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  1. Roxxlyy Augur

    During the last 20 years of playing and creating EverQuest, we've made countless memories and shared unforgettable moments. As we rapidly approach our momentous 20th Anniversary, we want to hear YOUR EverQuest stories!

    This year we want to take the time to feature one of the things that makes EverQuest so incredible - the community. If you'd like to share your own story with the world, there are several ways that you can do so:
    • Write-up your best or most memorable EverQuest story and send it to winkluke@gmail.com for an opportunity for your experiences to be shared in PCGamer! Please be sure to submit by Monday, February 11.
    • Record a 15-second video on how EQ changed your life and send us the link through Player Direct for a chance to be featured during our anniversary celebrations!
    We look forward to hearing your stories, and to making new stories with you all this anniversary.
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  2. Sereleth New Member

    My wife and I were still relatively new players at the time, less than 6 months. LDoN was the most recent expac. We had to be late 30's to mid 40's. She played an SK and I was a Necro. We were in the great divide grinding wyrms in the cave.Kite, fear, and dirty heals baby! A bird flw into the cave and we we had never seen that happen before. The bird hovered above us and began talking. Told us to gather other adventurers and provided a quest that would reward us with a coin pouch. It was a GM. We /ooc and found 1 other player and that was good enough lol.

    BTW I really miss the undead army spawns during the anniversary at night.
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  3. Vertibreaker New Member

    Its was 1999, late summer. My friend called me over and he was playing a game, he was a HiElf Cleric, he was doing pvp at lvl 5 or so. My cousin stated playing so I got it as well to join in. Everquest kicked in.
    Lanys T'Vyl server. I had a DE called Saten, heh. But re rolled in early 2000, Feb I think. Hi Elf Wiz, Kronik. Played him to 30 then Kunark until 56. Remember staff of the wheel, and getting my Ice Comet, that was a great day. M y friend played a druid and we pl'd an Iksar monk, Vertibreaker. UP to 65, I got lvl 60 the day before PoP came out. Played a bunch of other chars. Im trying to get my original account back right now, but when I heard the starting theme music it brought me right back.

    Heh I even remember going on a corpse run for a friend in L Fay, when I clicked the corpse I was able to loot all his gear, then had to give it back when I got to him.

    Good times. Hope I can get my original acct back, but playing a BST now having a great time.

    Chippz 7th HAmmer 88BST
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  4. Jake_Halter New Member

    The best story I have begins way back in 1999 or early 2000. I was playing a barbarian warrior named Shenendoah. So I was new to this game and 2 friends I had in school convinced me to start playing because they were playing. Well, back then traveling was crazy difficult and I was trying to navigate from the frozen tundra of Halas to Freeport. The journey was long and treacherous and I died a few times having to start the whole trip back over. This was one of my fondest early game moments but here is where the story truly becomes interesting. So, being new to this game and not that familiar with traveling outside of Halas, when we finally made it to The Eastern Plains of Katana. I was running up the mountain path to get to the zone in for High Pass Hold, when all of a sudden my friend said RUN!!!! next to me because we were playing in the same room telling me that I aggroed the dragon that lives in the chasm. So I immediately hoof it running as fast as my slow barbarian legs would go not wanting to turn around and face certain death and that journey again. I ran like there was no tomorrow and finally zone into High Pass. Mean while my friends are laughing hysterically at watching me fall for this ruse. Welcome to EQ. I have played on and off for years since. Through good times with the guild I helped create to bad times when I was fed up with things and left the game for a period. I am still playing today, not because I have to but because there is an inherent part of this game that I grew up with and playing reminds me of when I was younger and life was easier. I remember my first time raid and how it took us 2 nights to complete it. And just recently with my monk how I soloed the time raid. This game has been amazing and I wish I had the money and time off from work to go this years celebration. I appreciate the memories and the friends I have made and lost in this game. I truly appreciate the things I was able to accomplish and the things yet to come. I have never been a super serious EQ'er but certainly some of my ex-girlfriends and my current wife would argue. The hardest part was that when I got on to play was the time it took to accomplish a raid usually 2 -3 hours, but even that I appreciated. Thank you Everquest and all those who are apart of the game.
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  5. Etha Journeyman

    I had been invited to a pug in Direwind. There was another mage in the group, for some reason mage spells were dropping a heap at this camp. We were really good at sharing them. After a while the other mage left when a replacement arrived. People came and went but there always seemed to be the right class lfg just when we needed them. The group was motoring along and before I knew it I had been at this camp for 18 hours. Thought I had better go to bed, looked to see who was lfg and the mage who had been in the group at the start was there. He had been to bed and work and came to replace me. Never found out how long that group lasted.

