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  1. crash n'burn Journeyman

    Thinking of starting a 6 box from 1-120. I've been thinking of 2 different group make ups but not sure which.

    Warrior -------------------- SK
    Enchanter ---------------- bard
    cleric -------------------- Shammy /druid or both
    necro-------------------- mage
    ranger -------------------- wizard
    monk -------------------- rogue

    I plan on doing group content with some raids. Most likely will do some epics too. 1st I'd like your opinions on which tank you would go with and why. Also any thoughts you have on the group make up. I've messed around on sk before but never played a war. I'm also trying to not double up on classes.

    Thanks guys
  2. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Any group-oriented 6 box you make a SHD is eventually going to massively outshine the other 2 tanks, the only reasons to use PAL or WAR as your group tank is because you want to raid as one or roleplay as one.

    Bard Vs Enchanter depends on how you will prefer to play, but the superior crowd control of the Enchanter makes a huge difference in tackling dungeons & group missions, I would say a Bard is better when you are doing open world content.*

    Cleric V Shaman - Shaman is the better long term option for groups the synergy with SHD is fantastic.*

    I feel ENC works better with CLR, while BRD works better with SHM.
    SHD/BRD/SHM vs SHD/ENC/CLR play quite differently when boxing, SHD/BRD/SHM is in my experience a less attention-heavy while dealing with multiple mobs at a time (trash plowing) SHD/ENC/CLR is harder on attention for multiple mobs but can tackle single tough named better.

    Necromancer Vs Magician - NEC is a lot trickier to box than MAG in my experience, depends if you can handle the attention budget a NEC requires because if not it will greatly underperform. MAG works okay with BRD/SHM due to how large a part the MAG pet melee dps can be of their DPS and having some spell damage available can be critical though I would probably go Berserker as they also bring some ADPS if you are leaning on melee dps.

    Ranger Vs Wizard - Wizard is better with ENC/CLR and Ranger if using a SHM & BARD - this is a choice based off adps.Wizard ports/evacuate are handy to have but you can work around not having them.However if going with a caster I would put MAG in here, but since you are looking to have no duplicate classes, go with RNG, but If you really wanted a DRU then I would swap it for the RNG in this build.

    Monk vs Rogue - if going with either of these you want to be leaning towards BRD/SHM for ADPS reasons, if you are leaning ENC/CLR you will want a caster, and as you don't want duplicate classes WIZ
    BRD can fill in on lock-picking duties you could lean towards Monk, which offers a little tank boost from its aura, though later on that effect is largely useless it keeps its benefits longer in group content, but a ROG would be better DPS.

  3. Iven the Lunatic

    I would exchange the zerker and rogue from Skuz' group with magician and druid because it would be much easier to box and you have more travel options + succor + CotH + offtank (MAG), which is important for big groups. Most of the melee DPS is coming from active key spaming so you might not loose much DPS.

  4. Tatanka Joe Schmo

    I have no experience with WAR (or PAL, for that matter), but I've been boxing with an SK these past 3 years, and I love it.

    Other comments.... If you intend to 6 box, a MAG is almost required, unless you plan to hit one spot every session and not move, except for the puller. Group CotH is that good.

    Somewhat related to that, if you do move around a decent amount (between zones, not just within a zone), having a DRU or WIZ for ports/evac/port-to-bind is VERY handy.
  5. Dre. Altoholic

    If you're really going to 6! box, I'd recommend no more than 2 of any armor type (plate/chain/etc)
  6. crash n'burn Journeyman

    Thanks guys you gave me lots of things I hadn't even considered. I'm kinda liking Iven's setup I mained a bard for years so have that down. Just messed around on a sk before , but I did enjoy it. Plus getting aggro was easy. Shammy no experience so that should be fun. Mage I've played before and they don't need much attention. CoH is great. Dru I haven't played that before. Ports, buffs, and succor would be handy though. How is their DPS? The ranger Should be easier once I get to just shooting arrows no?

    I wasn't thinking about melee positioning before. Having a rogue would be cool since I've never played one. The positioning all the time would kinda suck I think. I like Skuz's groups but I think I will try Iven's 1st. If it doesn't work out for me I will try one of his groups.

    The less buttons the better. I've done 3 char and 3 mercs before, but the mercs just aren't like a real pc. I like having more control over my group.

    Thanks again guys
  7. Tatanka Joe Schmo

    Their DPS is quite good. However, to get that good DPS, they go through mana like crazy. So you need good mana regen buffs, clickies, heroic AAs, etc. Or be willing to take mana breaks periodically.
  8. Gr8fuldave Augur

    I have tons of combos that I love, but my absolute favorite is SK, Enchanter, Druid, mage, BST (or shaman), Ranger. A 6 box group needs to have all the utility covered.

    Puller (SK)
    Tank (SK)
    CC (Enc)
    Porter (Druid)
    Tracker (Druid or Ranger)
    Call of the Hero
    Speed buff (Dru)

    Another group that checks all the boxes is
    SK, Bard, Shaman, Wizard, Mage, Ranger (or any dps)
  9. Annastasya Augur

    i would want at least one of each armor type, so as not to waste as much loot as you level up.

    That means having a Druid, Monk or Beastlord for the leather armor. i hear that Beastlords are notoriously button-busy and are not as box friendly. So, i think a Druid for ports, buffs, debuffs and backup heals or dps is the best utility role.
  10. Yoda Journeyman

    At what level does a Shaman or Druid meet the healing needs to replace a Cleric while boxing? I am sure just playing the healer alone would be easier but when boxing you want to limit clicks so just curious on that level.
  11. Randomized Augur

    Level 1, assuming group content.

    Clerics are needed for raids, but outside of that, Shaman and Druid can do just fine in group content