We are the Gnomes

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  1. Yimin Augur

    Hello my fellow travelers of Norrath , awhile back we had the chance to vote on new race class combos, I did enjoy the chance to take part in that like many of you did as well , I of course voted for Gnome Beastlords , would it be asking a lot to get a new vote for a new class race combo ? Of course I prefer anything Gnome ....In fact I think Gnomes should be any class but that's just me .....

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  2. Sissruukk Rogue One

    You should make contact with Zoot on Vox, our Gnome overlord.
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  3. Boze TLP complaint factory

    Gnome Beastlords with clockwork spider warders!
  4. Treiln Augur

  5. Phrovo1 Augur

  6. MyShadower All-natural Intelligence

    I imagine race/class combinations require some extended development effort. If it is just an appearance thing for players and a money grab for Daybreak, sell more illusions and allow players to have a persistent one on themselves and pet. Of course there will be complaints of ruining a unique class ability but that ship has sailed already with so many things.

    While they are at it, permit a full gender spectrum, freedom of religion, tattoos and piercings. Maybe this month want to be a genderfluid iskar that is checking out Tunare. Next month I can be a gnome beastlord that is into Inny with a wicked face tattoo.
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  7. Sheex Goodnight, Springton. There will be no encores.

    What about race interbreeding combinations, a la Half Elves?

    Case in point: Gnome-Trolls are a thing, apparently. o_O
  8. Fanra https://everquest.fanra.info


    They were to accomplish this task using the forbidden magics of the Shisshar, that the former emperor Atrebe has perfected to create the Sarnak race by cross breeding dragons and Iksar.

    The best part is the dragon patting the bed :).
  9. MyShadower All-natural Intelligence

    Trome (gnoll is taken)? This cash cow has so many udders.
  10. Aanuvane Augur

    Not just you :) I also have an affinity for all things gnome.

    Is there a wood elf druid/high elf mage usable clicky that would at least let me pretend?

    I'm too cheap to keep them in gnome potions (no matter how much plat I have).
  11. Mykaylla Augur

    If you like gnome pirates, you can always use the Gunthak Swabby's Eyepatch, and block the non-gnome illusions from it.
  12. Reval Augur

    Gnome Monk. Froglok Beastlord with drake or dragonfly pet, or Dark Elf beastlord with bat pet.

    Still nothing is better than gnome warrior though. Don't miss out on that one.
  13. Phrovo1 Augur

    would rather have a dark elf ranger tbh
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  14. Reval Augur

    Halfling is the only true ranger. All other rangers are just advertising that they are capable of mistakes.
  15. Deux Corpse Connoisseur

    Iksar Berserkers need to be #1 on the dev list for new combination...gnomes can just go to Hel...er POFire
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  16. Phrovo1 Augur

    they would enjoy plane of fire too much, make them go to torment instead
  17. fransisco Augur

    We should add something to the rare races.
    What about a troll necromancer? Or Troll wizard?
  18. blood & gufts Augur

    I think there will come a new "race", it is something a lot of men evolve towards.

    The race is almost gnomes, or at least 3 of the letters are correct.

    GoM... Grumpy Old Men

    I know that I myself has evolved towards that, playing EQ.
  19. Act of Valor The Newest Member

    No. No Drizzt for you. No Drizzt's for anyone.