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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by CashIsKing, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. IblisTheMage Augur

    Remember to block slow heals from mercs. Healer mercs are great (at least with maxed AA :) ) in group content if slow heals are blocked, but pretty so-so if they are not. There is a blog post somewhere on the interwebs about it...

    EoK T2 group is not a problem, if the different defensive options a toon has are added to the mix. (Runes, discs, etc).
  2. Venea Journeyman

    I dunno if anyone else has mentioned this set, but a friend of mine went SK (in your case War), Druid, Beastlord. BL can slow, druid can track and evac. Worked out quite well for him. Tank, heals, dps, slow, snare, ports...thorns, kitty crack...
  3. Sazar Journeyman

    I have the same setup and i like it . Not the top dps but alot of fun and i have what i want (slow, buffs,speed track, evac,snare and root, good dps and very good heals from both "druid,Shm") I dont miss things like FD or mezz for pulling (howling or for the misspull fury and kill them all ;) )
  4. Tornat Augur

    you need a puller. bard/monk/sk/enchanter/necro one of those clases in the group than it dosn't matter what the other 2 are.
    I stop raiding when the level cap went to 80 , started 3 new toons push the whole game doing just group content by my self . sk/bard/wiz was my group , i just can't see doing half the game with out a class that can pull. anyways my 2cents
  5. Sazar Journeyman

    For group content you dont need a puller. I Play since 1999, that was never a problem for me (Warrior -> howling if need, druid root snare, shm root paralyze, slow buff and slow AE, and druid harmony spell (outdoor)
  6. IblisTheMage Augur

    For progression in EoK, you need the ability to hande 5-ish unrootable mobs at a time. If that is with a warrior/tank, that is great. The beginning of the progression takes you through the drachnid lairs, with some interesting rooms to break. I leveled an enchanter for this, because we had a weaker group setup (pet based tanking), and I discovered how fun it is to play an enchanter (basically, being a mage since 2000 has tought me that 4+ yellow mobs = Loading, please wait, playing an enchanter changed that for me :) ).
  7. Sazar Journeyman

    yeah with a pet tank its a bit harder to handle it :p
  8. Tornat Augur

    oh come on , every ones has played sense 99. and I 100% disagree there's is a good chunk of content that you can't do with out puller/CC . sure you can always go back and do it when it's trivialize .
  9. Corak Elder

    I have boxed War/Enc/Shm through EoK and now to 110 and RoS. I think it will be much more challenging to do without an Enchanter for pulling and CC, because there are so many messy situations that arise in these EoK and RoS zones, where the Ench saves a death. The Shaman is awesome now that their dps is so good, and easy to macro when boxing. Maybe I am not the best boxer, but I still die alot even with the defensive advantages of the Enc and Shm on hand.
  10. Beeferx Journeyman

    War, Bard, Sham. Great combo. ADPS from bard makes warrior great sustained DPS good defensive adds and great adps. Sham heals/buffs will get you really far, pretty much box anything to current content except the missions. Once you get good at it you can make some mez keys with the bard to compensate for your warrior pulls or just bard pull. Add 1 cleric merc and 2 rogue mercs for easy mode.Rogue mercs tank slightly better than wiz if it gets down to that and their dps is so similar it doesn't matter. Rogue mercs don't run out of mana or pull aggro so bad as long as you keep them on balanced (not parsable dps difference from burn)
  11. dedab3 New Member

    we use chanter, druid, warrior, 2 merc healers, 1 dps , or the usual 2 chanters, warrior, 2 dps merc's and 1 healer merc. the reason for the first set up is so the druid can DD and spot heal if needed but we have not had that happen yeat

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