Warrior or SK for Iksar?

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  1. oldemangamer Augur

    Hello all. Haven't done a TLP in a couple of years and have never leveled a character in Kunark, other than fooling around with one at original launch.

    I'm going to play on Tormax which I know will be less populated. I'm torn between Warrior and SK. Any thoughts or advice? Just looking to have a good time while leveling up.

    I know originally and on P99 Iksar can't wear plate, will that be the case on the TLP or has that been eliminated? Also, it is my understanding that all race/class xp penalties no longer exist on live, is that correct?

    Thank you.
  2. Aziuno Augur

    The plate thing is a non issue. You will be out of Kunark era soon and it won't matter anymore. Additionally just go get the new Hate/Fear gear.

    The two tanks are very different raid styles, and group styles.

    Warrior is busier in raids, always main tanking, and watching for other tanks/heals/communicating cooldowns, and other than disciplines, having no other buttons to press.

    SK will in majority of cases be (depending if your guild is good or bad) 1) a threat machine to then xfer to a warrior, or 2) just tank adds outside of a few bosses later that fear when you have fearless aa's.

    Group game, SK is way better at snap threat, and self sustain when you have bad healers / high threat classes. Warrior obviously will have more mitigation but that doesn't matter as much in the group game.

    Either way... Play the playstyle you want.
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  3. Xhartor Augur

    The biggest problem with the "No Plate" is you miss out some useful clickies. They mostly abandon the concept pretty quickly. Also the Iksar planar armor is arguable better then the kunak class specific armor. Greenmist and Pride of the Legion are both near epic's in quality and easier obtain.
  4. Fluid Augur

    You can't tell what the popularity of Tormax will be which would influence my choice. If it is popular enough to have a lot of grouping, either one will suffice.

    If it is as unpopular as some people think it is going to be, SK solos better. Less down time, better range of MOBs that a SK can take down. They self heal a bit, pet for harvesting things like spiderling silk, snare, debuff, Harm Touch, ... really nice tool box.

    Once again, just me. If I really wanted to play a Warrior on Tormax, first thing I would do is check the Guild Recruitment forums here. If you actually hook up with a good guild, you would probably be in demand for a lot of content. You've got 24 hours to find a guild before launch!
  5. Aziuno Augur

    I am curious, what clickies are you referring to?
    The few I can think of I wouldn't put in the bucket of 'useful'. Am I missing a big one?

    Cobalt Breastplate - If anyone is actually channeling 15 seconds for 100 hp heal, I really do not have a non judgmental answer. Find a healer? Get some Bandages? Buy some Hot Potions?
    Incarnadine Breastplate - Many other ways to invis, best being instant invis potions.
    Cobalt Bracer - Way better shrinks later anyway (faster cast, albeit higher demand/harder to obtain)
  6. oldemangamer Augur

    Thanks much for the advice friends.
  7. Lineater Augur

    If you're just looking to have a fun leveling experience, SK.
  8. Xhartor Augur

    For a Warrior, Cobalt bracer is the big one. Since you are playing on Tormax, don't expect that bracelet from VT to be cheap. The possible upgrades are from BB in PoM after GoD revamp or the Earring of neverdrops in DoDh. So you will be waiting a while.

    Incarnadine bp: invis pots cost plat and you need to remember to refill your stock, have a free unlimited charge invis is helpful.

    For an SK: Blood Ember Greaves with the clickie FD. Those are great in velious, if you are trying to FD off faction hits. Some of the dragons have mana drains.
  9. Ultrazen Augur

    Raid tank-Warrior
    Group tank-SK