We need a truly Bot-Free Server

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  1. Jaera Augur

    Which hid the fact that Truebox does nothing in the end to solve the problem. People just figure out a way around it, which was why as early as like the first or second week of Kunark, there was someone 18 boxing in Lower Guk and Sebilis, leveling characters to sell.

    MOTM and AoCs solved the problem that everyone was whining about before Phinigel launched, which was they couldn't compete with the 18 boxing mages to kill classic raids. Instead people moved on to complain that they can't farm their platinum from ice/hill giants, which truebox has proven, repeatedly, it can't fix. Get rid of Truebox and try something else to fix that problem, instead of punishing legitimate boxers and doing nothing to impede botters.
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  2. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Truebox just prevents people who aren’t going to use work arounds from boxing.

    So your average joe players will be likely single or maybe two boxing. While your hackers are still 18-boxing in multiple picks and disrupting things.

    A new solution would be interesting but who knows what they would come up with.
  3. NameAlreadyInUse Augur

    Do you feel disgusted because you just found out you've been wasting your time worrying about what other people do? Or do you feel disgusted because you didn't get on the boxing bandwagon yourself? Or do you feel disgusted because you finally realized that "TrueBox" is just an empty, technologically impossible advertising slogan aimed at people who hate boxers (for whatever reason)? DBG might as well be telling you they can stop aging.

    The boxers don't have to hide because they aren't really doing anything that DBG really considers wrong.
    How do you propose I pay for my wife and 10 kids to play with me? :D I've been using the same credit card for all my DBG accounts since the beginning. They do not care. The thing to understand is that their mission is not to provide you with an online world where everybody is equal.

    Their mission is to collect as much money as possible from as many people as possible.

    I do sympathize with the disgusting hypocracy of declaring that something is against the rules and then doing absolutely nothing to enforce those rules, which only hurts honest people.

    The only answer to griefing is private /picks (just like the AoC, but for all zones). Competing for limited spawns and limited tradeable gear is PVP. You can not have an open world, PVP-driven game and not expect people to utilize everything at their disposal to gain an advantage.
  4. Accipiter Augur

    I had a cop friend who said, "Locks are just to keep the honest people out." In that regard, TrueBox kept the honest people from using "helper" programs. The cheaters are still going to find away around it. So given that, is TrueBox a failure? I guess the answer depends on your perspective.

    I don't think we really disagree on this subject. It's more slightly differing perspectives.
  5. Indar New Member

    "the disgusting hypocracy of declaring that something is against the rules and then doing absolutely nothing to enforce those rules, which only hurts honest people."

    DBG should start selling lvl 40+ characters on tlp like they do on live servers . Heroic characters is what it is called. It would allow the company to take some of the profits away from rmt people. one problem solved
  6. Indar New Member

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