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Discussion in 'Tanks' started by Xorsazis, Jun 19, 2019.

  1. Xorsazis Augur

    As the next expansion has been announced as a level cap increase and this expansion has been going long enough to get a good feel as to how we are sitting in the current market, what are some things we should be asking for or making adjustments to for the next expansion?

    Some things I think we could use some boosts or tools in would revolve around spell mitigation. Either a boost in HP, incoming healing, and/or spell/DoT mitigation in some regard.

    I would also suggest possibly turning some of the defensive proc abilities we have had for several years into self buffs (short duration or long) rather than running discs so they could get more use (like the defense [rune] line or the shock [stun] line).

    Will post more as I think of them. Would love to hear more ideas. I think we are doing pretty good at this time, but there is always room for reasonable improvement.
  2. Brohg Augur

    What I wish for as a warrior I think is pretty much off the table (for reference, to swap halves of the nerf on Warlord's Grasp). So I'll be happy with plain upgrades I think.
  3. Tuco Elder

    With healing support I'm a total badass tank. With ADPS support I deal pretty good damage. So I'm really happy.

    The only thing I'd want is maybe a little awkward, but something that is used in response to an enemy's actions and has some decision making vs another ability I spam out. This might be a little out there, but imagine three new abilities all with the same ~30-60s cooldown:

    1. An upgrade to Shield Sunder with a significantly improved Bracing Stance

    2. A "Magebane" type strike that has a recourse similar to Bracing Stance, but for spell damage (and a stronger effect). Just something I can pop when I know a mob is about to hit me with a spell.

    3. An active riposte type ability. Maybe activatable only when the opponent ripostes me. Does a significant amount of damage and/or puts a short "Increase Hit Damage Taken by " debuff on the mob (or any other kind of melee debuff)

    Really I just want something that improves the warrior class while giving us more options that require attention / skill / decision-making. I kind of feel like we've become so saturated with defensive abilities that we aren't having to juggle them nearly as much (in the group game at least) because our defensive buff bench is so deep. I don't know that the above list is even that good of an implementaiton of it, but I think some form of melee defensive vs magic defense vs melee offence abilities would be great.
  4. Xorsazis Augur

    Something else I thought about would be either a passive increase to the 'Berzerker Rage' threshold or an activated DPS disc which would put us into that mode for a limited time.

    Also, I kinda would love to see /shield made more useful. Maybe something which when activated helps reduce ramp damage to other players, or redirects ramps to said player. Or (not really likely, but an idea) maybe something which allows the player shielding to redirect some of their mitigation/HP to the player being shielded. Kind of like that person is an extension of the other person.

    I'd also like to plug for another AE agro disc or ability of some sort. Something that can be weaved into the current stack, so I can be better at quick pulling groups when 2-3 mobs come in at a time. The alternative would be to reduce the current stuff by about 10ish seconds. I'm spit-balling there, but it always seems to re-pop about 5-10 seconds after I have them corralled.
  5. Fintank Augur

    As a quality of life improvement I wouldn't mind them putting a heavier % increase on our upcoming agro discs/aa. Survival and DPS is already overly saturated for warriors, even on all these raids where we're split off. Agro at the moment is pretty proc reliant for burst if certain classes are burning right at engage. It would be nice to take a little bit off the RNG when it comes to agro. Sustained agro on 1 target is way out of this world fine, burst agro is the main annoyance.
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  6. p2aa Augur

    Aggro :
    - Another good AE aggro line of disc that can be activated, that we could use alongside the XXX Blades line. Base hate 10 k, 30 sec refresh time.
    - + 20 % to the hate of all our best single target aggro abilities (Gut Punch, Blast of Anger, Kluzen Roar, Slander, Burning shout) to allow us to stay competitive with DPS classes that will gain new aggro increase with their abilities in next expansion

    DBG's trend for tanks has been to make them interchangeable in MT in raids. Knights can MT raids bosses very well.
    So as they received some mitigation boost parity over the years, it's fair that we get some self healing boost imo.

