Was I in the wrong?

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    No you weren't in the wrong. What you encountered was a krono RMT'er that jumps TLPs every year and sells Krono on certain websites for real money. When you influence the price of Krono on a server, it impacts his RL wallet and thus he gets super upset.

    Odds are, many of the people offering 3600-3800 were him and his alts, trying to influence the market himself so he could buy Krono at a cheaper price.

    The problem is that early on new TLP's, half the Krono market are farmers trying to make a quick buck with some easy farming. If the krono price goes up, that means more farming for them to make the same amount of money. So in general, the farmers try to manipulate the market to keep the krono price as low as possible as long as they can. When a normal person like you comes in and sees "hey there are 50 people buying it for 3800 so maybe there's one willing to buy for 4500" those people offering 3800 get upset, not because you're wrong. But because you didn't get suckered into selling one for 3800.

    Nobody who isn't RMT'ing would get that upset about someone trying to sell a Krono, even at a higher price. If it's too high it just won't sell, yours obviously wasn't...because it sold. Just ignore people like him for the losers they are, and count your blessings that you don't have to farm Krono in a 22 year old game to pay your rent.
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    You were both neurotic. This thread is pointless
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    Yeah but the TLP auction prices is averaged over a week so one or two high or low ball prices isn't going to have that much of an effect on the average. Also it is collecting tells from both buyers and sellers. Buyers generally want to pay below market, sellers above market so I think the average price tlpauctions is a fairly accurate gage to work with.

    To be fair though, if you got together enough fake buyers and sellers in the tunnel, tossing buys and sells out there, you could manipulate the market, well unless tlpauctions has a filter than removes the auction price for any character auctioning krono more than 5 times a hour or something, to eliminate any mass buyers and sellers.
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    Sell things at what ever price you want. If anything only waiting 10 minutes means you could have gotten more. Dude was upset because he wanted krono cheap but the people looking to offer “market” are just looking for the least possible amount. If a bunch of people are offering to buy s9mething at 3800 why would you sell at 3800 unless you had a limited offer on something else and needed the plat right away and couldn’t wait.
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    It's your krono sell it as high as you can !!! I would !
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    I have similar experiences when I auction to buy krono at higher than "average" plat price because I don't want to stand in the tunnel for 5 hours.

    People are crazy man
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    Damn your lot. My children were minus 1 Kraft macaroni and cheese dinner because of you!
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