We are OP

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Dwimmerlaike, Dec 30, 2022.

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    I just killed a NOS ph in my group in < 5 minutes. I think you need to nerf dots again,and nerf nukes and melee damage to. We are way to OP now.
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    I think the Dwimmerlaike was being ironic and saying some of the PH's HP are out of whack. Especially the rockhopper PH's in shadow weaver thicket.
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    Just as an aside, I worked out the aggregate damage that my group put out over the 5 hours (killing a 240 million HP PH every 80 seconds sustained the whole time) it took to spawn a single Shadeweaver named (SDO in our case, which has only 6 PH). It was 60 billion. With a "B".

    For zones like Shadeweaver where there are upwards of 10-12 PHs for a named instead of the 3 that its been for a number of years, you can't assume that a normal group will be able to keep that many mobs down the way that the normal spawn rate formula that averages a named spawn in 90 minutes if all PHs are kept dead nearly instantly.
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    Well not all of us have a nice box set crew like yourself :p
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    Not a single thing stopping you, either.
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    On a serious note, you think we are OP.. wait until you raid.