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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by CashIsKing, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. CashIsKing New Member

    In a previous chat, I inquired about 3 boxing with an sk and I appreciate all of the responses. However I did not enjoy the sk as much as I enjoy playing a warrior. Therefore I am going to build a 3 box team around a warrior to play from lvl 1-110.

    I do not want a bard and would prefer not to have an enchanter. All 3 accounts are gold. I am a casual player and do not have time for raiding anymore. The 3 accounts are run on 2 machines.

    Warrior/shaman/wizard but would not have tracking.

    Warrior/druid/mage but would not have haste/cripple/slow.

    Warrior/shaman/ranger but would not have evac.

    Your thoughts on a successful warrior 3 box? What can I live without (tracking, evac/ports, haste/cripple/slow)?

    Thank you for any thoughts.
  2. Bigstomp Augur

    You can get haste in a bottle or clicky and slow can be handled via proc in a pinch, at high levels you get it on a belt, for lower levels you can aquire a truncheon of doom.

    For really low levels I don't have an answer though.

    Personally I use a war + clr although if I was going to start a toon from scratch I'd likely do druid instead. (I miss tracking/TL bind)
  3. Thoxsel Augur

    Go for war, shaman, wiz in my opinion.

    I enjoy having a real cleric though (but I often box a bunch of additional classes) as I can brute force through things easier if needed due to the raw healing power output. Although shamans do a great job as well of course and bring some other things to the table you’ll want.
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  4. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    3-box around a WAR, and no ENC... *sigh*
    I am like Thoxsel above, and want (as a raiding WAR) a "live" (even when boxed) healer in my group.
    Back when i had a 2machine-setup like you do now, WAR/CC/other melee on one machine and my CLR (and some DPS-caster perhaps) on the other worked well, even on raids (though: back then, and only two for raids, not 5 :) ).
    The SHM provides you with CC,buffs that synergize with your healer merc and slow,CC,DPS. a VERY versatile class.
    The 3rd box can be just about anything.
    The WIZ Thoxsel mentioned synergizes well with DPS mercs, because of alliance.
    On the other hand, WIZ mercs like to break the SHM's root, so that's your call.
    I would go for some other class perhaps, like MAG (pet offtank or ROG DPS, mana rods the SHM will like) or even the ranger you mentioned.
    A melee as 3rd box would certainly benefit from the SHM more.

    I did quite well with my WAR+CLR+MAG 3box before my break (and i always had only group or 3-5year old raid gear at the time), but i always liked a melee in the place of the MAG too.
    Over the last two years, i have come to value the SHM more, as i got to play with a really well geared one.

    You can go without ALL of what you mentioned above.
    I do not have track either, but "track" nameds visually instead. (ofc, a ROG box can help with that hehe).
    I do not have evac, but i have a campfire.
    I do not need a slow either really, because i have the slow belt (and so can you at 106) and good enough defensives/healing.
    I do not have CC, which is kind of a pain sometimes (and why i always welcome that live SHM when i can invite them), but i have solid heals and defensives to carry me through and for the most part when i pull with the WAR i still get singles or doubles.
    And in undead zones, my CLR can split-pull/CC to some extent.
    So don't think you NEED this or that - you don't and there's always a way around anything you might "miss" on paper; having them in group simply makes things (much) easier.

    Sad that you didn't like your SHD; the big thing with them (in group game especially) is that they are so much less dependent on heals and (can) have superior DPS to WARs. Similar with your dislike for ENCs, that would serve both as CC/puller and DPS, again complementing the SHM to some extent.
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  5. Tatanka Augur

    Honestly, with the group game the way it is these days, slow is not all that necessary. Stuff just dies so quickly. Haste can be done with a buffbot chanter on one of the other accounts.
  6. CashIsKing New Member

    Thank you for the comments. I actually like enchanters but I have one on each account and want to play something else. The sk really interested me on paper but I like the warriors play more especially dual wielding.
  7. Dortor New Member

    War wiz wiz is really good at high level. With alliance at 102 you can fulminate it with one wiz merc and keep 2 healer mercs.