    The other thing that sticks in my head. I had never been a pc gamer, moved into a share house. One of my house mates starting playing one night. I was glued to the screen, I had never even knew anything like this had existed. Stayed up til 5am just watching. Slept in and was over 4 hours late to work. That was the first of many late eq nights.
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  6. rongameplayer New Member

    It was when Kunark first came out. Not long after that I met a female Ranger in blackburrow. We started grouping together, me being a Druid and her. We eventually joined a guild together and had plenty of groupings and just chatting , bantering together. About a year ( RW time) later we had played so much together I had my toon ask hers to marry him. Before there were wedding ceremonies and such! We had our wedding in Butcherblock Mountain. One of our guildies somehow got a hold of a white wedding dress. And hid her as she came out of this little hut. It started raining and I didn't have the stop the rain spell yet. There was a higher level druid in the zone and for me he stopped it. Today me and her ( and her RL husband are the best of friends. They live in the Northwest part of US, I live in the Midwest. Distance doesn't separate friends. :)
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  7. Shanarias Augur

    The first night I played Everquest was right after Kunark was released, and I was absolutely clueless. A friend told me to roll a female human, and guys would give me helpful stuff. Not knowing a thing, and having played in lots of bands in the past, I became a Bard. It was really tough, and I don't think I got all that far with that Toon, but it was a start.

    Some guy came along since I was really floundering, and taught me how to use what I had already, and after I learned how to loot, and stay alive, he gave me some better pants and stuff. I looked up, and it was 3:30 AM, and I realized that they had created this game for ME! I had to be at work at 9, and I told them at work (computer repair shop) and it turned out that those guys were playing it too. It was MUCH more difficult to play the game back then
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  8. Gebriel New Member

    I had so much fun on Sullon Zek (the deity based PVP server). Following a good deity, I was on the disadvantaged team. The thrill of hiding in a boat, hoping that a higher level player didn't find you (no level limit). My most favorite PVP event was when a group of us were killing giants in Kunark when another group of the opposing faction showed up. Since we were in shared wolf form and we stayed in melee range, they couldn't easily tell who was healer, tank, or DPS. Illusions were another fun way to avoid detection when in enemy territory. Since I had RAID 0 hard drives, I could zone faster than most players. If I could make it to the zone line, this worked out great on PVP servers. If I could either use that advantage to get a head start or immediately zone back before they zoned in. I also had an unfortunate encounter with Wuoshi while trying to get my new druid spells. I didn't have enough faction to not be attacked and he destroyed me just after porting in. I tried a second time and lost my level, so I couldn't even get back to the zone to loot my body.

    A stupid prank that I liked to do was buy stuff from vendors with all copper in bazaar. If they didn't swap it out for platinum or bank it before they zoned, they'd be stuck in place from all the weight.

    Since mercs, fast heal out of combat (anyone miss 20 minute med breaks with /gems and /mp3?), and defiant gear, the game has changed a lot for me. It was always a huge right of passage when you could med without the book open and /surname. As a husband and father, I don't have time to spend an hour just getting to a zone. The current version of the game allows me to make meaningful progress in a much shorter time and not need to spend as much time waiting for a group.

    I very much enjoyed the EQFF of 2003 in Chicago and especially EQFF 2004 in Las Vegas. I hope to be able to go to the new event, once the date is locked in. I thought it was so funny that when they had an early demo for EQ2, everyone was asking the presenter to swim. I'm sure that was an odd eye-opener, that swimming animation mattered to the players. I'm still sad that they took away the alligator-like swimming of Iksars (unless you revert to old graphics).
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  9. Iksarrow New Member

    We were in Karnor's Castle in 2001 running to zone out because of a huge train coming when the drood of our group casted evac in panic.
    So instead of zoning out safely, we repoped in the train and we all died !

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  10. ballido New Member

    My RL school friends had recently gotten me into everquest...
    What a time to be alive. random disconnects, trains of low level skeletons and the ability to only see about 2 feet in front of you.

    Well my friend was quite high-level warrior and was be-sodden with his Jade mace, one of the best tanking weapons Kunark had to offer at the time (apart from your epic of course!)

    He started talking to someone in east commonlands around shady, where all the dirty dealings happened.

