him negative hp could kill you.. He put on and death.. Loot his body and death.. ect ect.. Then about a month later a patch was introduced that you would not loose your items when you die... OHH I FOUND THIS GUY AGAIN... he had 40 or so corpses in same spot.. spawn and death... lol.. After that another patch was introduced that no matter how many negative hp items you have you will always have 1 hp.. Well dang.. he now can spawn in.. but no matter how much ac you have mobs will do 1 damage. Well i forgot about this poor guy for about a month. he sends me another tell aking me how i level so easily (he was still level 1).

    Next thing i recall was right before the best of the best tournaments. I was in freeport (enchanter again) and this gm or guildie said that i could not kill him. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED... I charmed him... ran into the arena in freeport (so not to loose exp) and sent him after guards.. when charm broke i would fear him causing a guard train. ohh that was fun.. i kept this up for about 2-3 hours.. The next thing i know you cannot charm players in pvp anymore... enchanter collecting dust now....

    Next thing I recall.. I was playing my shaman. A new aa came out earlier that month.. if it "procked" you would be invulnerable.. then it would have a chance to proc again.. well i found a way to make it proc 100% of time after the first proc.. If you were brave enough to try and have a mob kill you and have it proc you could clear a mission (hard mode) in about 2-3 min. Well that went to the way side on the next patch..

    Thats all i have it was fun for me...
  2. Ravidel New Member

    I have a few stories...
    Back in 2000, I saw a review for EQ in PC Gamer magazine, and I was excited when I read that you could terrorize the countryside as a skeleton, or run around as a wolf, the idea of thousands of people playing with you was still relatively new, but my first character, was a gnome wizard, I remember dying a lot...a lot.. and there was a point where I tried to run to Gfay, but in lesser faydark I followed the road and got lost, back then it would get really dark and hard to see, maybe it was my gamma on my screen, so I wandered around until a red orc attacked me and I died, lost my corpse, I was probably level 6 or 7, I tried every class after that.
    Also, classic was a time where I knew absolutely nothing about the game, so everything was new, some of my fondest memories were, killing for the first time in unrest, questing for the screaming mace, as well as, exploring the karanas for the first time, (I played a druid for a long time, so I could port there)
    I miss the times where the GMs would host the Best of the best, I didn't get to participate but it was fun to watch, they also did a few other events, like in east karana having undead for Halloween if I remember right, but we must have pissed off the GM, and he spawned a bunch of high level lions, which proceeded to kill us all. When Kunark launched, that was a great time as well
    Anyways, I thought id share some of my experiences, all on a crappy computer and dial up
  3. svann Augur

    It was the last day of beta. I was just running around Neriak looking at stuff. Id heard that there would be an event before beta shutdown so I wanted to be online for that. In Neriak library I ran into another dark elf with the odd name of Innoruuk. I thought "what a dork, and how did he get that name past the filter"? And he is pvp flagged! I wish now that I had taken a shot at him because 15 minutes later he appeared outside Neriak in his true form and standing like 30 feet tall. I could have been the first one to kill Innoruuk if I had ambushed him in that library instead of mocking him!
  4. BeefstewPlays New Member

    There was this one time everybody was so excited about a server. I can remember it like it was very recent. But, Daybreak let everyone down with their announcement of the server rules and didn't meet the standards they led everyone to believe with their initial announcement of the server. People were threatening to unsub their 4 box accounts if Daybreak didn't change the servers to the way they wanted it. Oh wait... that is now... we're still waiting on the Selo changes Daybreak, where you at?
  5. Spencer Kane New Member

    There was this time I had a dream that I left EQ, played GW2 for about 14 months, then came back and the first "scheduled maintenance" was actually a timely affair! Of course it was, sadly, only a dream.
  6. Drexyll Lorekeeper

    One of my favorite times was when I was right around level 35 playing a Ranger on Rallos Zek in 1999. I killed a Dwarf Warrior in Gfay right at the zone line to Lfay. This was when you could loot 1 item from someone when you killed them, so I chose his very best piece of gear-his Bloodstained Tunic. About 5 minutes later I started getting private messages along the lines of "Give my tunic back or I'll find out where you live and burn your house down." or my personal favorite, "You have one last chance or I swear I will ra** your mom." Needless to say, even though he seemed pretty serious, I sported that piece of crap until I scored an Ivy Etched Tunic. It was all unicorns & rainbows after getting that bad boy.
  7. Greatball O`Fire New Member

  8. Durbah Lorekeeper

    Oh man... I don't even know where to begin lol. So I created my SK in just a few days after Kunark launched, but he got put on the backburner because my guild needed my cleric at that point and it took forever to level and all that. So, I was finally able to get around to it probably just a few months after LDoN launched. Well, my brother decided to join me and he made an SK as well, we both did greenmist which was easy because we used our high level toons to get the others drops, basically, both of our SK's had greenmist at like level 20. So we continued leveling pretty slowly but smoothly.