    War dru wiz probably more safe though. Need 2 caster dps merc to fulminate tho so your druid must help heal on harder content.
  8. Tucoh Augur

    Bards and enchanters are so hot right now, but you can put together a good group without them.

    Druids and shamans are really great right now too. Wizards/berserkers provide top-tier DPS, wizards can fulminate alliances with caster DPS mercs.

    Almost all the advice you got for sk three box holds true for warrior three box.
  9. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Yeah, that was (and still is really) a big thing for me too - shields are for coward knights to hide behind ;)
    However, these days as a WAR - especially when in group gear against anything "current" be ready to use the shield often - else you will notice it on your healer's mana quite quickly.
  10. CashIsKing New Member

    I made my warrior and druid last night, well 1am this morning and got them to level 24 before heading to work. When looking through all my toons, I found I had a level 40 wizard so he will join the group at 40.

    I decided not to kill off the shadowknight, just in case I want to try it again. Sk + shaman seems like it would be fun to play with either a ranger or mage.

    I need to go study up on warrior discs and AAs so I will be ready. Anyway, thank you all for the comments! :)
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  11. Bigstomp Augur

    Some of your "low" level discs never get retired. In the level 50 range we get fortitude, furious, fellstrike and mighty strike.
    While situations change and which one you use (furious/fort are paired timers, fellstrike/mighty are paired) we still use those at 110.
  12. Zalamyr Augur

    I'd vote druid/mage from the ones you posted. I find boxing more than one melee irritating. You've got tanking, a real healer, and dps. The group is a little light on control or pulling tools, but plenty of ability to brute force.

    Primarily though, I'm lazy. You get tracking, ports, and CotH, which are just far too convenient to give up.
  13. IblisTheMage Augur

    War dru wiz.

    Thinking that dru alliance + healer merc, even without fulmination, is a good combo, many ae heals.

    Mercs could be cle wiz wiz.
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  14. Claudi Elder

    War Shm Dru - 1 Healer Merc, 2 Dmg Mercs
  15. Scorrpio Augur

    Frankly, if they don't de-retune HAs, I strongly recommend some form of CC. I.e. chanter or bard or an FD class (SK). The days of pulling several and just tanking them all might be over.
  16. CashIsKing New Member

    I was making a leap anyhow since my regular 3-box is mage-enc-dru or mage-enc-ranger (I love CoTH) but I wanted to see how I did with a real tank. War-Shm-Dru with 3 DPS mercs was the 3-box group I originally was thinking about when I started this topic but I never saw it suggested so I assumed it was a bad 3-box.

    War-Dru-Wiz with 1 cleric + 2 wiz mercs is probably more DPS and would be easier to box plus the wizard fulmination sounds interesting.

    To be successful in HAs and other mission type scenarios if I have to have an enchanter for CC, then that will take away some of the fun I was hoping to recapture coming back to EQ.
  17. strongbus Augur

    war/mage/druid gives you heals dps tanking and can use the mage pet to off tank for some form of cc/time to rez war if needed. go 1 healer merc and 2 wizards for normal. but be ready to change out to a 2healer/1 wiz for names if needed.
  18. Claudi Elder

    actually I mentioned it - just would take only 2 DPS mercs (Caster) and 1 Healer Merc ..... I Play it with my 90ish toons and it is fairly easy to play.
  19. CashIsKing New Member

    Claudi - sorry if I missed your previous response. I am glad to hear that War-Shm-Dru can be successful. I will try that trio out in some LDoN missions this weekend.

    Since you are running a cleric merc, I assume the shm & druid are focused on utility and DPS. Are you dotting or nuking? I notice DoTs build agro faster than when I played before.

    Could you replace the cleric merc with a DPS merc and let the priests handle the healing?

    Do caster mercs do more damage than melee mercs?
  20. Claudi Elder

    Later in the game it is better to have 2 healers. Cleri Merc for "normal" mobs, Dru for patch heals against nameds (or dotting), Shm for buffs, dots and even for mezz. Shm and Dru will not be enough heal power in higher Levels. Caster mercs don't get as much aggro as meelee mercs.

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