    Someone told him they could offer a piece of the epic quest in exchange for his jade mace.

    Well we were still young, naive and eager to please people, eventually they reached an agreement and he traded his jade mace...wait for it.. an Iron ration!

    Oh the horror when he found, this isn't for my epic at all! it a common piece of food and he quickly contacted his GM, but couldn't get his mace back and ... he had well also eaten...the evidence.
    Oh when he told me at school I couldn't help but laugh and I still give him Jibe to this day.
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  11. ShamaLlama New Member

    I will never forget my first trip into LFay on my very first character. A high elven paladin. Saw a black unicorn, and figured I'd go up to it and hail it. No sooner than I do that, I get one shotted, and all I could do was stare at my screen in stunned disbelief. No more black unicorns for me!!
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  12. Buri Augur

    I started playing when the Kunark expansion came out, and made a Shaman in Halas. Back in those days, there were actually other people in Everfrost, so I made friends with a Warrior, Moltor. We played at the same times, so ended up grouping every night. Moltor said that he had some friends in the game, and we could join their guild, but they were all the way over on the other continent, so we arranged to meet up with them in Freeport to sail over.
    We were noobs with a whole continent to cross! I figured we'd better wait until I got to level 14 for bind affinity. So we waited and leveled up, and finally the day came for us to make the long trek. We set out into the great unknown, bound in Qeynos, moved on to the Karanas. Moltor said there was a spot in NK where we could bind at the gypsy camp, so I bound him there. We moved on, through Highhold and into Kithikor forest. Nobody had told us yet that we weren't supposed to go in there at night.. so of course we died from the undead. It was at this point that I realized I'd forgotten to bind myself in NK! So I started my way back from Qeynos, remembered to bind myself in NK this time, and on to Kithikor. By then, the sun had come up (in game, not real life, but almost) and we spent about 3 hours finding my corpse.
    We eventually made it to Freeport, but the whole excursion took about 6 hours and we were way past our bedtime. The very next day, I made a bard to find corpses (who became my main).
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  13. revivin Journeyman

    So there I was the tallest and most handsome of all the races! Ironshank is what they called me of the dwarven clan hailing from the karana server, during the end of the Velius age. My brother who's name escapes me a fellow dwarf was the only companions I had, our quest? to reach Rivervale.

    We had heard Tails of Women who were so beautiful Just looking at them they could make you forget about there nasty hairy feet Though this was not a deal breaker anyways after all the bar was set low for us, any women without a beard was a goddess in our eyes.

    So off we went through treacherous Butcherblock Mountains I single handedly killed goblins rats and BATS! ... with the help of my brother. after the excruciatingly Long journey to the coast. we had to wait at a beach for a boat to take us across the the ocean of tears while we waited on the sand we were attacked by a single goblin this was nothing short of the Battle of Dunkirk.

    A boat finally came to take across the sea. we were attacked by pirates! I would tell you how horrible and gruesome they probably were but for some reason they were invisible and killed us. Our unforgettable God that we worshiped at the time whoever that might be brang as back to life in our home city of kaladim and we redid the journey.

    Next time we sailed all the way to the city of Freeport. thats right sailed! back in my day we did that. This was way before you youngins time. Now there is crazy technology like Gnomes that beam you across to the other side of the ocean, what a horrible modern age we live in! where is the journey?!

    After freeport we ventured into the common lands! We made sure to steer clear of the huge cave where we heard howling and screams obviously this is where all the lepers were kept. the journey seemed to near its end. until we came across a forest we had heard tails of how at night the undead would rise and kill anyone who entered, we waited until the day and made it to Rivervale! where we found beardless women! unfortunately we found out all these beardless women were played by dudes on computers. the end :)
  14. AB_H'Sishi Augur

    Well, my weirdest happening was in Befallen. As lots of little rogues during their first levels I was in Befallen training Lockpicking. Eventually, after I opened the door, a dwarven maid was infront of me, saying something like "Thanks for letting me out". She told me she fell down the shaft into the basement and tried to get out; luckily I was there fumbling wiht the lockpicks.
    Well, long story short, I brought her back up and then went down again to continue my lockpick excercise.