    Therefore I propose the following things :
    - New rank of Warlord Resurgence, multiply the HP over time by 10, it goes from 450 to 4500 HP per tick.
    - Another passive heal over time ability similar to warlord's resurgence, with 6 min refresh time, 1 min duration, 10000 HP per tick.
  7. bootman New Member

  8. bootman New Member

    Stop bottin and play the warrior you might learn something
  9. Chaosflux Augur

    You got a hard on for the dude or something? Your last 3 posts have been to call him out for boxing, which is different then botting fyi.
  10. Warpeace Augur

    Good luck trying to teach some the difference.
  11. Chaosflux Augur

    Lol I wont be able to I just find it weird a new members 14 post count contains 4 or 5 posts directed nehatively at somebody who's posted a bunch of helpful stuff (that one thread was like 20 pages long where he went over his setup) and generally positive stuff.
  12. Repthor Augur

    more then the normal stock upgrade to our normal hate values on our singel target and AE aggro abilitys as we have stagneted for a vile compared to the amount of aggro our melee dps brothers are putting out on teir main burns

    Armor of Runes line is so bad becoz of how RNG the procs on it are. just adding the line and merge it in to the Resolute Defense line.

    reduceing the reuse time to our AE aggro abilitys like dragonstrike blades line and if roar of challenge gets upgraded

    also adding an AE hate AA whould be nice

    extend the /shield to all group members

    upgrade the roar of challenge line

    as other have noted way for us to evolve is to extend our ability to mitigate both spell and dot dmg. our other tank brothers can heal to offset that dmg.

    re-evaluate the warriors bastion line so its not so underpowered

    more charges to brace for impact mobs are hittign faster so the charges are getting expended faster then b4

    more ranks of infused by rage,

    more ranks of sneering grin

    others have said i want back the ability to be able to control our foes movements for a short period of time. with all the patheing issues and mobs haveing all the abilitys thats depndent on the mobs position beeing able to move the mob where it needs to go is more valueble then ever
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  13. Tuco Elder

    But the thing I'm asking for is box-unfriendly =(
  14. Elkar Headhunter Lorekeeper

    DPS is fine. Survivability is fine if you know what you are doing. Single target agro is fine as long as you are active.
    I would like to see some new immediate AE agro ability with a short recast timer (30-45 seconds) that doesn't share a timer with Dragonstrike Blades. I don't care honestly if it has zero damage to it. Just another tool for when in a fast paced group. We are completely behind in this category when compared to our tank brothers.
    Sks for instance have....
    Revulsion 30 sec recast
    Hateful Bargain 30 sec recast
    Explosion of Hatred 45 sec recast
    Explosion of Spite 45 sec recast
    Stream of hatred 3 min recast
    I know it isn't immediate agro but both of the other classes have the much higher rune proc weapon that generates really good AE aggro.
    Am I missing anything?

    We basically have...
    Dragonstrike Blades 43 second recast.
    AE taunt 5 min recast.
    Please don't bring up Roar of Challenge unless you want to explain how it is complete trash.
  15. Tuco Elder

    Seems like most warriors (including me) really want:
    • Additional AE aggro abilities
    • Something activatable to protect from spell damage
    Re: improved single-target threat, I kind of like the gameplay dynamic of tanks being unable to lock aggro down when DPS is going all-out on a fresh target. I think it's more exciting for the tanks and the DPS. I do think warriors should be at the same level or better than pal/sk when it comes to single-target aggro, though.
  16. Xorsazis Augur

    Perhaps we should also rework Disarm into and ability which also debuffs enemy attack values for a short time. Something fairly significant. Kind of an anti-mitigation mitigation.
  17. Ibadan Kun'Tirel Augur

    Especially when Laser isn't even taunting :D
  18. Krool Journeyman


    Make Warlord’s Grasp useful again by allowing it to work on targets 5 levels higher than the max level or new max level. Give us a new version of Roar of Challenge. Increase the maximum targets and give it a more powerful effect that lands successfully 100% of the time.

    Couple other abilities I’d like to see upgrades or new versions of would be Throat Jab type ability for interrupting NPC spell casts and Forceful Attraction for an additional mob placement tool. Same level increase for Forceful as with Warlord’s Grasp.
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  19. Xorsazis Augur

    I wonder if a passive Spell/DoT Mitigation bonus would be something entertainable. Seeing as how it isn't uncommon for me to be one-shotted by the wave of adds in Stratos all AE'ing at the same time (with like 400-450k HP and also MotMH & Geomantra going) and having to mitigate being hit at the same time, a passive percentage mitigation would be nice (and could honestly go to all tanks).

    Or perhaps they could add a spellshield to the proc effect of our class weapon (keeping the anger proc and adding the spellshield). That would be neat and somewhat similar to the knight weapons, as it would give is a rune against spell damage and also generate agro, just not in the AE sense.
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  20. BadPallyGuildLeader Augur

    Interesting. I was upset as well with the change to grasp. I was told by a warrior from a certain Cazic guild that has beat Mearatas that I was a scrub for every relying on that ability. So I just dropped the thought of the ability being relevant to tanking. All in all, I just dont want nerfs....be happy with that.

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