    So about in our 30's we turned our attention at LDoN stuff, we were having fun using a boxed guy to make the third player so we could do them, eventually got bored of that and decided to pick up some company. So we found this druid. Now I don't remember how we got this druid, but he was around our level and was willing to get the missions since he could port himself to BB and save almost half the run and get us a mission while we waited in Lesser Faydark. So we finish this mission and me and my brother were talking and for some reason, and listen to me, I HAVE NO IDEA WHY, I came up with this idea, me and my brother worked it out that we were going to try to scare this druid. I STILL laugh at this to this day, it was so dumb.

    So the druid ports to BB to pickup another mission, while there me and my brother start talking in gsay.

    ME: Crap that pained unicorn is out here roaming, we need to stay out of it's way
    My brother: Um, I lost sight of it I have no idea where I am.
    Druid: Almost to the mission giver.
    Druid get's mission at this point.
    Me: Hey it's right behind you!
    Brother: Oh crap, druid hurry and get here!
    Me: Oh no, he's dead!
    Druid zones in
    Druid: I'm coming as fast as I can.
    Me: Oh crap it got me too.

    Now, at this time the druid is treading very carefully getting to our position, looking all over the place for this pained unicorn. Granted, none of this unicorn stuff actually happened, both me and my brother are feigned death near the zone in. Druid comes walking up and sees us, and asks if we need to find rezzes... At this point me and my brother both stood up and at the same time typed in group:


    And I'm telling you, I can see the look on this druids face through his monitor. He looked at me then at my brother and was shaking his head thinking "these idiots..." Me and my brother both are dying so hard laughing, and I think it was more at ourselves than anything...

    I will never forget this... NEVER! And I will NEVER forget EQ and all the fun it has brought me and still is! Granted I don't talk to my brother anymore and probably never will again, I love this game. There hasn't been a time yet that I think "Why did I play that game?".

    I know this story is long, but freaking hilarious. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
  9. Umul Augur

    Fennin Ro server.

    First time I saw the Raining Blood in PoF. Being a huge metal head/slayer fan, I thought that was the most metal, awesome thing I'd ever seen.

    Same server, Lake of Ill Omen, Leveling an alt of mine. At the sarnak fort grinding with some peeps. Chit chatting with everyone, it turns out 3 of us were in the same high school and knew each other.

    On Fippy me and a friend Convinced one of our wizards there was a Yellow scale that drops off the dragons in NtoV. The entire raid, every time we kill something hes sending tells asking what dropped and people are like wtf are you talking about? Lololol.
  10. Snack Augur

    Day #1: Buy EverQuest, install, run -- you must have a 3D video card.
    Day #2: Buy cheapest 3D video card I can find (4MB Creative Labs), EQ now runs!
    Character #1: Gnome Enchanter. Welcome to Ak'anon. Splash. Glug, glug. Loading, please wait. Welcome to Steamfont Mountains. (Why am I somewhere else now?) /camp
    Character #2: Dwarf. Welcome to South Kaladim. Splash. Glug, glug. Loading, please wait. Welcome to Butcherblock Mountains. WTF! Why do they keep moving me?!?! /ragecamp
    -- I don't know if they hadn't added the gamma slider, or I hadn't figured it out -- but I basically couldn't see in dark zones, even with ultra/infravision. I kept falling in bodies of water and didn't know how to swim either. --
    Character #3: Barbarian. Welcome to Everfrost. Running around. Walk off this half mountain. Loading, please wait. Welcome to Everfrost. WOO! Same place. Wander around. Avoid stuff. /camp on the side of a mountain (cause it's getting dark).
    Day #3/Character #4: Quellious Monk (didn't say human, cause that was THE choice. You could choose Quellious, or choose to be a godless heathen in the most depressed part of Western Antonica). Welcome to West Freeport. Guild summons says find Puab Closk. Cool, found him. H-A-loading, please wait. Welcome to West Freeport. (cool, same place at least). I'll just run over here. Why am I loading again. Welcome to East Commonlands! Whoa...what's this. Where is Freeport. OMG! What was that. An Ogre? Whoa, these people are all super tough, look at them fight that shadow wolf! "Excuse me, how do I get back to Freeport?"
  11. Chronostinator New Member

    It was a Wednesday and the servers didn't go offline, only happened once as I recall, that was a glorious day!
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  12. Snack Augur

    After playing for a few weeks, I am super high level -- like, 7 or 8. I'm a regular in EC, ruining their lands since I have ruined mine already. At any rate, I am very worldly at this point, and know most of what there is to know about EQ. Trying to convince my roommate to start playing and he is watching me and he says, "Whoa, what is that?"

    (It's an enchanter pet chasing it's master).

    Me, being worldly, says very confidently -- "Oh, that's just a guy in invisible armor."
    "They have that?"
    "Yup, guess so."
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  13. Jedipokey The Devs have become better at Apathy! (380)

    Started on Bristlebain at launch. Made an Erudite Mage and went out to the zone and couldn’t see anything cuz their vision was crap along with my garbage monitor. Turned up the brightness all the way and had to get really close to find out how to log out.