    After that long time I think it was a GM or guide checking if there was an /afk bot training lockpicking or a real player. Luckily there was someone behind the keyboard - me :) .
    Not sure if I would have gotten some sort of punishment these days ...
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  15. Nytewort New Member

    In 2000, I was playing my main character, A Troll Warrior named Bazul. I was the main tank on a Vox raid and as usual the larger sized toons were shrunk by a shammy before entering the small opening to the lair. But this time the raid had logged out real quick to discuss strategy.....when we logged back in and started the raid, myself and the shammy forgot to shrink down again. The "CHARGE!!!" command came in, and being the first toon into the lair, my fat butt got stuck in the opening like a cork in a wine bottle, aggroing Vox. The chat was scrolling fast and I remember catching a few lines of "THE TROLL IS STUCK!!" and "SHRINK BAZ!!!". The healers started CH's to keep me alive while myself and the shammy are frantically looking for a shrink potion. Finally got a shrink activated and the end result was we defeated Vox on that try... even among the chaos. One of those gaming memories you never forget....
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  16. Finfan Augur

    These probably took place in 2002 when I was playing a Ranger. There was one time when I was running the mail quest between the Dwarf city and Kelethin. As I was leaving from the newbie lift a Gnome came running up with a pack of Orc Pawns chasing him. As he got on the lift it started up taking the Gnome and the Orc Pawns to the city. There were suddenly a bunch of ooc's about the Orcs invading Kelethin.

    On another occasion I was back in GFay working on my Trushot Longbow quest. While passing through the Newbie yard I saw a /yell come up and a character running with three Orc Pawns chasing him. I picked them off with my bow while he kept running. A little bit later there was a "Errrr... Thanks!" that came up in /ooc.
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  17. dragon3371 New Member

    I was in the Navy and a friend of mine invited me to play this game called Everquest. I had never played a PC game before so it was already an adventure. He loaned me his game to download, I made an account and he even offered me some starting platinum and away I went... Then in 2005 my father passed away and my world crumbled, A good friend I had met on the game, consoled me, and we started to talk more and more. He became my rock, my sounding board , my best friend. and eventually in 2006, we met in real life.... We married in 2010. He is still my everything and I owe it all on this game. A game that brought people from all walks of life together.
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  18. Reltub New Member

    My fondest memory is of a pickup group I had in 2003. We had my ranger, a pally, rogue, cleric and wizard. We were checking out some tunnels and came across one of the bosses there. the casters never got into the fight, the other three of us all fired our bows and all three got critical hits. The boss dropped on the first volley. We all stood there kind of stunned and all of us had the same thought, what are the odds of this happening. I don't even remember where we were anymore but that one volley drop of a boss mob has always stuck in my mind.
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  19. Arnuphis New Member

    Fondest memories were of classic EQ in 1999-2000. Bertoxulous server. My guild was a evil race/class only guild and we spent our time being just that. From casting 'See Invisible' on Nek forest guards to catch those trying to Invis past them to using Trolls and Ogres to block entrances and charge tolls for good races to enter. We used to run crazy events and a couple of GMs used to come join in the fun. I don't think any MMO experience has every come close to that crazy first year of wonder, corpse runs and just utter chaos at times. And all on a dial up connection!
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  20. Kursis Paracelsus Journeyman

    I remember spring 1999. I rolled a gnome enchanter on Bristlebane server. His name was Kursis. At the time I was amazed at the graphics, the spell casting particles etc. I met two fellow gnomes, Pooperoo and Nimrodius. We immediately got along, and I convinced them to help me put on a light show for fellow gnomes outside of the entrance to Ak'Anon. Our plan was to take turns buffing each other as we ran and jumped off the top of the entrance. We shouted across the zone to come see the light show and gnomes started to gather. We started the show, and our flying gnomes would sparkle with the spell effects all the way to the ground. It was like fireworks, but being level 1 meant we died every jump we did. LoL :)There was a big pile of our bodies at the bottom. Eventually there was a huge stream of sparkling gnomes jumping to their joyous deaths. It was great simple fun, entertaining others
    with our antics and feeling a connection of shared humor. It allowed us to be kids again, to feel worry-free and young. Almost like going to school for the very first time. I was 31 at the time :) . Those bonds you make in such a silly way, can have a profound effect on your outlook on life. Poor old Pooperoo had to change his name as "poop" was considered offensive. Sadly I have not heard from either of my two newb buds in a very long time. If they are out there cheers! and thank you for sharing your inner child with a stranger. It awoke a part of me with the ability to be silly in ways I could never be in real life. I have had many other fond and funny memories, but to numerous to put in a single post. Thank you everquest and happy anniversary!
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