    Remade a human mage in Qeynos I remember being in awe as hundreds of us were in North Qeynos running around just trying to find anything to kill. Playing Warhammer as a kid it was awesome being “in” an actual fantasy realm with other real players. Eventually got high enough and starting to kill the guards in Rivervale cuz I couldn’t find anywhere else to go. Rep got so bad that I was getting smoked trying to get through RV so i could venture to EC Tunnel. Had to delete toon and start again cuz didn’t know how to fix the faction.

    Printing out player made maps to put in a binder so I knew where things were and all of the tradesjill recipes
  14. Mayar New Member

    The day Kunark was released I started playing EQ. I decided to try an Iksar, they sounded cool, I drowned 4 times.

    This other player finally showed me how to get outta the water and navigate ( up and down ) in water. We've kept in touch over the years.

    First time I ented in Feild of Bone I saw in OOC, Healer looking for Tank. Now of course I could figure out what a Healer was, but I immediately sent my friend a tell 'Hly sht we get Tanks in this game?!?' He laughed and explained to me what a Tank was. I was playing a Shadowknight....

    Few months go by and my friend is checking on me and says here watch this and he runs up a ramp and disapears. Suddenly he falls down in front of me from the ledge above and I see, his body sprawled out. I said 'Dude you just fell to your death what the heck' He suddenly JUMPED up and laughed ( he played a monk ) and explained what FD is.

    One of the funniest moments I remember is when we put 5000 copper on a skele in FoB and waited for someone to kill it. Back then you could do that and the person would loot whatever was put on the mob. Eventually someone did and was like 'Wow just got 5000 copper from this skele' and soon every new player was out there killing skele's.

    Months pass, and my friend was grouped with me in Cabalis, he was at the bank and I was also. He turned to leave, I suddenly took all my plat, changed it to copper and removed it, then waited. He was as the top of one of the buildings. Sure enough he started to do like he always to jump out a window and right then I did /split and half my copper went to him. He was So pissed cause he couldn't move, but we both laughed. I ended up making 6 or 7 trips to the bank to deposit my money back.

    Best memory is Zaii and our raid in Plane of Fear, loved her pulling tactics. She would pull a few mobs to the raid, and I'd test how well we did, dps, healing, tanking, and tell her to speed up or slow down. We used this all the time to get a feel for what we could handle and what not. So I tell her, 'Pull 2 or 3, NO more than 5' She says "Gotcha" ... few minutes go by we see in raid chat "Incoming" I ask "How many?" she says "All of em"

    15 minutes latter after much laughter and fighting, everything is dead including almost the whole raid and Fear was cleared.
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  15. Jhenna_BB Proudly Prestigious Pointed Purveyor of Pincusions

    I can honestly say I've received more out of EQ than the average player has. In my old guild on Bristlebane, Veeshans Fury it just so happened a bunch of us lived driving distance from one another. I think one such get together there were 15 of us that lived in NH, Mass and NY - plus one who flew in from done south. Four of these players live 10-15 minutes from me and have become family to me. I don't know what I'd do without them.

    Spending the better part of a decade in VF was to me the best decision I made playing EQ. There are so many people still actively playing - it's so awesome to be able to keep up with so many of them. I wouldn't be having the time of my life as a gamer as a member of Reckless Ascension if not for all those roots keeping me around all these years.

    Edit: How cool is it that so many in this thread are labeled "New Member"? This is a subject near and dear to players. :)
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  16. speeech New Member

    i was playing on the Quellious server back in the day. I died outside the gates of qeynos so when i went back for my body like you had to in the old days, i was invis and stood over my body spamming /help and a cleric ran on up and started healing my corpse. :) lol
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  17. Herf Augur

    OMG, that's the most awesomething thing ever!!!! I'm so sad money doesn't weigh anymore or I'd try it :)

    I do recall selling something for like 6.5k to a wizard. I had to meet him at a spire he could gate to since he couldn't move with that much money on him. After he paid me I had to slink back to Kunark from SRO at a snail's pace.
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  18. SerenadyFV New Member

    I started on Bristlebane with a wizard where I played at 6-8 months before going to Firiona Vie. Ive never left FV since.

    I met my now fiance' on Everquest back in 2002. I was 26 and he was 18. We started what has now become a 17 year friendship. We lost contact for a few years. He had gotten married by the time we found each other again. I eventually became good friends with his past wife. She past away about 5 years ago with he and I by her side. She also loved EQ. She was a great person who welcomed me into her home and life.

    I don't think I could write enough about all the good times, friends, and adventures I've had in the past due to this silly but awesome old game. I'll always be thankful for the adventures and friends I made over the years. It still brings back a kind of magic feeling I could never quite recapture in any other MMO I've played in the past.
  19. FxMercenary New Member

    [IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG]I remember walking into Babbages in 1999 and picking up EverQuest. I had just purchased a pretty expensive graphics card for my desktop and wanted to see what more modern games looked like with a 3d graphics card, so I purchased the game, and I have been playing EQ for the past 20 years! (Funny, I still have that very first computer!) The original server that I played on, and still do from time to time is The Nameless. I can't believe that it has been 20 years, and I am still here, looking forward to playing on Mangler, to re-live the golden years of my favorite MMORPG!
  20. Jedipokey The Devs have become better at Apathy! (380)

    Seriously love your pictures.
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